love what have you done to me ishqbaaz and beinteha (Part 43)

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The episode starts with arnav entering richard mansion khushi goes near himand try to talk he doesnt react and went to his room khushi followed him arnav took annaya photo and hugs it cries out of his heart khushi sees this and kept on his shoulder and ask arnav what hapened why are you crying arnav hugs khushi and cries khushi consoles arnav and ask what happened
voice:what happened arnav
both turn towards the voice side it is dev voice dev comes inside
dev:arnav what happend
arnav:dad i think we should end this revenge with goenkas
dev:what do you mean?bcz of them i have lost my sister you have lost your mom
arnav:exactly dad i lost my mom she died 3 years ago we doesnt know that
dev and khushi was shoked hearing it arnav continues sachin and anika are annaya moms twin son and daughter they have adopted sahil bcz annaya mom heart is given to sahil i have lost my mom bcz of this revenge i dont want to lose my brothers and sister bcz of this revenge say this arnav left the place while dev was completle schoked

scene shift to oberio mansion
shivya tells everything about goenkas sachin and anika
mahi:what your hiding this big truth from your wife
shivya:they want to clear the misunderstanding
mahi:sachin found half truth if he found the full truth and what if anika bhabie knows yoi know the truth and you hide it from her
shivya looks at mahi and says i never thought of that

scene shift to goenkas mansion
raghav ask kalpi to chose the bridal dress
kalpi:what is the need to ask my opnion you chose it
raghav:bcz your going to wear so you have to choes your dress thats your right
kalpi:really?even which guy i should marry is also my choice why are you forcing me
raghav pinned kalpi in the wall and says bcz i love you and i know you also love me your just angry on me taking any step in angry will destroy the life so keep you angry on other side and get ready for our wedding saying this raghav left the place kalpi looks on

scene shift to oberio mansion

goenkas comes there everybody welcomes them anika serves tea for them
usha:my grandson raghav wedding is fixied we are giving the first invitation to you i want everyone to come and wish the cauples good luck
dadi:ofcouers we will all come
pinky:ofcoures its my bahus elder brothers wedding we will defiently come
anika:what?others gave a death glare at pinky
pinky:i mean you said anika is like your grand daugjter and even your grandson consider her as younger sister i said in that meaning

precap:anika informs sachin about goenkas wedding

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