Love don’t need words (Kanchi) ff chapter 4

Hello guys first of all thanku all for commenting……….Aafiya Lavanya Samaidha Anu di Ruwani di Pari Dhruti Amnaa nd Apsara

Back to the story:
Sanchi assist Kabir in the surgery Gang went for shopping nd Kanchi’s eyelock

Today’s  chappy:

At night They all came back & quickly go to their bed nd slept:

At morning

let’s check the boys

Veer was in Kabir’s cabin convincing him for some thing let’s see for what

Veer:yrrr plz see in 3 months I will be married so before that we should go for a tour na

Kabir:see Veer there is alot of pressure of work we can’t go nd Suneel uncle nd Annad uncle will not give us leave

Veer:yrr plz only u can convince them plz go na plz plz plz plz……

Kabir: ok but on 1 condition

Veer:aree done done

Kabir: ok so come with me


Kabir:to talk with Anand uncle nd Suneel uncle

Veer:I am not going to talk with them

Kabir:hey……u told me urself that u r ok with my condition…….so now come

Veer (murmmering):cheater

Kabir: noutanki

They both go to Anand nd Sunil

Anand:yes Kabir,Veer

Kabir:actually uncle……wo…..wo

Anand:Kabir what…….wo wo beta tell na….we r getting late for meeting

Kabir:ummm…….uncle Veer wants to go on a tour

Suneel:Oh…….bs yhi……so what’s big problem in this……u all can go

Veer has a wide smile on his face while Kabir was shocked

Kabir:u agreed so easily…..I mean (before he could say anything Veer dragged him outside)

Veer:what were u doing… u want to cancel our plan… it’s time to enjoy

Kabir:point…..come (they both smiled nd went)

After 5 days:

Kabir to girls gang including Ria

Kabir:so guys after 2 days we all r going on a tour in Shimla except Dr.Ria

Ria stands up:but why Kabir why not me

Kabir:I think u r forgetting ur punishment

Ria: plz next time I will never do this

Veer:my dear sis next time u will never get the chance

Ria:plz plz Kabir,Veer plz I promise I will never do it again

Kabir:ok only this time…… guys be ready sharp…..I don’t want any one to be late

Kabir nd Veer went

Ria Sanchi Isha Pragya:yes now more shopping…..yipeee

After 2 days: ( only gang nd Satish Kabir Ria were going)

In the bus Sanchi was finding seat to sit but couldn’t found it nd saw the seat beside Kabir (I know u guys must be thinking that how she can’t so let me tell u they go on a small bus bcz they were not so many I don’t know about India but in our country these types of small buses exists which we named ACB)

Sanchi (in mind):why I ask him……he is not saint that I ask him I will sit here

Kabir:I had said u earlier think slowly nd second u can sit her
Sanchi:Like every time……umm……can I sit at the window seat?

Kabir: no

Sanchi:huh….(she sat beside him Kabir smirks)

After a while Kabir was busy in his phone nd Sanchi was just staring it Kabir noticed this

Kabir (hiding his phone):why r u looking at my phone u have your na then use it

Sanchi (murmmering):saying like he is talking to his gf nd I caught him

Kabir hears this nd replied:whatever

After a while bus stopped at a point for eating

_____________________________________________i think it’s short so sorry for that nd i think its getting bore day by day so should i discontinue it????plz tell me so for now if u like it then press the like button nd if don’t then press the dislike button as well as comment so for now kuch sochne do aage ki story k liye
Till then

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