Love dies but never fail (Episode 1)

Hey.. Evening all. This is my first episode. Hope u all like it…

Episode 1
Swadheentha got appointed as a lecturer in a famous college of Delhi… Today is her first day in the new college.. As usual she is nervous since this is going to be her first ever experience… That mrng when she woke up she saw a cup of tea with a smiley near her table.. She smiles and thanked Azad in her mind.. And says paagal kanike… And had the tea and coughed when her eyes went through the clock…

Swadhu::baapre.. Pehle hi din late hungi mein.. Pata nahi kya sochkar so rahi thi… Ab jaldi se udkar tayyar hona he…

She went for a shower and come back to her almirah to search for her clothes… She choose a white kurthi and thought in mind first day hain tho white hi theek he… She got ready fast and took her bag and run in a rush to the hall where maamu and maami were ready to have breakfast… They call swadhu to have something but she refuses and then maami came with a cup of gheer and take a spoonfull and gave to swadhu.. She smiled and says thanku to both.. She says she is nervous while maamu comforts her.. She went to college with Azad since he is also in the same … They reached there.. Swadhu report in the office.. Every one wished her good luck.. She leaves for her first class…


She introdused herself to her naughty students.. Since they were of almost her age they comment on her appearence as well… She thanked them with shy.. They started the class…
Suddenly one student enter the class and says an issue is going on in the courtyard .. All the students along with them swadhu rushes to courtyard.. There she finds someone who has grabbed principal’s collar.. She saw him from behind . Everyone was silent while principal was begging him to leave him..
That man in his blue jeans and white t-shirt with a jacket hold her attention…. She thought “nice dress sense” and then came into her sense…

Swadhu:: Hey.. Who are you to grab his collar… Leave him otherwise i will call the police…
Guy::(without watching her) call whomever you like .. I dont care…i will not go from here without getting what i want…

Swadhu lost her temper and took her phone and dialled Jeevan… When he is about to pick his phone, the call was disconnected by the principal…. She looks confused and ask him why he disconnect the phone.

Principal:: dont do it swadheentha…i will manage it… Now all of you go back to ur classroom… I will manage it.

Swadhu:: how could you even say that you could manage it.. Look how rudely this mad man has taken your collar and you are saying that you will manage… Please sir let me call the police….

When she says this she heared the signal of police van and turned around to look … There he was Jeevan… The newly appointed IPS officer… Jeevan is her best friend since childhood and he sensed something wrong by her call and came there….

Principal begged the guy to go from there… Swadhu wondered why he is doing like that… Jeevan comes there and asks swadhu whats the matter . swadhu expalins everything and jeevan went angrily towards him and pushes him back due to which he lost his balance and tilt a little. He angrily says

Guy::how dare you push me

And raise his hands to punch him when suddenly he saw swadheentha with her eyes closed tightly and her hands around her face …. He couldnt complete his sentence . (morey jiya plays)…. He got stuck there and suddenly Azad came and grab swadhu’s hands and take her away from there….

Guy::hey stop… Where you are taking her… Sto…… Aaah

Suddenly jeevan punch him and he get angry and punch him too… Jeevan took his collar and throw him to his van then they vanished … While the principle ran behind the van and fall down tripping something… Then a voice rised from van “PAAPPA”…

With love..

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