love what have you done to me ishqbaaz and beinteha (Part 47)

Sorry sorry for the late update
The episode starts with oberios goenka and raichard landing in madurai and reaching aravind houes sachin was schoked seeing them and ask thems why they are here are they planning to destroy their happines
A voice from back is this a way to behave with elders he turned back it is meera aravind mother along with aravind(Guys aravind is neel from naamkaran)
Sachin:but mom
Meera:if your considering me as your mom stay calm aravind take him inside
Aravind: s mom satingvthis he took sachin inside
Meera:you all plz come inside
Inside the houes everybody sitting tea is served to them meera continues annaya is like a sister to me annaya was anngry at you rahul but she never hated you she nevet let sachin or anika to speak ill about you itis a difficult task to convice them but i will do help you in that
A girl passes by
Meera:amudha(guys this is pakhi from ek muthi asam)
Amudha:s mom
Meera:this is amudha my younger daughter
Meera:take shivya to anikas room she nodded the head and took shivya there on the way shivya sees priya with bandage on head
Shivya:hai priya what happened
Priya:nothing a small accident amudha smriks
In the room anika is shown tension seeing shivya shivya was anger his eyes were red he pinned anika in wall
Anika:shivya what are you doing its paining
Shivya:ecen it pained for me when you left how dare you leave me this 6 months passed like 6 years if you try to leave me again you will see the worse of me

Next morning
A person comes and calls mom mom
Person:who is there
Otherside:mama its me krishna
Mama:hai cyber crime officer how are you
Krishna:i am fine(Guys it is kunj from tasan ishq)
Lady:i have heared your going to get transfer
Krishna:yes athai(buva)
Meera:which place
Krishna:kolkata i am going there nct week before that i thaught of seeing my friends where are they
Meera:they have gone for temple
Krisha:then i would have gone to temple
Meera:dont worry i will ask amudha to drop you
Krisha:is there any special day today
Meera:have you forgotten what day is today today is annaya death anniversary they have gone to do the ritulas krisha wipped his tears allt these are seen by goebkas richard and oberios tears starts to flow from everyones eyes

Temple is shown sachin is ciming our of temple pound and doing the ritulas

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