LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Part 34)

The episode starts with mahi shouting to unlock him sachin doesnot listen to him and went to open the door the entire oberio family is at the door he asked them to come in
shivya :where is mahi?why he is shouting?
sachin:i have tied him thats why he is shouting he is in that room
everybidy goes to the room mahi is in bed pinky get emotional seeing him back ground song(GUYS THIS IS THOPAL KODI SONG FROM VEL MOVIE)

the womb relation betwen you and me got lost at the time of your birth
the wound that is created by your sepration is healed now
who has comitted a sin which god should i ask?
the bonding between you and me is mother child bonding which god should say to you?
the images inside my eyes is now infront of me
the dried area of tears is now wet again

as a mother i cannt identifiy my child i dont know what game has this desting played with us

song end
pinky:why did you leave the houes beta?
mahi is silent pinky starts to cry again
shakthi seeing her cry and says to mahi beta we have already last you once we cannt loes you again come with us

mahi:no no no i cannt come with you i know kamini is not my mother she didnt give me mother love but ranveer and nisha consider me as they are brother they gave me all the love i needed now its my turn to return my love to them nisha is in coma you all know that
om:if they are important to you your important to us we need our brother
rudra:yes we cannt leave you after knowing about you
shivya:rudra know need to tell all this mahi your our brother oberios family son your coming with us and thats final sachin unlock him
mahi:no plz listen to me shivya doesnt hear anything and drags mahi from there he put mahi incar and left there

mahi is asking shivya to leave him bit shivya drag him to a room and throw him on the bed and says stay here if you try to leave you will see the worse if me

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