Love don’t need words (Kanchi) ff chapter 14

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Hello back with 13th chapter thanks to all for commenting or liking disliking…..sorry for not replying to u all actually I am getting problem while opening tu at first I was not able to open it but now I am not able to visit it more than 1 time in a day so will try to reply u guys after 2 3 days……now let’s move to next chappy:

13th chap:

Aliya and Kabir were sitting in a restaurant eating lunch

Aliya:so u really love Sanchi

Kabir smiled

Kabir:yeah I love her alot

Aliya:but what’s so special in her…..I mean u never fall for any girl like this

Kabir:yeah but Sanchi is not like other girls she is different……everything in her is so special u know at first I hated her but now…..

Aliya:do u think she also love u?

Kabir:I don’t know but I feel like this

Aliya thought something

Aliya:ok Kabir I am getting late now I have to go


They left


Aliya called someone

Aliya (on call):I want to know if Sanchi loves Kabir or not

Otherside the guy on call


They cut the call

Aliya:I’ll not let u win Sanchi never Kabir is mine only mine

She smirked

At night:

Kabir was in his room lost in some thoughts
He came in front of mirror

Kabir (to himself):what Kabir……u have awesome height…….killer looks…….these muscles…….chill Sanchi will be urs so any Akash Vakash can’t do anything

He smiled to himself running his hand through his silky hair


Sanchi and Akash were on terrace sitting beside each other

Akash:Sanchi do u love some one??


Akash got suspicious


Sanchi:u r my friend so I’ll tell u I love Kabir

Akash:u mean Dr.Kabir Kapoor


Akash:but I don’t think he deserves u

Sanchi looked at him curiously


Akash:just look at him……..he is handsome but I saw him sometimes he is flirty

Sanchi:Akash u r wrong or surely u have any misunderstanding Kabir doesn’t even look at girls……..

And just then she gets a call from Isha

Sanchi:excuse me

She left Akash looked at her and went some where

He reached at a big house………he went inside

Aliya was there waiting for him

Akash:she also love Kabir

Aliya threw the glass which was in her hand
She held his collar angrily

Aliya:I called u to create differences between Sanchi and Kabir and what u did in these 20 days nothing

After dropping Kabir and Sanchi she went to her home and called Akash
Akash is their family doctor
After reaching at  Aliya’s house Aliya hire him to create differences between the two and she gave him the bag full of money and he decided to help her
(Ok this family doctor’s sequence sounds so creepy but seriously nothing came into this little mind???)

Akash:I am sorry but I can’t do this any more she loves Kabir and Kabir also loves her Kabir can never be urs never so……..forget him

She pushes him with all her force and he falls on the floor

Aliya:how dare u……Kabir is mine only mine no one can snatch him from me get that no one now leave or else I’ll kill u

Akash leaves at once

Aliya broke everything…….she went into a room full of Kabir’s pics……she went to a pic which was of Kabir and Aliya……..she caressed his face (in the pic) and then hugged it……she closes her eyes

Aliya:u r only mine Kabir only mine

She immediately opened her eyes and called someone

On call:

Aliya:kill Akash now


Call ended

Aliya:this Akash can tell Kabir about my reality and I can’t let it happen…….I can’t take the risk to lose Kabir not now not ever

She smirked

At morning:

Kapoor’s were doing breakfast Raj on the tv and they saw in the news that Akash’s accident happened and he died in that his condition was very poor

Kabir felt bad for him

Kabir (in mind):so sad it is………I want him to stay away from Sanchi but now he can never come back……how will be Sanchi he was her friend she must be very sad

He stood up

Kabir: maa I am going

Kusum:but Kabir u haven’t eaten anything

Kabir:maa I am not hungry

Raj:but Kabir

Dia:any emergency

Kabir:yeah bhabhi there is an important surgery in half an hour I forget about it so…..

Kailash:then u must go beta

Kabir:ok thanks dad bye

All:bye take care

He leaves

He entered in the hospital and went to his cabin there he saw Sanchi waiting for him

Kabir:Sanchi u here

Sanchi:yeah Kabir can u tell me the address of Akash’s home I should must meet his family after whatever happened with him

She said sadly

Kabir:Sanchi while giving interview he said he is an orphanage he haven’t any family

Tears rolled down from Sanchi’s eyes…….Kabir made her sit at sofa and sat beside her……he holds her hand

Kabir:see Sanchi we can’t stop someone from going it was written in his fate……and we can’t change it hmmm

Sanchi:but he was my friend he was so nice

He caressed her face

Kabir:Sanchi try to understand……..if we’d have known we could have treated him but see plz try to understand ok

Sanchi nods

Kabir:now smile

She gives a little smile on which Kabir became happy and he hugged her…….and she responded

Ok guys I am writing short updates bcz it is soon coming to it’s end and I want it to be end in at least 20 chapters…….and don’t forget to press like button if u like it



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      Thanks dear………and she will be out in next 2 or 3 chapters hope so as I haven’t decided anything yet??…… u 2 and take care?

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    1. Dimple457

      Thanku so much di…….but I am sorry his role ended here………I will try to post as soon as possible………luv u 2 take care u too?

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