Love doesn’t exist at all (Last story)


Riddhima’s POV,

Speeding up to his house,my congenial smile was perhaps,because of love.

As I saw him,sitting in his verdant lawn,I felt so relaxed seeing him , moving bare foot,on the dew drops laided grass,he was lost in his mobile,
“Happy birthday Vansh”, I said with my soul.
“Thankyou ” He said with a solemn smile.
Before i could proceed,
Uma aunty was here,
i received a warm welcome by her,
She made me sit,by Vansh’s side,I think,it was the best moment of my life.
I wished to keep staring him,with incessant gaze,but ended in giving small stares,whenever he met ,his eyes with mine,I pretended to be correcting my specs.
Aunty loved me,always calling me a whizz kid,but Vansh ,he seemed to be vexed by me.
Opening the box,
“Wow Riddhi beta ,this cake is so diversified with colours”,
I thought to take vantage,
“Yes aunty,yellow is of joy,red is of love…”,I said eyeing at him.
He still not realised,my love for him. I always feared, if I will tell him directly,I might end verbalizing. 
He was not at all interested,in having my cake,but his mom’s orders, I just couldnt stop myself admiring him when he ate the red part.
I wished,,the proximity that our houses shared,could also be in our relation.
“You may sit aunty ,I will bring coffee”…and I rushed to their kitchen,
I wished to jump in happiness,he finally ate something made by me.
I was so purblind in his love,trying to feel if I too have puissant features that can ever impress him? If my raiments of his choice? I didnt realise when I dropped crockery piece of his late father’s set.
I only remember,that I recieved a push from his sinewy arms,those in which I wished to be lost…. ,he was always querulous about me,but today,I found an occult repulsiveness he felt by me, crying over my inept act,I just,rushed. That day I cried so hard that my specs got turbid.
Late evening ,I thought to ,again go over there,and apologize, I didn’t wish to be a wet blanket, but my love was maniacal. 
As I moved through corridor, I met Aunty on road,she told me that Vansh is at home.
I was a bit, scared. Because even after I did,everything I could ,he never gave me any sobriquet, never allowed me to even ,touch any of his thing,while his other confidants used to pummel him in fun.
What a serendipity, my love didn’t find me capable of even his friendship ever.
Well I knew,my sorry was just trivial for him,still,moved to his house.
What I saw was ,
He was careening,someone was kissing someone,may be she was Ragini,and as he seceded the kiss,ya it was ,Ragini.
I was not even given the chance to snivel or run away,
“Hey Riddhima,you here?”,asked his Ragini.
I was not in a state to utter anything,I loved him.
“Ya …I, just came (my words were breaking because I was breathing hard) I just came to apologize for ..crock..”
Vansh: That’s fine forget that.
It was the last time I heard his voice.
Because after that we never met.
I turned instantly,without looking in his eyes,
Ragini: Stop Darling. I wished to ask something ,what do you think of love?
She asked with a smirk,she knew that I love Vansh. I never told,but everyone except him witted it in my eyes,and creating a quagmire for someone ,was perhaps the favourite game of Ragini.
Well,this felt to me as conundrum,
I felt Vansh as treacherous, but he was unimpeachable,after all, I never told that I love him ,perhaps that was why he was trying to ratiocinate that why Ragini asked me this.I agree ,he didnt betray,but the fact that I loved him to the core,and Ragini,as far as I know,was just a ,betrayer,yet he chose her nor me.
Simpering and looking in his eyes,for the last time,my words are yet reverberating,
“Love doesn’t exist at all !!
  1. Japjot Kaur

    Wonderful dear ❤️❤️
    Marvellous 💜💜
    Dear what do you mean by last story ?
    Pls don’t leave telly update your stories are amazing

    1. Dishathakur

      Sweetheart it was last part of this series ,not mine…thanks for ur love cutie

  2. Prabhleen 😊


    1. Dishathakur

      Thankyouuuuuu cutue

  3. Prabhleen 😊

    Di are you leaving TU 🤔 as you wrote na last story. If so then why?

  4. Diii….last story se apkaa matlab yhi hain na ki love doesn’t exist at all series ka last part….But diii U know what ur speciality is that u always make sure to justify ur captions…as I feel so the stories are well connected with the captions right …the captions tell us about the whole story in a few words…nd through the story we get to know that how that caption was provided to that particular story….Nd I have always felt that ur captions touch my heart a lot…..nd they justify the story so much…the synchronisation between evrything is so well…Aweeesomeee…I always make sure that whatever I read maybe it’s a FF or any another normal story….I feel it with all my heart…nd u play a great role in that….ur stories make us so spellbound that we r bound to feel them….lots of love diii…..😘😘😍😍

    1. Dishathakur

      I love youuu, my bestest kitten ever i love you sooo much

    2. Meee tooooo diiiii……I alsoooo loveee u a lot….u r myyyy bestest diiii😘😘

  5. Parita

    Gosh di!!
    Such beautifully depicted….all emotions! Lovely!!
    Please continue this series-Love doesn’t exist at all🥺🙏 For Paruuuu😁(only if you can)

  6. Amazing 😍😍😍
    Spell bound
    Marvellous where r the readers it’s sad to see commenters decrease

    1. Dishathakur

      You are enough for me

  7. AarushiSoni

    Firstly.. my heart isn’t with me..
    Guess what .
    Arey it’s with u na!!
    Coz everytime if u will write such a masterpiece, why it will be with me!! 🥺
    Love doesn’t exist at all.. woah .
    What a series like it’s stupendous mind blowing fantastic fantabulous fabulous marvellous perfect wonderful amazing incredible and what not.!!! 👍🏻👍🏻
    Great job once again!! 😌

    1. Dishathakur

      I will forward your heart to Anabelle 😂
      I love you

  8. Thakur Priyanka

    Awesome episode dear

    1. Dishathakur

      Thankyouuuuuu soooo much

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