Love? – Episode 19 – Buamaa makes Gauri realize her talent

buamaa took gauri and her kids to her house.

gauri: arre buamaa, it’s no need to take us to your house. we wouldn’t like to be a problem.

buamaa: arre chup karo! i can’t bear to see you in that filthy dump you landed in because of that omkara and his family.

gauri hugs buamaa tight and buamaa hugs her back.

buamaa: you are like a daughter to me gauri. so as a mother, i have responsibilities to fulfill.

gauri: buamaa, you are just like a mother to me. i lost my mother when i was 14. after that i had no one.

buamaa: bechara.

viren, aadhira and munni come. munni being little obviously loved hugs and joined the hug whilst viren and aadhira watched from a distance and smiled at their mother smiling.

viren: i remember when mum was in the oberoi mansion, a smile hardly appeared on her face. she was always sad and she would bear everything silently.

aadhira: yes. she has went through a lot in her life. from being tortured for being illegitimate to mr oberoi.

viren: at least she is out of that hell now.

they smile.

that night:

gauri, munni and aadhira’s room:

gauri: munni ki bacchi, mujhe ko parshaan maat karo! sleep!

gauri: munni ki bacchi, mujhe ko parshaan maat karo! sleep!

munni: nahi! munni play!

gauri: see aadhira, teri behna!

aadhira: munni, sleep na.

munni: no! munni no sleep. buadadi!

buamaa comes in and laughs.

gauri: what’s so funny?

buamaa: the way she is troubling you.

munni: buadadi, munni no want to sleep. munni no in mood.

buamaa: arre lekin you have to sleep else how will munni be a beautiful fairy and fly?

munni: ok munni sleep.

buamaa: good girl.

munni: mummy, lori.

aadhira: yes mama, sing your lori.

gauri smiles at her daughters and her daughters put their heads on her laps.

gauri: Aa leke chalu tujhko. Ek aise desh mein. Aa leke chalu tujhko. Ek aise desh mein. Milti hai jaha khushiyan. Pariyon ke bhesh mein. Milti hai jaha kushiyan. Pariyon ke bhesh mein. Aa leke chalu tujhko..

viren comes in and stands next to buamaa who was smiling listening to gauri’s lori.

gauri: Ho chaand chahe aadha. Ho phir bhi roshni (x2). Umeed jo na chhute. Har baat hai bani. Raato ke sur se nikle. Subah ki ragini. Lori tujhe sunau.Lori tujhe sunau.Bachapan ki ek mein. Lori tujhe sunau. Bachapan ki ek mein.

aadhira was sleeping so gauri kept her head on a pillow however the little devil…. cough cough…… munni was still awake.

viren: this munni na…..

he and buamaa laugh.

gauri: Milti hai jaha khushiyan. Pariyon ke bhesh mein. Milti hai jaha kushiyan. Pariyon ke bhesh mein. Aa leke chalu tujhko.. Mein aasam ko khidkiyon se. Ghar mein laayi hu (x2).

munni was finally asleep and viren went to his room. buamaa went up to gauri.

buamaa: gauri, kitni accha voice hai app ki pass. the entire world needs to hear it.

gauri: leave it. i had a dream once. to become a singer lekin my past spoiled it all. first my papa’s death, then my mother’s death then pregnancy and then horrible life with omkara. that dream is nothing now.

buamaa: oh really? i found this on YouTube.

she shows gauri the phone and gauri gets shocked seeing herself on YouTube. someone apparently recorded her and posted it on YouTube.

buamaa: and these comments!

buamaa shows gauri every comment on that video and every comment was positive.

buamaa: listen gauri, many people have their own way of expressing what is going on in their heart. for some, it is writing, drawing, painting, dancing but you…….. you expressed hell through music and i think that the entire world needs to see gauri kumari sharma not as the lady who became pregnant at 18 and was thought to trap men but that lady who is strong and determined to create a life for herself and her kids.

gauri was silent and buamaa continued.

buamaa: my friend and i own a music studio. meet us tomorrow if you consider this idea.

she goes and gauri starts to think about what buamaa said.

precap: aadhira and viren get insulted in school+man comes in school

so who is this man now?

and what will gauri’s decision be?

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