LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Part 22)

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The episode starts with rahul talking with annaya photo and promies he will get his children back and take care of sahil to shlok enter informs about the party richard has organised and calling them to
rahul:we can attened it
shlok:what?have you list your mind
rahul:i am just going there to meet anika becaues oberios are also invited they are also coming
scene shift to sachin he enters a restaurent and oder some food he sees a son and daughter celebrating they are mothers birtgday he got emotional and remeber how they celebrated they are mothers birthday
Background song

your us your us
your the alive fire which live inside our heart
your our father your our friend
your our dearest friend who sing lobby for us
Your our april may summer
your our junr july brezz
we like you
your our september rain
your our october november winter
we thank you

if we got a mother like you
then what we need to win this life?

your us yourus….lobby for us

if we have a tear in our eyes if we have a burden in our heart we used to place our head in your shoulder
you used to say no tears my child will win over it in thoes days
if we have to born again will you give us a boon to become your son and daughter
your houes dearest children your pammper children are us
even if we are adult we need your lap to sleep

your us yours…lobby for us

when our garden is without water you gave your tears us warer thats why there are many flowers in our garden
we are the children who tell your name we won by crossing many obstaclas thats why flower grandlands in your neck
your the who made us a full moon from pices
you have to live long as river ganga

song ends

sachin looks at the picture of his anika and annaya tears starts to roll he calls anika and ask about sahil
anika understand from his voice and ask what happened?
sachin:i am rembering mom?

tears starts to roll from anikas eye and says wait i will give the phone to sahil
after she went shivya sees om and rudra and tell them about goenkas knows about they are marriage and also about the richard party

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  2. Awesome dear and song is nice

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    Madhu superb ya neeya neeya song was outsanding love that song super epi

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