Love and emotions Season4 Ishra Arshi FS (Part 3)

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Love and Emotions Season4 Part3

It was Subhadradevi..Arnav’s dadi.
Aarav’s lips shivered:Badi Dadi!
Subhadra:You are planning to meet Ruhi.Why?You had dumped her.Right?Then why are you meeting her?Are you planning for a patch up with her?

Aarav:Dad and mom told me that I did a big sin by cheating Ruhi.

Sub:Because of that you decided to accept Ruhi?I can’t tolerate you accepting Bhagyavanti’s grand daughter.Mine and Bhagyavanti’s families were enemies.But because of our great grand children Arnav and Raman both families were forced to unite.But Bhagyavanti and I still hated each other.Thankfully Arnav and Raman had an ugly fight and Bhagya and I don’t have to face each other.Because of you and Ruhi I don’t want both our families to unite again.Understand?
Aarav:Chill badi dadi.Dad told me to marry Ruhi.So that by making her suffer here we can take revenge on bhallas.
Subhadra was surprised:Yes Badi dadi.
Aarav:You yourself think..Ruhi living peacefully with her parents and Dadi is better or Ruhi having sleepless nights in Raizada Mansion?
Subhadra had an evil smile on her face:Well done beta.You proved that you are my great grandson.But will Ruhi get ready to marry you after a big betrayal?
Aarav:I will give her so much of poisonous love that her anger will melt in a second.
Subhadra smirks:Go trap her in your fake love.She will not even know when she was back stabbed melting in your fake love.I want to see Bhagya’s tears.
Aarav smiled.

Aarav went to meet Ruhi.Ruhi came.
Ruhi:Why did you call me ASR2?
Aarav embraced Ruhi.In anger she pushed him.
Ruhi:After cheating me…after wounding my heart..are you not ashamed to hug me?
Ruhi was staring at him with burning anger.Aarav looked tensed.
Slowly Ruhi smiled.Aarav too smiled.Both laughed.
Ruhi embraced him:I missed you so much Aarav.
Aar:I too missed you a lot Ruhi.

mahiya mere mahiya
maine khud ko tujh mai, tujh ko mujh mai

kr liya hai shamil

He kept her hand on his chest:My heart always beat for you Ruhi.

mai tha adhura , pake tujhko
ho gya hun kabil
maine khud ko tujh mai, tujh ko mujh mai

kr liya hai shamil

Ruhi:I know Aarav.I always heard your heart beating for me.

mai tha adhura , pake tujhko

ho gya hun kamil

They shared a sweet eye lock.

tu dua c hai, padh loon mai labon se

teri rooh ko choo loon nazron se

Ruhi:y the way you did acting flawlessly Aarav.
You did a great job as the cheater boy friend.

Aarav:You too did acting well.You were so natural as the poor girl friend who was betrayed brutally by her boy friend.

They both laughed.
Ruhi:How easily we fooled everyone.

Flash back..

Aarav Ruhi were deeply in love.
They spent nights talking to each other on the phone.Raman’s dadi Bhagyavanti watched it and Ruhi understood it.
She thought:If badi dadi finds out that Aarav and I love each other it will be a big problem.
Suhadra caught Aarav red handed.
Sub:You were fooling us.You thought I won’t know your secret affair with Ruhi Bhalla?Can you imagine how your dad will react if he comes to know this?

Aarav thought:This badi dadi will surely create problems for us.
Aar:Badi dadi.I am ASR2.Do you think I will love my dad’s biggest rival Raman Kumar Bhalla’s daughter sincerely?
Sub:Then what I heard now?
Aar:It was a drama badi dadi.
Aarav smirked:Yes.I have trapped Ruhi in my fake love.You watch badi dadi.I will take revenge on bhallas by scattering Ruhi’s heart.

Subhadra smirked.

Ruhi went to meet Aarav.Bhagyavanti followed Ruhi.
Aarav and Ruhi saw Subhadra and Bhagya watching them from both sides.
Aarav thought:Badi dadi is still doubtful about my relation with Ruhi.She came here to check if I was lying to her or I am really cheating Ruhi.
Aarav and Ruhi whispered to each other:Badi Dadi!
Ruhi:What will we do?
Aarav:Start the drama.
Ruhi:Aarav..I have come to you leaving everything…
Aarav was left even your home for me?
Ruhi:Yes Aarav.I love you and I want to be with you.I can’t even think of losing you.
She held his hand.Slowly he removed her hand off his hand.
Ruhi gave him a stunned expression:Aarav!
Suddenly Aarav laughed.
Aarav:You are so foolish and blind in love to leave everything and come to me.
Ruhi:Why are you talking like this Aarav?You too love me.Right?Then why are you calling me fool?
Aarav:Because I don’t love you and you are a fool to believe that I love you.
Ruhi:No Aarav.I won’t believe it.I still remember the day you confessed that you love me.It can’t be a lie.I saw love in your eyes.
Aarav:That was not love,but a lie.
Ruhi:Then what about the romantic moments we spent together?
Aarav:That was all fake.I lied to trap you in my fake love to take revenge on your father because of whom still my dad is lacking peace of mind.Now your father will also lose peace of mind seeing you dying inch by inch in unfulfilled love.
Ruhi tried hard to make her eyes teary.
Ruhi:Why tears are not coming?
Aarav felt like laughing,but he controlled it:Nautanki.
Ruhi:But what was my fault Aarav?What mistake did I do to wound my heart?I have only loved you.
Aarav:Anyways I am going…
Ruhi:One second Aarav.
He turned back and looked at her.
Ruhi:While pretending to love not even for one moment you felt love for me?
Without saying anything he walked away.Ruhi shed crocodile tears.
Subhadra and Bhagyavanti smiled happily.

Aarav in his room…
He was smiling thinking about the drama he did with Ruhi.Suddenly hearing some footsteps he pretended to be sad and said:Aarav:Why I am haunted by Ruhi’s memories?Why am I not able to forget Ruhi?Why her tears are hurting me?
Subhadra entered:Aarav…
Aarav:Badi dadi…
Subhadra congratulated Aarav:Well done Aarav beta.You gave Ruhi Bhalla the pain her family deserved.But you feel guilty for hurting her.Right?Did you start loving her unknowingly?
Aarav:Never badi dadi.I don’t love her.But I never thought that I will cheat a girl.That’s why I feel upset.
Sub:You did’nt do anything wrong.Bhallas deserve worse than this.

So don’t be guilty.Badi dadi will be there with you always.
Subhadra went and Aarav smirked.

Seeing Bhagyavanti coming Ruhi shed crocodile tears:Aarav..why did you do this to me?
Bhagya sat near her:I know everything.Aarav cheated you.Right?I had warned you more than your papa that they are not trustworthy.They are cheaters.I really feel sad for you.But still I feel happy that you are freed from those Raizadas.You also started considering Raizadas as enemies.I am very happy about that.

Bhagya left the room.
Ruhi thought:What kind of a woman is she?More than her great grand daughter’s plan she is concerned about her revenge and hatred towards Raizadas.


Aarav:Papa wants me to apologize to you and marry you .So that your papa will be upset.But Badi dadi wants me to marry you and torture you.She is waiting to torture you and make her enemy Bhagyavanti dadi cry.
Ruhi:If your badi dadi intend to torture me I will torture her back.
Aarav smiled:Tigress Ruhi.
Aarav and Ruhi laughed.
Aarav:But mom is sad that I cheated you…her best friend Ishita aunty’s daughter.
Ruhi:My Ishimaa was your mother’s best friend?
Aarav:Yes.They are not just business rivals Ruhi.
Aarav narrated the past.
Ruhi was shocked.
Ruhi:Aarav..,my papa can’t betray anyone.
Aarav:I also feel so Ruhi.I think it’s a misunderstanding.I don’t know how to clear their misunderstanding.But we have to unite Bhallas and Raizadas.
Ruhi:Yes Aarav.I will be with you to unite them.
Aarav:But the biggest hindrance is our great grandmothers who always add fuel to the fire.
Ruhi:I agree.But we have to keep away these two oldies from my way.
Suddenly Ruhi slipped and fell on Aarav.Both of them fell down.Ruhi was on top of Aarav.
They shared a romantic eye lock.

tu hi mera hosh bhi
tu hi meri bekhoodi
tu hi meri besudhi

tu hi meri bekhudi

Ishita to Ruhi:I will not let ASR2 to live happily after making you cry.So I am going to tell the truth to your father.
Ruhi got tensed.
She thought:If papa comes to know the truth problems will increase.I have to stop Ishimaa from telling the truth to papa.
Ruhi:No Ishimaa.Papa will go and fight with them.Don’t tell him.

Ishi:I don’t care if papa fights with them.Because they deserve it after what they did to you.

So don’t stop me.I have to tell this to Raman as it’s a serious issue.
Ruhi:No Ishimaa.
Ishita walked towards Raman.Ruhi followed her with tension.
Ishi:Raman..I want to tell you an important thing.
Raman:Ok tell.

Ruhi gets tensed.
Suddenly Raman’s phone rang and he attended the call.

Khushi was not talking to Arnav.Arnav felt sad.
Arnav to Khushi:Khushi..I know that you are angry.But please don’t be angry with me.

You are the only one who stood with me when I was in distress.You gave me solace when I felt lonely.

Arnav held her hand and pleaded:
Now please don’t leave me alone Khushi.I can’t bear it.

Khushi felt sad:Arnavji…

Khushi burst into tears and embraced him.

Arnav caressed her tearfully.
Arn:I am sorry Khushi.

Both of them shed tears.
Suddenly his phone rang.Arnav attended the call.

Raman looked at Ishita:After many years…
Ishi:After many years?
Ishita:Raman..who was on phone?

Arnav looked at Khushi:She wants to meet us.
Khushi:Who wants to meet us?

Ishi:Who is he?

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