Love Everyone Like Yours – Episode 11

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Hello guys, thank you everyone who read and like this FF. Thank you Sia and Jasmine.



Janaki feeds food to Bela and Swaragini.

Yuvi: aunty you can feed me also. I won’t mind.

Janaki smiles and feed to him also. Suddenly tears fall from her eyes.

Bela: mom please, don’t cry.

Janaki: it has been since 1 year, i fed Vish like this.

Ragini: mom, Vish di too wish to meet you. But what to do she is busy with her work.

Swara: i will  call her.

Bela: no Swara.

Swara called her. Her mobile is engaged. Swara looks at Janaki disappointedly.

Bela: Ma she might be busy now. She will call you.

Janaki(guiltily): sorry dears, i hurt you all na. You are come to see me after so long but i hurt you all.

Swara: no ma. It’s ok. Even me and Bela also missing Vish didi. But she is busy.

Ragini: mom i forget to tell one good news to you all. Vish didi is going to resign the job. Because she can’t able to see you all. Sometimes can’t be with jeju too.

Janaki:  that’s why i told her first itself that this job won’t be comfortable for girls. When did she hear my words? Atleast she understood it now.

Yuvi: aunty if you don’t mind, i am really very very hungry.

Ragini: i don’t know Yuvi. Whether Sumi aunty give birth to you or she bought you as ready made from any shop. Whatever serious situation, you will be cool.

Yuvi: Ragini food is one of the five exceptions to Gamp’s law in elemental transfiguration. Means even magician can’t conjure Food. Food is much important to life.

Bela and Swara: oh Yuvi, don’t start your HP theory again.

Janaki: okay ok. While eating you shouldn’t speak. Because it may cause food to enter air pipe and

Ragini: ma please, we won’t speak.

Janaki smiles at them. Meanwhile Shekar joins them.


Aji: not only single clue.

Yash: what we can do now?

Laksh: bhabi did you get any information from Crime branch.

Vish: well. This information is definitely useless.

Aji: why?

Vish: because we are wrong. Mr. Hooda and Mr. Siddique where in under cover. Their only work is to collect information by hacking devices.

Laksh: so probably they were secret detectives.

Vish: yeah. Even Mumbai branch head don’t know about them. I collect this information from central head.

Aji: so they were not murdered by their enemies.

Laksh: only left out option is Mr. Arora. Aunty whether uncle had any close friends.

Madhu: his colleague Mr. Varma. But i am sure Krish had no enemies.

Yash: who knows ma? But we can’t intrude him for our case. Because it is a reputed hospital.

Laksh: well, then you invite him to your home. If he denies means also, you invite him emotionally by saying that he is like a dad to you after all.

Yash: i will try. This month my cousins birthday is there. I will invite him for that.

Madhu(with tears): Adi’s birthday na. I wish to see all.

Yash: mom if everything is over, you will be with us all.

He wipes her tears.

Yash: i have to go now Mom. Take care.

He bid bye to everyone and leaves.


Arjun, Noor and Mahi were watching discovery channel. they were  watching how to catch snake.

Noor: Arjun please change the channel. It is scary.

Arjun: then close your eyes.

Adi joins them.

Adi: it is very simple.

Trio look at him in shock as well as with excitement.

Mahi: really bhai?

Adi: yeah. You know what? One day a snake trespassed into our class. Next second everyone were standing on the bench, even professor. Then it’s me, your bhai was the one who catch that snake.

Noor(mouth fell open): wow.

Arjun: how did you catch that?

Adi: first of all we shouldn’t get panicked when snake come infront of us.

Suddenly a snake fall infront of him. Everyone starts shouting. But Adi not at all make little noise. Trio hide behind Adi.

Arjun(pushes Adi): go bhai. Catch it.

Adi fall on the floor. Then only they realise Adi is fainted. Zoya laughs and grab snake in her hand. Trio is surprised and relieved. Zoya laughs loudly.

Zoya: it’s a duplicate snake. See it’s a toy.

She splash water on Adi’s face. She can’t control her laugh.

Mahi: we were afraid. Why you did like this Appi?

Zoya: why your bhai is fainted? Who caught the snake single handedly?

Then only trio realised that Adi lied to them. They start chase him. Zoya laugh at Adi. Adi hits Zoya in her head playfully.

Zoya(caressing her head): idiot.

Pooja: stop it. Come and have dinner.

They went silently. Still zoya laugh at him.

Adi: unless you stop laughing now

Zoya: what will you do?

Adi: i thought of take you to the boomerang tomorrow. No issues. You laugh, i no need to spend money na.

Zoya(keep her fingers on her mouth): i won’t laugh. Please we will go.

Adi: if i blackmile means only you will listen.

Zoya laughed with the tooth.

Adi: please close your mouth. It’s terrible.

Zoya turns her face. Everyone went to bed. Yash came late. He found Pooja sleeping by keeping her head on dining table. He went near to her. Silently he filled the plates. Sit next to her. He wakes her. She wake with jerk. She realxed after saw him. Before she speak Yash insert a spoon into her mouth.

Yash: how many times i have to tell you that don’t wait for me?

Pooja: i am used to eat with you Yash. How i will change that habit?

She feed him.

Yash: Pooja now also you won’t ask me ah, why i was late?

Pooja: why should i ask? You has right to do anything.

Yash (hugs her): I love you.

Pooja: I love you too. It has been 3 months Yash since i heard these words from you.

Yash feels guilt.

– to be continued.




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  1. Yaar itne se hum adiya fans Ka kya Hoga ???? so less adiya scenes , this is not fair ???

  2. Was waiting for ur update.beginning was emotional.yuvi is so crazy…poosh scene was emotional and romantic.adiya scene was funny.adi boasted and suddenly he fainted down it was funny… pics was the next soon.

  3. Silent reader

    Anuva, that was an amazing episode. My fav part was yuvi’s HP theory ( I am also a huge HP fan,?) . That snake ? scene was hilarious…
    Waiting for next update….

  4. Jasminerahul

    jhanki feeding the youngsters n feeling sad to miss vish was emotional. yuvi ragini part was funny.adi boasting that he has caught snake but fainting when zoya scared him with fake snake…adi telling her to close her mouth as its terrible when she laughed showing teeth was funny .surprising that hooda siddhiqui were secret detectives.wonder who is this varma is.waiting for adi’s birthday party.poosh food n ILU scene were emotional n romantic.cute pics

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