love what have you done to me ishqbaaz and beinteha (Part 51)

The episode starts with aravind beating krishna and krishna yelling for help seeing this sachin and anika come for help shivya holds anika hand and stop her mean while arnav hold sachin
Anika:shivya leave me cannt you see what is going on leave me
Shivya yelled shut up

On the otherside sachin manage to free his hold and run om rudra raghav ranveer and rajveer try to stop him hearing the sound priya and kalpi came running
Sachin stops aravind and ask what happened to you why are you beating him
Arvind:he is responsible for everything he linked you with village head daughter and told to amudha like that thats why she made a phone call hearing this sachin anika and priya was schoked and bowed their head he is telling he said for fun if i killed you and throw on sea my anger will not less krishna

Krishna:kill me kill me and throw me into the see he goes to sachin and tells sachin tell him to kill me why are you silent i did that on your saying open your mouth and tell him
Shivya om rudra raghav ranveer rajveer kalpi aranav and aravind are held shoked of hearing this krishna continues your darling sister just told she made fake call on my saying she didnt tell anything else he is loving someone marryong someone and he is having affair with someone what is her issue in it did you ask her once ask me i will tell you bcz your darling sister is in love with him thats why she is not ready to sacrificse him with any one all are schoked hearing this krishna continues due you think priya meet with an accident no it is planned attempt to muder which is done by your darling sister shivya removed his glasses in schok and looked at anika .anika nodded her head in yes

Krishna:but sachin never saw your sister in that way he is loving priya that is secondary first thing is amudha is your sister thinking friend sister is a sin thats doing betray to friendship thats why he never accepted her prposal he told everything to me and told me to explain everything to her and make her understand even i felt what he is doing is correct not only correct that is the justice the person who doesnt do that is not a good friend how will your sister will understand in oder to keep her away from him i put a fake blame on him without seeing him as a friend you beat my right its ok its all for friendship right i am happy i am happy
Aravind:without knowing the truth i bet you i am sorry krishna he move towards sachinand continues i am apolizing on behalf of amudha what she did is really wrong i assure you that amudha will not interfer in your life again

Shivya:for that priya should marry sachin immediatly everubody looks at shivya
Sachin:but jiju
Shivya:you just shut up what do you say arnav raghav
Raghav:i think you are right
Arnav:k then we will go home and tell everything and go to priya houes to ask for her hand of marriage

Rahul ask priya hands of marriage with sachin to priyas father

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