Love don’t need words (Kanchi) ff chapter 19

Hello here comes the 19th chappy….sorry I know I am verrrrrrrrry late it’s about 3 weeks I had posted last time and I didn’t even replied to u all guys so sorry for that and the reason is school work in vacations?? I have to write 7 subjects and I have completed 5 and 2 r left and these both r the subjects I hate the most and schools r reopening on 15th of July well 25 to 26/27 there r elections and in elections our schools r closed so better na they open the school directly on 1st August like they every time do this time as Ramzaan was on 17th we got the vacation earlier…….ohh God I didn’t even realized I wrote such a huge paragraph u all must be bored listening to my unending blabbering and of course my sad story??so  thanks all for commenting now as we should bump into the story

We saw/read that Sanchi got saved and Aliya got arrested

Chap 19:

After Aliya got arrested Kabir was not seen in hospital and Sanchi was tensed for him so she went to search him and at last she found him sitting on bench in the garden

She knew he was sad so she went to him

She tapped on his shoulder and he looked at her…….she sat beside him

Sanchi:Kabir I know u r sad but u r sad for a murderer

Kabir:yes she is a murderer but Sanchi she was my friend also I trusted her but what she did…….and bcz of her I’ll never be able to believe on  anyone and my other friends……should I stop believing on them I trusted her…..I trusted her blindly but she……..

Sanchi held his hand

Sanchi:Kabir if 1 person is wrong that doesn’t mean all r wrong and is it indeed that if ur one friend is cheater all r just like that tell me

Kabir hugged her

Kabir:Sanchi today I want to tell u something


Kabir:some months ago I said thank you to u and u asked for what so listen thank you for coming in my life thank you for handling me in my bad times just like now…….thank you for those little fights……thank you for being with Pragya and Isha always……thankyou for everything

Sanchi hugged him

Sanchi:and thank you to u too for coming in my life

Kabir:yeah I know I am awesome

She hits his shoulder lightly

Sanchi:now drop me u know na my car fell from cliff

Kabir:u r giving me order

Sanchi:yeah I am so

Kabir:first say Kabir plzz drop me

Sanchi:huh! I’ll go with dad he will drop me

She stood and turned to go but he held her wrist

Sanchi smiled……she turned

Sanchi:now what?

Kabir:Sunil uncle is busy in a surgery and this surgery is critical it will take 2 or 3 hours to complete

Sanchi:ok so I’ll go with Veer Isha

Kabir:they already went

Sanchi:Kabirrrrr will u plz drop me

Kabir:that’s like  a good girl come

They went

And then Kabir was driving just then Sanchi saw Gol gappa stall

Sanchi:Kabir….stop stop

He stopped the car

Kabir:Sanchi what happen r u alright

Sanchi:Gol gappa…….Kabir come na let’s eat

Kabir:Sanchi u r a doctor do u know how many germs these things contain?? These things can cause various infections and………

Sanchi (interrupted):don’t give me ur knowledge……I am going if u don’t want to then just sit here

Saying this she gets out of car and poor Kabir he went behind her

While on the otherside:

Isha was staring at moon when Veer hugged her from behind



Veer:do u think Kabir also loves Sanchi



Isha:bcz the care he has for her is priceless and it’s clear in his eyes that he loves her but Veer…….


Isha:will u plz ask Kabir bcz if it will be clear then mine and Pragya’s tension will go

Veer:sure baby

Isha:but don’t tell him that Sanchi loves him

Veer:ofcourse I’ll not relax

Isha hugged him and he hugged her back

While on the road

Sanchi was happily eating gol gappas and Kabir was looking at her like she was eating an animal

Sanchi looked at him


Kabir:nothing……u eat…eat as much as u want

Sanchi:don’t worry I know u r going to pay so I’ll not each much just 5 or 6 plates more

Kabir’s mouth turned in an O-shape

Kabir:like seriously u have already eaten more than 5 plates and still u r saying…….

Before he say something Sanchi filled a gol gappa in his mouth…….Kabir ate that

Kabir:hmmmm…’s tasty

Sanchi:yeah yeah yeah I said na now eat


They eat the golgappas together and after eating alot they finally get back to the car

They sat in the car……when Sanchi’s hostel came he stopped the car

Kabir:huffff!today I ate too much and tomorrow  I have to do double-exercise

Sanchi:u will not get fat if u eat a little more chill….

Kabir:no no I can’t take this risk…..what if I get fat then……..I’ll not even look handsome

Sanchi laughs

Sanchi:even girls r not like u Kabir

Sanchi went leaving a confused Kabir

Kabir:did she insulted me??? Or praised me….ohh this girl has droven me crazy with her cute antics

He smiled to himself and went to his home

Here it ends it’s 1.30 am now and I am sleepy so bye don’t know when it will be posted so GOODNIGHT/GOOD MORNING???



Love u all?

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