LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Part 33)

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The episode starts with arnav telling khusi he is worried about anika
khushi gave a confused look and ask why are you worried about her ?
arnav:i think some one feeling jealous
khushi:jealous?why should i be jealous?
arnav smiles and says i said some one not you
khushi bites her tongue
arnav comes near her and puts her hand in her shoulder and says listen i am worried about her bcz i consider her as my sister and sachin as my brother bcz they are mother name is also annaya
khushi nodded her head and says i understand and hugged arnav

Mahi waked up holding his head and finds him in bed how did i come here whose houses is this
sachin enters the room hey you woke up good moring
mahi:you?what are you doing here?
sachin:bcz this is my houes
mahi:how did i come here?
sachin:i found you near abc road fully drank and i bouught you here i infirmed jiju he will be coming here to take you
mahi:no no i cant go there

scene shift to delhi
kalpi enters the cabin the man sits there turning hus backGood morning sir i am kalpi kalpi yadev
man:i know it saying this he turns kalpi is schoked seeing the man
man:s raghav raghav goenka and your the future mrs.raghav goenka
kalpi turns to leave raghav stops her by holding her hand he took her hand and kiss it kalpi jerks the hand and sees raghav with irration
raghav:dont see me like that i am not her to comple you to return back i just came to win my kalpi back
kalpi gave a schock reaction
raghav continues the person who dropped you at railway station is cid officer sachin my younger brother rahul chacha ka beta but he doesnt know that he is my brother i will explain things later i just called you to inform you that you cant resgin your job here bcz yiu have signed a contract of 2 years

scene shift to sachin house
sachin:why?why youcannt go there that is your houses that is your family
mahi:i know that but i cannt leave ranveer and nisha alone thought they both are not my blood they are my siblings nisha is in coma you know that
sachin:i know i can talk with jiju ragardin it
suddenly the door bell ring i think jiju came i will see it saying this he goes mahi tries to get up and noticed his hands were locked with chain


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