love what have you done to me ishqbaaz and beinteha (Part 44)

Sorry sorry guys for the late update i cannt post due to some personal work

The episode starts with goenka making move and anika makes an excues she needs to make a call
Dadi:pinky why cannt you control your mouth
Shakthi:who many times i told you not to open your mouth unnecesarly
Pinky:i have managed it well leave it
Shivya:mom already sachin and anika got some doubt bcz of your changed behaviour sachin found half truth plz dont increase their doubt

Scene shift to sachin houes
Every light is offed few candles are lighten one candle in dinning table priya is sitting there sachin comes and sats dinner is ready
Priya:what is the need of these arrangement
Sachin:you love candle light dinner right thats why suddenly sachin phone rings he says anika and picked the call hello anika
Anika:sachin raghav goenkas wedding is fixied they have invited us they want you and sahil to attened the wedding also

Sachin:good this will be a good chance to look for mrs annaya rahul goenka photo in that houes i am sure we can find it there whrn is the wedding
Anika:after15 days

The wedding prepartuon is going in full swing anika is the wedding planner she is guiding her workers
Sahil is shown playing with ranveer and rajveer
Arnav comes thee seeing sahil he gets happy and plays with him and feels emotional touching him
Kalpi is shown geeting ready sadly thinking about how raghav forced her
Raghav is shown happy that she is marrying his love but sad he forced her but promies himself he will give all the happines in the world to her
Sachin is shown doing some work and secretly enters raghul toom without any one notice and searchs and check somefile suddenly hesaw annaya photo in the wall and he was shocked came back normally and informs anika and priya about it both were schoked

Sachin ask rahul about the photo anika scold shivya for hidding the truth

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