Love don’t need words (Kanchi) ff chapter 5

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Samaidha Sana di Anu di Vanu Samaidha Aayu Srija Swethaa Aafiya Saya

Let’s move to the story:

They all go into a restaurant Pragya Isha nd Veer Satish sat on one table nd Kabir Ria nd Sanchi sat on another table

Sanchi:hey waiter plz com here

Waiter:yes ma’am

Sanchi:3 pizzas

Kabir nd Ria:but we don’t want pizza

Sanchi:but I am ordering for myself

Kabir:what……..u will eat 3 pizzas alone

Sanchi:yaa any problem

Kabir (murmmering):fatty


Kabir:nothing…..ummmm……..waiter….bring noodles for me

Ria:I will also eat noodles

Waiter:so can I bring just 1 plate for both of u??

Ria:y (yes)

Sanchi (interrupted):no they r not together


The waiter goes Ria tries to flirt with Kabir but all go in vain

After some time waiter comes there bringing their order they all started to eat while Kabir was shocked to see that Sanchi eats 3 pizzas alone

Kabir (in mind):How can she eat 3 pizzas alone………but she is still slim……she should be a fatty girl…….what I have to do with it……it’s her life she can do whatever she wants

Ria eats her food nd goes to wash room

Kabir:waiter plz bring a coffee for me

Waiter:sure sir

Sanchi:what…..u just now eat noodles nd u r ordering coffee

Kabir:if u can eat 3 pizzas alone then it’s nothing

Sanchi:huh…..(she also went)

So like that 1 hour passed nd again everyone was in the bus the bus started

After sometime Sanchi sleeps on Kabir’s shoulder he sided her hair nd thinks:she looks so cute while sleeping nd when she will wake up she will be like a wild cat

After 2 hours Sanchi wakes up nd realizes that she was sleeping on Kabir’s shoulder…..nd quickly get up

Kabir:oh God…….my shoulder it is so paining……….

Sanchi:why what happen

Kabir: bcz u slept on my shoulder (Sanchi understood that he was just being dramatic so just gave him a “stop doing this” look nd he gave her a “don’t even dare to do it again” look )

Finally they reached  Shimla one by one everyone came out of bus

Sanchi:wow so beautiful

Ria:yaa every thing is just covered with snow nd it’s atmosphere is so cool

Veer:Ria we r in Shimla…….there is snow everywhere so basically it’s atmosphere will be cool na…..

Isha:Oh ho……..every time u both…..come on we should rest now nd then we have to go for outing also

Kabir:yaa guys so now we all should go nd rest

They all go nd take rest in their rooms

After sometime they were ready to go out they all go nd enjoyed

At night

They all were walking on the streets

Sanchi:can I ask u something

Kabir:oh God the Great Dr.Sanchi Mishra is asking me to ask something…..impossible…..i think I just saw a dream

Sanchi:can u be serious for 2 mins


Sanchi was going but he held his wrist

Kabir:I am sorry….(Sanchi smiles)

Sanchi:no now I don’t want to ask


Sanchi turns back nd replied:ok so answer me….do u like someone

Kabir: see I don’t want to make u jealous so leave it

Sanchi:huh…….. (Sanchi goes Kabir smiled nd went behind her)

They went then reach the hotel nd made plan to go on shopping nd went to their respective rooms

Sanchi was lying on bed nd smiling slightly Pragya Isha noticed this ask her

Sanchi (in mind):if I’ll tell them they will tease me so it’s better not to tell them

Sanchi:nothing…..I just remember something

Isha:acha…..then tell us


Pragya:bcz we r besties…….bestie bestie bestie

Sanchi:I will not tell u……..Good night

Pragya Isha:is this ur frndship

Sanchi:Good night

Pragya Isha:Good night (They all slept)

While in Kabir’s Veer’s nd Satish’s  room:

Kabir:yrrr tell me one thing……u both love Pragya Isha na

Satveer:of course

Kabir:then tell me one thing……how u both got to know that u love them

Veer:bhai when u love someone u saw her every where

Satish:when u love someone if she will give u poison also na u will happily eat it

Veer:when u Love……hey hey…..tell me 1 thing why r u asking??….do u love someone




Satish nd Veer:gn

Kabir was going to his bed

Satish nd Veer sing:Kya karun haye……kuch kuch hota h

Kabir glares at them


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