LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Part 36)

The episode starts with sachin telling anika that he should research the history of goenkas rudra hears it and comes near them and say you both are thinking to much choti ma has relasied her mistake thats all bhabhi your brother is using his brain to much come down for breakfast saying this rudra leaves sachin and anika looks at eachother
sachin:now doubt is getting high
anika:whenever i talk about goenkas shivya cut me off in the middle i think shivya knows something and he is hiding from us
sachin:if it is true then i will find out everything

scene shift to pool side rudra comes running shivya bhai om bhai
om:what happened rudra why are you shouting like this
rudra:bhai bhai we are going to get caught in a big trouble
om:what did you do?
rudra:i didnt do anything
shivya:rudra tell us what happend then only we will get to know
rudra:sachin got a doubt about goenkas
shivya & om:what?

scene shift to goenka mansion
rajveer is in phone really kalpi bhabi said that
rajveer:but thats true right
raghav:will you support your brother or your bhabi
rajveer:k k i will support you tell me what is your plan?
conversation is muted
rajveer:dont worry bhai i will take care the rest and cuts the call
raghav smriks you know kalpi clearing the misunderstanding is also in my gein in my blood

sacene shift to raichard mansion
dev:arnav what happened your looking so stressed
arnav nothing dad i am going to oberio mansion
dev:is everything k
arnav:s dad i think so

precap:anika tells sachin about priya arival to mumbai sachin gets excitited

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  1. Awesome epi

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