Love Directed Me Chapter 4


Sanskar closed his eyes and placed the dairy near his heart and hugged it.

Sanskar’s POV:

Yes it grew up so much that I started to recognize a little of my feelings yet I ignored them.

He read each and every single page which she has written and finally he reached to the page.


Yesterday night he took me to the candle light dinner. As he very well knew who much i love candle lights. Sharing few romantic talks and movements we finished eating and we went to our farm house which has big lawns so we were wandering around. Suddenly he got a call and after few minutes of talk he turned towards me with a smile spread on his face as well as he stopped walking too and he caught my wrist making me turn towards him and lifting my eyebrows asking ‘what?’

SAN: Jaan I’ve got to attend a important meeting and few business issues which will take place in abroad and it will take at least a month.

His voice showed mixed emotions. He would had been happy as he was trying this for the last three months. He would been sad as his he’s leaving me behind all alone that too for a month. Even though I felt sad as he won’t be near me i immediately rubbed those thoughts and hugged him.

I: Im so happy for u sanskar.

I was still hugging him tightly as if i didn’t want to leave him. He hugged me more tightly.

SAN: hmmm….. The flight is at tomorrow 9:00 a.m.

My mind was again filled of how ill be without him. I tightened my grip more on him and im sure he could have also got to know that I didn’t want him to leave but what can i do? His work is also important na! After all being the best tycoon business man if he doesn’t go then it will not be nice too. After being there for sometime we went home and slept i slept in his embrace thinking that this could be the last time will be with and after that he’ll be there only after a month. His flight was at. in dehradun so im currently helping him in packing his bag. Hope these days goes fast so that i’ll be back with him again.


Sanskar smiled sadly reading this and fliped the next page but to his dismay nothing was written. He flipped few more pages but nothing was there. Suddenly his heart starting beating fastly. All the negative vibes started surrounding him. Many questions raised in his mind.

“Is she fine?”

“Where is she now?”

“If she has come home after his leave then where did she go?”

“Did anything happened to her?”

And empowering all this nikhil’s words came in his mind.

“She is no more, she passed away in a accident”

The diary fell from his hands. He closed his eyes and covering his ears tightly with both his hands while tears were flowing from his eyes.

“Noooo she can’t leave me, my swara will not leave me alone”.

He dropped himself down on the floor as his legs had no more strength to stand, it went numb. All movements he spent with her came in front of his eyes making it more difficult for him. He opened his eyes.

He saw the fallen dairy and a paper peeping out from it. He took the diary and took out the paper from it and dropped the diary down. He opened the paper which was a letter and read it.


We all are fine here swara. Hope u and sanskar are happy there. We are really happy that you are going to meet us this week but little sad as u wont come with sanskar but never mind. We are waiting for your arrival.

From: budding rose orphanage.

(Just wrote like that. Avoid seeing my letter format now😁😅)

This letter made him confused.

“Swara should have gone to Kolkata to go to the home i guess”

He turned the paper to see any other details but there was only the date written.

“This date…..wait its just a day before i went to abroad”

Suddenly he got a flashback

Morning (day before he left, morning)

The calling bell rang. Swara was in the kitchen and sanskar was in his room.

SWA: Sanskar please open the door na!

She called him as she was doughing the flour for doing parathas.

SAN: k jaan.

Sanskar came out of the room and opened the door. Its was the post man with few letters.

Postman: Sir r u Sanskar maheshwari?

SAN: yes.

The postman handed over the letter and asked him to sign.

SWA: Who’s there jaan?

She shouted from the kitchen.

SAN: Post man

He replied.

Post man: Sir is Swara Maheshwari there?

SAN: Yes, u can give it to me I’m her husband.

The postman gave the letter to him and sanskar was about to see who sent the letter but swara came and snatched it from him.

Postman: Mam sign.

Swara signed and closed the door.

SAN: Who sent it jaan?

SWA: None of ur business Mr. Maheshwari.

She replied in a teasing tone. Sanskar pulled her very close to him through her waist.

SAN: It matters jaan.

SWA: Sanskar leave me, let me prepare our breakfast.

SAN: U give my breakfast first then ill let u go.

SWA: Sanskaarr……

She blushed hard as she got know what he was asking and sanskar smiled seeing it.

Flash back ends.

“Maybe this is that letter, that means swara has gone to Kolkata after dropping me in airport and went to the home”

He immediately left the house taking the letter with him and started his journey towards Kolkata through his car which is 26 hours of journey through drive. Even though he has not eaten anything he didn’t care. All he want was to see his swara all fine.


(In no one’s pov but will write both their feelings together)

@ College


Kavita came happily towards swasan in the cafe and sat beside them. Seeing kavita so much happy swara asked her.

SWA: kavi what’s the matter? U look so happy?

Kavi: Swara im getting married yaar (blushes)

SAN: Oh my god, this chudali is getting married?😲😲

SWA: Sanskar….. (Glares at him)

Kavi: How dare u to call me chudali, ill tell this to my husband then u tell😠😠😠

SAN: Wait wait husband?

SWA: Before getting married itself this much love ah?.😉

Kavita realised what she said and flushed in deep red.

SAN: K tell us when u r getting married?

Kavi: This month end.

SWA: What???😱😱😱

Kavi: Yes swara.😅

SAN: That means u’ll be someone’s soon hmmm sounds great. 😉(Teasingly)

Kavi: K k don’t forget last week of this month u both should be present there and attend all the functions.

SWA: Hello, the who will get scoldings from this lecturers?

Kavi: I’ll ask permission along with mine k bye.

SAN: k bye.

SWA: bye.

Kavita left from their happily.

SAN: Swara we r going to have so much fun in this wedding.

SWA: Yes sanskar.

After few days it was kavita’s engagement.

Sanskar was looking damn hot, handsome…..(fill up, let’s see what all u can describe about him😉)

His eyes was all attached to the entrance why not? Swara has not yet come. He called her many times but her answer was “im on the way”.

SAN: This girl still didn’t come ah. Im calling her again.

He called her again.

SAN: Where r u now?

SWA: Im here only, look at the entrance.

He turned towards the entrance and saw her. She smiled at him but he was lost her beauty seeing her wearing a blue lehanga with free hairs and minimal makeup.

Swara came near him and both shared a short eyelock.

SWA: So how I’m looking?

SAN: As always beautiful.

SWA: Only beautiful?

SAN: Damn gorgeous too.

Swara smiled.

SWA: U look handsome and cute.

SAN: Handsome is k but cute?

SWA: Yes cutie pie.

She pinched his cheeks.

SAN: I’m not cute.😤

SWA: Yes u r😉

SAN: U…..

He was about to hold her but she ran. While running she shouted.

SWA: I’ll meet later Mr. Cutie pie im gonna meet kavi bye.

Sanskar smiled.

After half an hour kavi and swara descended from the stairs. All eyes were on them only. He heard few boys talking.

Boy1: Wow what a girl?

Boy2: Hey the girl beside the bride is damn beautiful and hot na?

Boy3: Wish i had her man.

Hearing those comments he felt an unknown anger raising in him. He fisted his arms to control it. Swara looked at him and called him so he joined her.

The engagement went smoothly. It was evening now all the college mates came to meet kavi as she asked special permission only for swasan. All had lots of fun.

Like this all the functions went on. Today it was bachelor’s party. So all were dressed in modern at there best. Sanskar came in while many girls wearing very short dress were trying to seduce him but sanskar didn’t care about those and he was searching for swara. His eyes got widened seeing swara dancing with someone that too laughing. He felt like pulling her out, anger once again took place in his heart. He immediately came out the hall.

SAN: What the hell is happening to me? Y i cant see swara with someone else? Y im getting angry? What r these feelings? Im i attracted to her or love? Wait, wait love? What the hell sanskar, what r u thinking how could love swara when she’s yr best friend? No no its…its nothing leave all this and go inside.

Sanskar went inside. Swara saw him.

SWA: Y r u late? U know i was waiting for u come.

She dragged him more inside and started dancing and he too joined after a hour all the gangsters sat to play truth or dare. All were there in a big circle. Swasan were sitting in opposite. After many truth and dares the bottle pointed towards swara which was spinned by kavita who was sitting beside sanskar.

SWA: Oh no 😨(she murmured)

Kavi: Truth or dare darling😉?

SWA: ah…dare

Everyone: Ohoooooo…..

Kavi: K swara u have too…..

Kavi looked at everyone in the team.

Kavi: U have to sing a song having eyelock with sanskar and it should be a romantic song.

SWA: What nooo Kavi u knew i can’t do this na?😥

Kavi: I don’t know do it or ill double the dare😉

SWA: Fine I’ll do.😤

She looks at sanskar and smiled, he too did she took a deep breath and started singing.

Mainu ishq tera lae dooba

Haan ishq tera lae dooba (x2)

Aisa kyun hota hai

Tere jaane ke baad

Lagta hai haathon mein

Reh gaye tere haath

Tu shaamil hai mere

Hansne mein, rone mein

Hai kya koyi kami

Mere paagal hone mein

Mainu ishq tera le dooba

Haan ishq tera le dooba (x2)

(Swara smiled looking at sanskar while he too smiled)

Har dafa wahi

Jaadu hota hai tu jo mile

Ho… sab sanwar jaata hai

Yaara andar mere…

Ik lamhe mein kitni

Yaadein ban jaati hain

Main itna hansti hoon

Aankhen bhar aati hai

Mainu ishq tera le dooba

Haan ishq tera le dooba (x2)

(Unknowingly both were staring each other lovingly)

Fursatein kahaan

Aankhon ko hai meri aaj kal

Ho… dekhne mein tujhe

Saara din jaaye nikal

Aur phir aahista se

Jab chhu ke tu nikle

Teri aanch mein dil mera

Dheeme dheeme pighle

Mainu ishq tera lae dooba

Haan ishq tera lae dooba (x2)

All clapped which made them come back to sense.

Kavi: See i told u, u can do it. U have a beautiful voice.😃

SWA: Ya ya what ever😏

Before they could continue the host  informed them about the couple dance. All had their pairs in the dance floor. Swara was with someone and sanskar with someone. All were dancing according to the tune. Sanskar’s eyes were fixed in swara only. After every song stop they would change their partners. After few dances. Swara was now with sanskar. Both were dancing.

SAN: U have a beautiful voice then y don’t u sing?

SWA: I don’t like singing in front of everyone.

SAN: Oh…. But do u like singing infront of me?

SWA: Ofcourse yes.

After sometime all went to their houses.

Marriage day:

Kavita was all dressed in a bridal attire but she has not done up wearing the jewelry yet.

Kavi: Swara come fast yaar.

SWA: I came.

Kavi looked at swara from top to bottom through mirror while swara took the bangles from the table and started arranging.

Kavi: R u the bride or me🤔?

SWA: Its u who is going to get married not me kavi.

Kavi: But seeing u i don’t feel so.

SWA: It’s just a simple lehanga not a bridal one.

Kavi: Yes i agree but u look damn beautiful that everyone wants to have you beside them for their life time.

Swara started making kavi wear those bangles.

SWA: Stop ur stupid talks at least here kavi it’s yr marriage.

Kavi: Wait wait I’ll say this same dialogue when u r going to get married ah.

SWA: Meri ma stop ur drama and let me make u ready.

Swara started making her ready. After getting ready both shared a hug. Soon kavita got married and went to her sasural house.

It’s night now.

Swara is still in her lehanga walking in the silent road and cool breeze was hitting her face making her free hairs to fly. Sanskar came from the back running.

SAN: U r here? What r u doing here at this time?

SWA: Just….for a walk and u?

SAN: Feeling bored without u so came here.

Swara smiled.

After having few talks both left to their house.


Sanskar was searching for swara as she said that they’ll meet near cafeteria as she had some work in library. He came there and to his shock he saw swara hugging a boy. His blood boiled and he fisted his arms tightly closing his eyes. Swara who saw him called him out which made him go near them.

SAN: I was searching for u.

SWA: Mmm, I have a surprise for you both.

Boy: What swara?

Sanskar looked him angrily but his expressions changed seeing that boy

SAN: Aren’t you……

Boy: Lucky aka laksh.

Sanskar turned happier and hugged him tightly.

SAN: Man where did u go for ur college u didn’t tell me anything and where the hell is ur phone?

Laksh broke the hug.

Lak: My phone broke and it was beyond repair.

Sanskar signed in relief which went noticed by laksh

SWA: Excuse me! Seeing each other u both forgot me? How mean? 😠

Suddenly a girl came and called swara as mam called her.

Lak:  I didn’t forget but it’s just that u r getting busy😉.

SWA: Idiot (slapped his arms playfully) I’ll be back soon. U both continue ur bromance.

Saying this she went and sanskar was looking at her till she is seen. Laksh again notices this.

Lak: Someone is here too sanskar.

Sanskar came into sense and both went to the cafeteria.

Lak: Look sanskar I’m directly coming to the point….. Aren’t you in love with swara?

Sanskar got shocked by his sudden question.

SAN: No laksh u….u r mistaken I don’t love her and all.

Lak: But i don’t think so.

SAN: Leave that lucky now tell why did did join here after 2 years yet another 2 years is only there. If u would have come before we could have had lot of fun na?

Lak (mind): Idiot he himself couldn’t understand his feelings. I saw a spark between both of them I’m sure both r in love.

Lak: Ah….what to do all fate.

They started talking and swara too joined them after sometime. Sanskar was confused with his feeling so he ignored those (feelings) and was with swara only (I can’t separate them) As laksh came their friendship grew up more. Swara too had some feelings for him but not as much as sanskar had.

After few days, Night

SWA: This sanskar Uff I don’t know y he is not taking his call.

His phone was ringing but he was not taking.

SWA: Maybe laksh might know.

Swara called him and in few rings he attended.

SWA: Hello

Lak: Hello

SWA: Lucky where r u?

She questioned as she heard high volume music.

Lak: In club

SWA: Is sanskar with u?

Lak: hmm ya

Swara was shocked as he doesn’t go to clubs.

SWA: Tell me which club?

Lak: hey that club near our school.


She immediately left.

She entered into the club. A strong scent of alcohol and loud music was making her head ache. She saw many boys having alcohol and girls dancing senselessly with them. Many were giving lust looks at her. She avoided them and was searching for sanlak. Her eyes widened seeing the scene.

SWA: Sanskar (shocked)

Sanskar was having a bottle in his hand while many girls were around him but even at that time he didn’t give a damn to those girls even at that time.

Swara went in and pulled him out.

SWA: What is this sanskar?

SAN: Hey swaraaaaa u here? Come let’s dance yaar.

SWA: Sanskar let’s go home.

SAN: Noooooo, no dance no home.

He fled from there. Suddenly a song was played.

He came near swara

I know you like me
You know i like you
Lets get together girl
You know you want to

(He traced his finger on swara’s cheek and kissed her cheek making her shock, twirled her and slowly went behind)

I know you like me
You know i like you
Lets get together girl
You know you want to

Raat din aate jaate
Hoti hai. sau mulaquatein
Aage badti hai baatein
Peeche chhod de
Raaste mein hai thehre
Aur bhi kitne chehre
Aaj phir apni aankhein
Unse jod lee…kho jaayega
Lamha yeh kho jaayega
Mudke naa phir aayega
Rahi mein usko raklee
Ho jaayega hoga jo ho jaayega
You know you’re so hot
You’re on fire… Go

(He was dancing making girls go crazy over him)

Milgaye jo chora chori
Hui masti thodi thodi
Bas pyaar ka naam na lena
I hate luv stories

Milgaye jo chora chori
Hui masti thodi thodi
Bas pyaar ka naam na lena
I hate luv stories

I know you like me
You know i like you
Let’s get together girl
You know you want to

Koi aas paas ho
Samjhe jo dil ki baat ko
Soche na aaj yaar voh
Kal ki baatein
Pal do pal ka saath ho
Phir na haaton mein haath ho
Bhule naa yaad aayein
Phir beeti raatein
Aankho se kehke yeh
Sapnaa gaya hai
Subha ko jaage toh
Raasta naya hai
I m the man whose got a plan
Need a girl who’ll understand
You could be the one for sure… Go

Milgaye jo chora chori
Hui masti thodi thodi
Bas pyaar ka naam na lena
I hate love storys

SWA: U too drunk?

Lak: a little.

SWA: but how sanskar drank this much he hates it right?

Lak: Even I don’t know.

Milgaye jo chora chori
Hui masti thodi thodi
Bas pyaar ka naam na lena
I hate luv stories

SWA: lucky does sanskar hate love stories or what?

Lak: He loves them.

SWA: But he is dancing like as if he hate love stories and became devdas.


Lak: All alcohol effect swara.

Jo bhi karna yaar kar
Duniya ka na khayal kar
Kehti hai jo bhi usko kehne dena
Waado se jo baandh kar
Rakhna hai apne paas woh
Jaane de phir yeh duniya
Rehna dena
Marzi se chalti hai
Jaise hawaaein
Waise hi hai meri
Saari adaayein
I’ll be you’rs and you’ll be mine
Love is such a waste of time
You could my girl for sure
Milgaye jo chora chori
Hui masti thodi thodi
Bas pyaar ka naam na lena
I hate love stories

SWA: Don’t tell me u hate love stories.

Lak: Not like that I like them

SWA: Then y r u behaving as if u have allergy from love?

Lak: I currently want to focus on my goal.

Milgaye jo chora chori
Hui masti thodi thodi
Bas pyaar ka naam na lena
I hate luv stories

I know you like me
You know i like you
Lets get together girl
You know you want to
I know you like me
You know i like you
Lets get together girl
You know you want to

Raat din aate jaate
Hoti hai. sau mulaquatein
Aage badti hai baatein
Peeche chhod de
Raaste mein hai thehre
Aur bhi kitne chehre
Aaj phir apni aankhein
Unse jod lee…kho jaayega
Lamha yeh kho jaayega
Mudhe naa phir aayega
Raho mein usko raklee
Ho jaayega hoga jo ho jaayega
You know you’re so hot
You’re on fire… Go

SWA: Laksh u have to help me to take him out from here.

Lak: Sure but wait a second.

He took his phone and started taking video of sanskar.

SWA: Y r u taking video?

Lak: Let him also know how much he had fun after drinking.

SWA: k  k it will be worth watching seeing his expressions.

Milgaye jo chora chori
Hui masti thodi thodi
Bas pyaar ka naam na lena
I hate luv stories

Milgaye jo chora chori
Hui masti thodi thodi
Bas pyaar ka naam na lena
I hate luv story.

Finally song came to an end. Swara went and pulled him out with great difficulty as many girls were with him. Laksh helped her and made him sit in the car.

Lak: k tc swara.

SWA: What tc? U r cmg with me now.

Lak: then my bike?

SWA: U take it in the morning. I won’t allow u drive the bike as u also drunk.

Lak: it’s just a little swara see I’m in my consious only.

SWA: Chup u better sit now.

Laksh sat. Swara dropped laksh and went to Maheshwari mansion and the door was closed She remembered him saying that his parents has gone to a relative’s wedding for 2 days. She took him out and he was murmuring something. She rang the calling bell. The servant came and opened the door and was shocked seeing sanskar.

SWA: Kaka could you please help me?

He nodded and both took him to the room. She made him sit on the bed.

SWA: Can u bring some food for him?

Kaka nodded and left. After few minutes he gave her a plate.

SWA: Thank you.

He left.

SWA: Sanskar come eat.

SAN: No I don’t want (childishly)

SWA: If u don’t eat I won’t talk to u.

SAN: k k I’ll eat.

She started feeding him while he ate silently like small kid eating. After feeding she washed and wiped his mouth.

SAN: I’m sleepy.

SWA: Yes u r going to sleep now.

She helped him to lie on the bed. He instantly closed his eyes as he was feeling heavy with the alcohol effect.

She stood and was about to leave he caught her wrist.

SAN: Don’t leave me.

He murmured. Swara smiled and sat on the ground. She tried to remove his hand but it was tight. She looked at the time which showed 10.45, being all tired she slept in that position itself while her head was in the bed.


Sanskar got up holding his head tightly with both his hands.

SAN: Ahhhhh……

He winced in pain. He saw a glass of lemon water been given to him. Instantly he took it and drank it in one go. He closed his eyes tightly and after few minutes he opened his eyes and to his shock Swara was there.

SAN: Swara what r u doing here?

SWA: Nothing just helped u to come out of the club and made u sleep.

SAN: But I can’t remember anything.😟

SWA: because u were drunken.

SAN: Whatttttt?😨

SWA: yes.

SAN: wait wait someone gave me a glass saying it was a drink so I drank that means it’s alcohol?

SWA: hmmm, Moreover u were dancing there.

SAN: Me?😩

Voice: yes.

SWA: laksh.

Laksh showed him the video making him more shocked.

SAN: Seriously is that me? Look all these girls na😨

Lak: Mr. It was u who was dancing.

Sanskar was making wierd, funny faces seeing it while swara and laksh started laughing. Sanskar got mesmerized in her laugh but soon composed himself.

Once dida came home. Swara was saying everything and in that everything sanskar’s name was coming every time. Dida noticed it how much happy she was whenever she was taking his name. Both ate dinner. Dida made swara to sit on her bed and sat beside her. She caressed her hairs lovingly.

Dida: Swara, don’t leave ur loved once leave u. Once u find the the answer just tell that to them. U will not be knowing who ur mind, heart, soul goes to them but trust me say it out whatever it is, how ever it goes. K I’m leaving bye tc.

SWA: Bye dida

Swara was confused hearing dida’s words. Dida left. Swara sat again.

SWA: Oh God, I forgot sanskar asked me to come to online na?

She took her phone.

Her mind: Stop it swara he’s not ur boyfriend that u r getting worried as u didn’t go online.

Her heart: She has to

Mind: Y?

Heart: Because she promised him to come.

Mind: Promises r meant to be broken aren’t they?

Heart: She can’t as she has a special place for him in her.

Mind: Y so?

Heart: Because he’s her best friend, his words are like magics which always makes her calm and refreshing, his voice makes herself to get comfortable towards him, his touch can make feel that she has someone who can protect her other than her dida, his concern for her makes her feels that she has someone who can keep her safe from any hurt (physically and mentally), his laugh can make her to smile like ever she can, his eyes can makes her feel that she wants to give her whole world to him as she finds him as her world.

Mind: Y do u feel this much just for a best friend?

Heart: he’s more than a best friend to her, she always wanted him to be with her always because……

Mind: because???

Heart: She loves him.

Swara gasped hearing her heart’s words. She closed her eyes and she saw sanskar and all the movements she spent with him. She smiled.

SWA: Yes I love him.😀

She remembered her dida’s words and now she got to know why her dida spoke to her like that.

SWA: I’ll surely tell him my feelings dida but I have to check whether he also loves her.

A week passed she was very well got to know that he loves her but still didn’t recognize his feelings.


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