LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Part 35)

The episode starts with sachin unlocking mahi and shivya drags mahi followed by all he puts mahi in a car and the driver drives the car pinky ask sachin to come with them to oberio mansion
sachin:i will come in my bike aunty anika you carry on with them
anika:no i will come with you auntyji i will come with sachin
pinky:anika call me mom i am your husband mother dont forget it
sachin and anika gave a schok reaction

scene shift to delhi

raghav office

raghav tells about rahul and annaya relationship they are misunderstanding divorce and also about sachin and anika
kalpi smiles and says so i think there is nothing wrong in you
raghav gets happy hearing
kalpi misunderstanding and hurting others is in your blood it is in your gein so youvmisunderstood me and hurts me is not an issue saying this kalpo left the cabin raghav gave a angry reaction

scene shift to oberio mansion
shivya drags mahi in to a room and throw him in the bed and says dont you dare to leave this houes then you will definetly see the worst part of me saying this he left the room and locked it from outside mahi banged the door and ask him to listen to him once
shivya:thanks a lot sachin for taking care of mahi
sachin:its k jiju but mahi is worried about nisha a lot
shivya:i know sachin khanna
khanna:s sir
shivya:collect all the details of nisha
khanna:k sir
sachin:k then i will make a move
shathi:whats the hurry beta have your break fast and go
sachin:no no uncle its already late
pinky:oh my mata you will get ulcear if you skip breakfast come have it and go anika you to come beta anika goes forward sachin drags her back is this really pinky aunty or someone kidnapped her and replaced with a duplicate like jiju
anika:she is behaving good with me also after goenkas visit
sachin:so something is related with goenkas visit and pinky aunty change i think i should research this goenkas history
rudra listen all this

precap:rudra inform shivya about sachin doubts

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