LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Part 39)

The episode starts with arnav hugging shivya after breaking the hug
arnav:hey why cannt you call me once buddy tell your pblm
shivya:come on buddy i thought not disturb this newly married couple
arnav gave a death glare
shivya:k k dont look at me like that the friends have some talk

scene shift to delhi
kalpi:there is no way that i am coming with you
raghav:then there is no way that you will get your loan in any bank
kalpi gave a irrating look and says why are you doing this with me

raghav:even i dont want to do if you come with me and agree for the marriage
kalpi:k agree now plz sansion my loan
raghav:first marriage then loan hearing this kalpi turn back side and starts to cry raghav went near hear and back hugged her and says dont cry you know i hate tears from your eyes now go pack your bags we will be leaving toni8 he kissed her hair and leaves from there

scene shift to cid buero
sachin enters he finds nickle working at computer he goes near him and says good morning
nickle who is working at the computer seriously looked up and says hey good morning so what happed with that duplicate shivya i mean mahi
sachin: jiju toik him to his houes leave that now do me a favour i need all the information about goenkas

nickel:goenkas why?
sachin:i will tell you later can you do it for me
nickel:ya sure i think our informer munna ya right munna will be perfect for it
sachin:but this is personal work will he do it
nickel:ya ofcoures but he will charge more
sachin:thats not an issue

nickel:k then this is the number call him
sachin dialled the number hello munna
otherside:s munna here?

sachin:cid officer sachin
conversation muted

scene shifted to anikas office
anika is discussing about an event with her client
after they left some one knocks the door and ask may i come in madam
anika :ya come anika gets a doubt and looked up a bright smile appeared on the face seeing the girl she ran to her saying hey priya and hugged her whatva supries you said you will be coming tomorrow

priya:just to give a supries
anika:sachin will be very schoed now tell me how are you how is your family our friend specially aravind
priya:everybody is fine just a min she took a box and says aravind wants to give this to you
anika:wow mysorepak(its is a tamilnadu sweet prepared in ghee)she opened it and take one and eat it wow super aravind mom is really a specialist in making this
priya:ya she prepared this specailly for you and sachin she gave one box for each by the by where is sachin

anika:he went to the bero already
anika smiles and says dont worry i will take you there
priya blushes and say k
anika smiles and says k k

scene shift to oberio mansion
mahis room
shivya enters mahi room with some body guards
mahi:i want to meet nisha i have to go to my office
shivya just looked at the bodyguard the guards went near mahi and tied his eyes with a cloth mahi shouted why are tieing eyes
shivya come near him you said you want to meet nisha i am taking you to her saying this he dragged mahi he took mahi to another bunglaw and took to a room in that bungla where a girl is kept on a bed with all the medical support shivya opened the cloth from mahis eyes mahi was schocked to see the girl

same precap

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