LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Part 26)

The episode starts with rahul explaining the situvation to shivya and reason to hide from arnav shivya agrees to it and says he will not stop his friend from meeting his siblings rahul agrees to it after party overs goenkas oberio left arnav goes to a room and sees annaya picture and talk to it

arnav:mom see that goenkas they were happy even after you left for this you left me its hurting me a lot mom hurts me alot but today when a see anika and her little brother sahil i feel like seeing you in them not only them but also seeing sachin also
scene shift to delhi

raghav enter a appsrtment knocks the door
a girl replied coming the girl is in night suit half sleep and mummers who will be in this late night(GUYS RAGHVAN AND KALPI ARE FROM EK MUTTI ASSAM)she opens the door and schoked to see raghav there and try to close the door he doesnt allow to close the door and opened it and comes inside followed by his 3 male body guards and3 female body guards he cupped her face why do left me kalpi?you know how i missed you so much how are you kalpi in angry jerk his hand and saysthanks for your concer mr.goenka i am very fine now plz leave i have important work tomorrow
raghav:i have not come here to leave but take back to mumbai my mom and my whole family is waiting for their dil

kalpi:i am not your houes dil and i will never be plz leave from her and starts to go raghav holds her hand she strugles and ask him to leave

raghav:you have yo come with me kalpi if you wish are dont wish you have to come saying this he odered 2 female guards to change her dress and other to pack het staff
kalpi:no i am not coming with you but the 2 body guards dragged her to a room and closed a room

oberio mansion

anikas in sahil room to make him sleep meanwhile shivya mentioned the whole thing happened inthe party to all the family memeber in the hall

pinky:oh my mata it means anika mom annaya is from a royal family by birth
dadi:pinky i think you learnt your lesson hereafter stop taunthing pepole in family name blood etc
rudra:i never thought annaya aunty will have scuch a sad past
shakthi:now what your going to do shivya?
shivya:i will them anything and stop them in meeting

raghav drags kalpi to goenka mansion

  1. It is awesome dear….

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