Love Directed Me Chapter 1

In flight:

“The flight will be landing in dehradun, India in just 10 minutes” it was announced.

The passengers started taking all their respective things and putting them on their bags. Soon the flight landed in the airport. All the passengers started walking down. There came a young man who was the last one to get down the plane. He came out with a smile. Air started blowing making his hairs fly, he brushed his hairs with his one hand. He had a coolers on his eyes, he was tall and fit, fair and too handsome to resist. Even though he was wearing a formal dress yet he was looking dashing. He came out of the airport after all the formalities taking his suitcase. Many girls eyed him yet he didn’t bother to look even one. He caught a cab and went to nearby mansion. He paid the money and directly went inside the mansion and took his car keys.

“Having a house nearby airport is good for me now”. He thought

and started walking out from the room but stopped and turned back a little to see a photo frame of a girl.

I love you swara” he confessed and walked out.

He got into the car and started driving himself.

His pov:

Well its been 6 months since I have seen india. I missed this place so much not only the place but also my closed one (his smile grew wider) my jaan, my wife swara. I went to abroad for my business meet which is only 1 month of work. My passport got lost as well as my mobile, i lost all my contacts with her. After all the formalities i got my passport now. Its been 6 months i have met her, talked with her. I want to see her as i missed her badly. Oh com’mon sanskar drive fast to reach ur love.
Pov ends)

He was driving as fast as he can and reached mussoori. He stopped his car at the bouquet shop and about a bouquet of flowers.

“I don’t know how she will react after seeing me, im sure that she will be angry as we had no contact, ill have to pacify her somehow.” He thought looking at the bouquet and his wrist watch which showed 4:15 pm.

Sanskar started his drive to his house.

Beautiful hills, tall trees, snowy weather with a little sun shades touching the ground. After all being in mussoorie what type of weather can u except! In a small hill, a small banglow is situated. The banglow was surrounded with colourful flowers. All the birds are flying and chirping around.Though he was driving all his thoughts were on his wife. He reached his house and parked his car, took the bouquet and stood seeing his banglow.

“U r prince reached u princess” he said to himself and smiled.

He started to walk to the doorway and opened the door.

“Jaana im here” he shouted and closed the door. His smile vanished seeing the things.

“How can this happen?”

He took his wrist watch which was on the couch. He kept the watch on the table and started searching for her in all the rooms.

“Swara” he shouted.

He was shocked and surprised to see all the things were in the same place when he left 6 months before. The bouquet he brought fell off from his hands.

He felt like his world coming upside down. Fear engulfed his heart of loosing his jaan, his swara.

“Where did she go?” He thought and his hands went inside his hairs in irritation.

He immediately took his keys and rushed toward his car. He started searching for her in all the places she goes. He contacted all her friends but invain they did know anything about her.

He stopped his car in the near by park and came out. He banged his car cabinet in fractuation.

“Swara where did u go?” He shouted.

His eyes turned moist. He closed his eyes tightly to think about her whereabouts and control his emotions.

Someone placed his hand on his shoulder which made sanskar to come to sense and turn.

“Nikhil” he whispered and hugged him tightly.

Nikhil patted him a little and broke the hug.

“Nikhil, swara I don’t know where she went…she …she is found nowhere. I contacted all her friends but they too didn’t know about her whereabouts” he told with broken voice.

Nikhil found his voice with more pain and it showed how much he was broken from inside.

“Sanskar u…..u can never find her” he said sorrowfully.

Sanskar eyes widened and he turned towards Nikhil in horror.

“What r u saying?” his eyes turned glassy.

“Swara….i mean she…she is died in an accident” he closed his eyes knowing his reaction.

Sanskar held his collars while his tears fell from his eyes.

“What the hell r u saying?” He yelled.

“Sanskar she died at the day u left”

“Nooooooo she cant leave me no” he shouted.

Nikhil tried to convince him but sanskar gave no head to him. His thoughts, his mind and everything was fixed in swara and sahil’s words.


Hello guys started up a new story. Need ur support and love. Sorry for not being in touch with all. Missed you so much.

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