love what have you done to me ishqbaaz and beinteha (Part 48)

The episode starts with krishna assuring sachin and anika he will take care of everything and ask them to say whatever he said is true when amudha ask them
Anika:i dont know what your going to do do you how priya got these wounds
Krishna:due to accident
Anika:its attempt to muder plan by amudha
Anika:yes so be careful
Just then priya noticed aravind coming
Priya:guys aravind is coming make sure he doesnt know anything
Aravind:hey is there anything serious
Sahil:no nothing
Aravind:then lets go saying this he picks sahil and goes to bus stand
Aravind notice 2 girls standing there the girls see them and smiled at him he ask sachin amd krishna look there
Sachin:hey cannt you be quiet for some times
Aravind:what can i do there are girls where were i go
Anika and priya looked at each other
Sachin:why are you looking at them
Krishna:if not boys then who will look at girls
Sachin:your spoiling him
Krishna:you be like a saint leave us love guru you go and correct them
Aravind:how to correct by asking can we go for cinema or eating icecream
Krishna:ask we can go to cinema by eating ice cream or by using your regular ilthakasaiya
Aravind nodded his head and goes towards the girls here sachin gave a angry look at krishna
Aravind:you both have ilthakasaiya?
Aravind:i have ilthakasaiya you both have
ilthakasaiya girls gave a confused look you cannt undersand il tha ka reverse it and now reverse saiya kathal asaiya(love interest) i have kathal asaiya i asked whether you both have love interest girls where shocked now tell me where we can go hotel or cinema
Girl1:your aravind right aravind is suprised thoese are sachin krishna anika and priya right
Aravind:right how do you know us
Girl2:we are amudha friends we came to your houes with amudha many times did you forget us
Aravind gave a schok and fake smile and moved and signalled krishna not to say anything
Krishna:ilthakasiya ilthakasiya
Aravind got worried left the place by taking auto
Sachin:what happened why he is going in auto

Scene shift to aravind houes where aravind
sister amudha comes home and starts to break
the things hering the sound every one int he houes comes there including shivya om rudra mahi arnav raghav ranveer rajveer and rahul
Amudha:where is your amazing son where is he went and hide somewhere
Meera:why are you searching him
Amudha:elder brother right to give a tight hug and kiss him saying this she break another thing she took aravind photo your smiling saying this she try to break the photo meera stops her and ask are you mad pinky and bhuvana enter
Amudha:i am not mad you have given birth to a buffola showing aravind photo this is mad mad on girls saying this she throw the photo down meera got anger and started to beat amudha bhuvana and pinky try to stop her
Just then an old lady enter and ask why are you beating a little girl
Meera:she is disrespecting her own elder brother
Amudha:he is not my brother i am not his sister anymore
Meera got more anger and tried to beat her again old lady stops her leave her i will ask her
Amudha:leave her patti(grand ma) let her beat
Grandma:what your brother did dear why are you so angry
Amudha:did you all know how he missied
behave with my friends today he ask we can go for hotel cinema all are shoked hearing it saravan entered and schoked amudha continous no one dare to speak to me in college but now i have to bend my heads before them all bcz of him
Saravan:you dont cry let that boy come see what i will do him
Amudha wiped her tears here shivya was very angry and says to omru and others if ehat amudha said is true i will break sachin amd anikas leg and take them back with us i wont allow them to meet again
Amudha sees her mother taking aravind photo and put it back she got angry after hearing all this your keeping your son on top saying this she throw the photo out

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