Love? – Episode 16 – Om reveals everything to gauri

shivay calls om that anika is now conscious and om was happy hearing this because he could tell something that he couldn’t tell anyone else.



om: um is it alright if i talk to bhabhi alone please?

all nodded and left. as soon as they left, anika switched to her angry face.

om: anika bhabhi, you see……

anika interrupting: you see what?! you played with an innocent girl’s heart. the mother of your children, the one who loved you her entire life but you……. you only gave her pain. god knows what she could have achieved if she didn’t met you. because of you she became pregnant at 18. do you realize how young she was then?!?! and you……. you just tortured her even when she was f**king pregnant!! normally when a woman is pregnant, everyone makes sure she doesn’t receive any pain during her pregnancy but you….. you only made her suffer pain!

om: bhabhi, i need to say something important.

anika: say it!

om: that i had divorce papers with my signatures and that day you got shot, someone i think riddhima showed gauri the divorce papers and with anger, gauri signed them and took my children with her.

anika: your children? (she laughs bitterly) you never even considered yours. you considered them, what is that word? oh right, illegitimate!!! you never gave them a father’s name and what did you do the other day? oh right, slap your own daughter!!!

om: anika bhabhi, i know that i have nevr considered those children as my own but now i do. you know riddhima? riddhima patel?

anika: that sl*t! continue!

om: she is the one who i have been meeting every night and day. she is the one who i loved a lot but now i am not sure i do anymore.

anika was shocked.

anika: your mistress is that f**king sl*t riddhima patel?!?!

om: yes.

anika: SHAME ON YOU!

om: yes anika bhabhi, insult me with your words. my own children insulted me. gauri……. she finally insulted me. why not you?

anika: i want to know something.

om: what?

anika: what happened exactly 13 years ago?

om: 13 years ago, i met gauri in barielly. she was that stubborn and dabang girl who would fight for her rights. kaali thakur took her as his and jhanvi thakur murdered herself. one bit i do not remember clearly……

anika: why?

om: i don’t know bhabhi. but you know when gauri was pregnant with viren.

anika: yes.

om: when she fell down the stairs and i saw her in a pool of blood, sach mein my heart stopped.

anika: this was because of you and that snakelana!!!

om: i know anika bhabhi. i know.

anika: and what else do you have to say?

om: that i hated gauri for many reasons. one was accepting money to marry kaali thakur but now……now in my heart, i feel like that wasn’t true. and bhabhi, the day you got shot, i found out a shocking truth about gauri.

anika: what?

om: she is illegitimate.

anika: what?

om: her mother and father were never ever married.

anika: oh my god! bechara gauri! and now what are you going to do? should we marry you off to riddhima?!

om: no because i am going to take back what is mine and for that i need to target her weak spot.

precap: buamaa enters

so buamaa will play postive and kindly note that gul mata did spoil her character in the show. i liked her as a cupid for rikara unfortunately gul mata has her enormous ego! anyway question of this chapter:

what is gauri’s weak spot?

anyway how was your day guys? meri toh bhoot exhausting thi. sach mein! two tests. ek surprise english test and surprise science test.  now that those are over, i can finally finish that drawing of rikara. also we had a netball match! yay not! 

anyway see you in next chappy 🙂

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