LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Part 27)

The episode starts with shivya telling them he will not tell them anything but will not stop them in meeting each other
evrybody noded their head when to their respective rooms

scene shift to delhi
the 2 female bodyguards drag kalpi outside and other coming there carrying her luggage
raghav:is everything done
guards:yes sir
raghav :lets go kalpi saying this he hold her hand kalpi jerk the hand and say i am not coming anywhere with you mr.goenka
raghav hugs her and says kalpi kalpi pushed him kalpi try to understand your my wife i love you a lot
kalpi:i am not your wife we are not married we just got engaged but that to got broken
raghav:we can discuss about it later now come with me
kalpi:no i am not coming with you any where
raghav doesnot listien just dragged kalpi from there she struggles and levave me let me go.
raghav brings her to the airport where his private plane is waiting he forced her to sit and put the seat belt.


Raghav drags kalpi in and every family member gathered there kalpi still struggling there he took her to a room follwed by the 3 female bodyguard they kept the luggage in the room and went outside
raghav:this is your room saying this he went outside and lock the door while kalpi banged the door to open it
he ask to femalre guard to wait outside and make sure she doesnt leave the house again kajal comes there and ask whats all this

Precap:sachinscolds raghav for his behaviour to kalpi

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    It is good one..

  2. Nikita_jai29

    But a little rudeness..

  3. Good one…

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