Love what have you done to me ishqbaaz and beinteha (Intro)

Guys i will give come character intro
Aravind:childhood friend of sachin and anika very cloes to sachin possiev about him consider sachin sahil and anika as his brothers and sister elder brother of amudha also a cid officer
Krishna:childhood friend of sachin anika and aravind cyber crime officer by proffesion stays in chennai
Amudha:sister of aravind final year student loves sachin knows sachin doesnt love her but ready to do anything to get him
Meera:mother of aravind and amudha close friend of annaya consider sachin krishna anika and sahil as her own child loves them equally as aravind and amudha
Rajesh:father of aravind and amudha ret.judge doing small business loveable father and husband consider sachin krishna sahil and anika as his own kids
Buvana:younger sister of rajesh
Saravana:husband of buvana ret.sub judge
The episode starts with amudha dropping krishna in temple and sachin finishing the ritulas and coming out of the temple and sees him
Aravind:hey krishna why are you siting there you can come inside

Krishna:its k is everything over
Sachin:ya over then how are you
Just then 3 girls passed

Aravind:hai ilthakasaiya
Aravind:i have ilthakasaiya you have ilthakasaiya

Girl2:what are you saying we cant understand
Aravind:hey how you got admission without knowing this first learn this friends you go i will come after taking some tution saying this he goes with the girls
Krishna:hey he has not left this ilthakasai yet
Anika:have you left putting marks to girls like
that it is also a diecse to him saying this anika picked sahil in her hand
Krisha:why you mailed me to come immediatly sachin sliently moved other side with anika sahil and priya
Krishna:hey is there a pblm
Sachin nodded his said amudha
Krishna:amudha what is the pblm
Sachin:who i am
Sachin:her brother friend
Sachin:ther is a limit how to behave with me
Krishna:what is the limit she crossed
Sachin:she is thinking something and dreaming even after i told about priya
Krishna:oh it means she has ilthakasiya on you
Sachin in anger hey she is our friend sister dont forget that i love only priya explain all this to her
Krishna:she wont understand all these you leave this matter to me i will take care if she ask anything to you just say what i said is true

Some goons are beating sachin

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    Good one dear

  2. mmm super di are u vijay fan…??? illthakasaya us frim friends movie na…

    1. Madhu.r

      Yes its i am vijay fan

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    NYC intro

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