LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Part 20)

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The episode starts with shivya telling he knows someone kept knife in her neck and sachin and his team saved her
anika:how do you know?
shivya:shivya singh oberio knows everything
anika:ok ok i am perfectly alright
shivya cubbed her face listen be careful next time k
anika nodded her headin yes and shivya hugged her and kisses her hair

raghav,ranveer and rajveer enter sadly
kajal sees them and asked what happened did sachin accept your offer they stood silent i am asking you only tell me what happened just then usha entered and asked what happed
rajveer:dadi chachi got promise from them not enter this indusrtlist world kajal and usha gave a schok reaction
ranveer:i am sure chachi knows being in indrustlist they will meet us thats why she doesnt want them to meet even accidently kajal cries silently and curses herself

Arnav in phone makesure this shouldnot happen again hai dad
Dev:how was your day?
arnav:fine dad
dev:i have heard some criminal enter and kept knife in event orgainser neck
arnav:ya dad i have dismed the security team and fixied a new team i am sure this wont happen again how do you know?
he laughted i am your father i know everything have you invited everyone tomorrows party
arnav:s dad oberios rannas malothora bhardwaj and ofcouresGOENKAS TO
dev look at him and gave a smile and says good KHUSHI ARNAV WIFE COMES THERE have you bith finished your discussion shall we have the dinner
arnav:i will get fresh you both go saying this he went upstairsand sees GOENKA FAMILY PHOTO(guys the photo doesnot have sachin and anika he doesnt know about them)hr takes amaker and starts to strike it by saying you have sperated a child from its mother you have commited abig sin i will punish you for it he pressed a button that photos goes inside another photo comes outside seeing that photo he started crying and says mom why did you leave me ehy did you leave me mom i know you have not given me birth your my buva but you gave motherlove and accepted me as your son then why did you leave me mom where are yiu mom


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  1. Awesome

  2. Vincy

    Anika’s n sachins mom

  3. Shuklarashi

    Obvious she is in anika mom and that means arnav & anika re brother and sister

  4. Awesome… waiting for next…

  5. It is awesome dear

  6. Amazing…. & i think she is anika’s mom…..

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