Love don’t need words (Kanchi) ff chapter 10

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Hi……a big shout out to all who commented liked disliked or read………today epi may not contain much Kanchi scenes (it’s may not i am not sure about it??)as today i will be focusing on the marriage of Ishveer nd Praish nd after that soon the main plot i mean Kanchi will unite nd then The End nd u guys will not have to tolerate me with my so called ff…….so we should move to the story by now:

Today’s chap:

All woke up nd got busy in their work…….but our hero was still sleeping

Raj came to his room to wake him

Raj:Kabir wake up

No response

Raj:Kabir……Kabir wake up yrr (He shakes him lightly)

Still no response

After 10 mins of trying to wake Kabir

Still no response

So he takes the jug of water nd was about to splash it on Kabir’s face but Kabir immediately stood up

Raj:u were awake…..then why the hell u wasted my time

Kabir:ohho bhai….relax…

Raj:hmmmm……now stop this….nd come… is the marriage day….

Kabir immediately stood up nd went to bath

Raj:this boy……don’t know when he will grow up……….

He came back from the bath……set his hairs…..nd went down stairs

There Kapoor family was talking about the old days nd Kusum got emotional that today both of the girls will go from there

Kabir tried to cheer her up but he was himself sad thinking that after today both of his sisters will go

Kabir:maaa…….why r u crying for these chipkalies…….it’s good na that they will go…….money got saved……from now the grocery will come half of the amount……we were ordering till now ri8……


Kusum:Kabir atleast leave this today……today is their marriage

Kailash:yaa Kabir

Kabir:no one loves me (he said with a cute sad pouting face dramatically)


Kabir:ok ok

Dia:btw Kabir can u plz pick up Sanchi here…………

Kabir (interrupted):sure bhabhi i will (he went with a wide smile)

Kabir picked Sanchi nd now they were in the car and Kabir was driving the car nd Sanchi was sitting in the front seat



Kabir:do u have any boyfriend

Sanchi:no……nd u have?


Sanchi (shockingly):who

Kabir:what who all boys r my friends na??

Sanchi:not like that Kabir……i mean do u have any girlfriend

Kabir:my work


Kabir:work is my girlfriend



Soon they reached at Kapoor mansion nd Sanchi went to her friends

At night

Soon guests started to come nd brides nd grooms were also ready

Then grooms came with guests nd marriage started

They took vows then both of thr boys filled Pragya’s nd Isha’s hairline with vermilion nd made them wore nupital chain

Then marriage completed nd it was time for bidaai

Pragya Isha were crying nd Kusum was extremely crying nd Isha came to Kailash nd Kusum

Isha:thanku mama nd mami u always take care of me as a daughter after mom’s nd dad’s death i was shattered but u bought me back to the world if i will say thanku 1000 times still it will be less…….

Kailash:beta u r just like my daughter infact u r my daughter so don’t say thanku hmmm

Isha nodded Pragya nd Isha hugged all nd went to their new homes

Kabir was passing by nd saw Sanchi crying he was confused to see this so he went to her

Kabir:why r u crying

Sanchi:my besties were crying so i will also cry seeing them na

Kabir:really then if they married then u should also marry na then if u want i can marry u now

Sanchi glares at him

Kabir:don’t give me glares i am serious

Sanchi:if u talk more na i am sure i will kill u

Kabir:just now u were crying nd now u r threatening me

Sanchi:do u want a surprise

Kabir:no i don’t like surprises

Sanchi:so do u like gifts

Kabir:no i don’t like gifts too


Kabir:ok ok what gift

Sanchi:rustication letter from my dad

Kabir:haaaaa……i am sleepy good night

Before going he gave a quick peck on her cheek leaving her completely shock nd blushed

Ok i said that this epi may not contain much Kanchi scenes but it do contain?? but hey it’s not my fault i said u not to believe me???….ok leave it i already wasted ur much time i should go now


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  1. Awesome

    1. Dimple457

      Thanks dear

  2. Vanu

    liar liar
    are u planning to end this ff soon
    no plzz

    1. Dimple457

      Thanku dear?……nd actually i am planning to end this soon bcz i am only getting time on weekends nd i think it’s not good to make u guys wait nd sorry i didn’t get ur first line “liar liar” can u tell me why u said it??

      1. Vanu

        coz u said in starting that their are no kanchi scenes in the update but it was full of kanchi

    2. Dimple457

      ?????? actually dear i had not decided anything whatever comes to my mind i just write it so as usual it was also not decided so i was thinking that today is the marriage day so it will not contain but i actually added so much scenes??

  3. Dhruti


    1. Dimple457

      Thanks sweety?

  4. Such a lovely episode dear, finally some spark is shown between kanchi
    Please don’t end this ff keep writing dear
    Take care

    1. Dimple457

      Thanks dear nd i will try not to end it soon?

  5. 23SAMAIRA0906

    It was awesome and dare to finish this story so quickly!!! And please thats my humble request(waise to main request tujhse nahi karti !!Balki hukum karti but u know abhi majboor hun na kyunki ff tera) to show Some more Cute moments of Kaanchi ….i mean their nik-jhok ……. And by the way SOMEONE said me that THERE IS NO WORD “TOLERATE” IN THEIR DICTIONARY!!! hmmmmm…if u remember then do tell me ok

    1. Dimple457

      Thanks yrrr nd sure i will add some moments nd about ur tolerate……..meri dictionary m nh h par tum sab ki dictionary m to h na??

      1. 23SAMAIRA0906

        STupid kahinki!!!!jaldi se insta mein aaa mujhe tujhse bat karni hai

  6. Aafiya


  7. Anu88

    So so amazing and awesome episode yaar ………… Kabir and sanchi scene is superb and mind blowing tha yaar……… please yaar don’t end it soon………. post next one soon dear………love u dear…….tc yaar…….

    1. Dimple457

      Thanks di??………….nd i will try not to end it soon……luv u 2….nd u too take care??

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