Love Directed Me – Character sketch


SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI: Sweet, cute, bubbly, loving girl. Lived with her dida as her parents passed away when she was small. Loved Sanskar’s parents as hers. Her life revolves only around her love sanskar. Moved to mussoorie after a dreadful past with her husband Sanskar. Currently missing.

SANSKAR MAHESHWARI: A handsome hunk where girls go flat for him. He never looks even a bit of them. Loves his family so much that he could go for any extend. Loved swara’s dida as his own. Loves his jaan, his wife swara more than his life. Currently came from abroad after a business work after 6 months to meet his swara.


SWASAN: They moved to mussoorie after a terrible past (which will be revealed later) No one knows that they r married except to few of their close friends as sanskar wanted to have a private marriage. Happily married in Kolkata.

LAKSH: Sanskar’s and swara’s best friend. Supports them in everything. Currently he is a police officer in Kolkata. (I can’t reveal much about him but u will get know about him very soon in the coming chapters).

NIKHIL: Sanskar’s friend

SHOBHA BOSE: Swara’s mother’s mom. A sweet dadi. Took care of swara after her parents passed away. Loved swara compared to anything.

RAM PRASAD MAHESHWARI: Sanskar’s dad. A business man yet a funny, loving person in nature. Loves his son and wife very much. Treats swara as his own daughter.

SUJATA MAHESHWARI: Sanskar’s mom. Looks strict outside yet completely opposite in real. Loves her husband and son so much. She cares each and very single thing for them. Loves swara as equal to her son.

Kavita: Swara’s neighborhood friend and both studied in same collage.

Note: Remember laksh very well as he’s more important in the upcoming chapters.

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