It’s LOVE my dear..(krpkab) episode 25

I am sure you guys would have heard the heart breaking news that krpkab is going to last episode is going to be aired on Aug 25.
No one wants it to end all the krpkab fans are trying there best to save it..
I have joined this petition and those who havent pls join…i know there is not gurantee but still thats what we can do right?
“everything has an end…but not this soon…!!”
#dont end krpkab

And here you go with

Bejoy:Sonakshi kaun hai yeh log?(Sonakshi who are they?)
Sona:I don’t know baba…dev?
But dev once again ignored her and went close to the newly arrived guest..
Dev:(in a low tone)what are you doing here?
The girl was about to say something but the man speaks in a loud and clear voice
we have arrived here to attend the engagement
And he pushes dev a little and moves inside…hmm..a good arrangement has been done
Dev:what do you want?
The girl speaks..
“I had no idea that dad was bringing me here or else..
Dev interrupted her
Dev:stop your acting now!
Sonakshi who was all shocked seeing dev speaking like this said..
Sona:dev pls tell us who they are?
Dev finally realizes that Sonakshi and her family is present here..calms himself and was about to say when the man interrupted him
“oh! So you are dev’s love…what your name ?”
Sona:sonakshi(a bit irritated)
“Sonakshi..nice..let me tell you who I am and who she is(pointing towards the girl who was still standing a the door)”
Dev:no need…
“common..let me tell…so Sonakshi I am Raghav gujral..and she is my daughter Natasha…but whats more important here is how we are connected to dev right?..”

Sonakshi looked towards dev while he passed a irritated and helpless look…
Gujral:arrey dev!..didnt you tell Sonakshi about us..about your past!
Bejoy:aisa kya hua tha dev?(what happened in your past dev?)
Gujral:(interrupting dev)rehne do..ab tak nahi bataya toh ab main hi bata deta huon..kyun Sonakshi sahi keh raha huon na main?(leave it..till now you didnt tell so allow me to tell I right Sonakshi?)
Sona does not reply…
Gujral:dev and Natasha studied in the same Delhi..
Natasha:For the first time in my life I fell in love …that too with the most handsome person in the whole college dev…
What made me fall for him is his very simplicity…all the boys have crush on me..and they die for my attention but dev..he doesnt even looks at me…i don’t even think he noticed me….this at first annoyed me…but then love overpowered it….
I became friends with him…he started seeking help in the form of notes from me..we slowly exchanged numbers ….everything was going on smoothly…

One day…
Natasha:aaj ki class bahut boring thi na(today’s class was very boring na)
Natasha:I am hungry ..lets go to the canteen na..
Dev:ya sure..
Dev goes to get some snacks from the counter…
Some boys standing there talk among themselves..
“arrey yaar…all because of him …she is not even looking at us”
“ya exactly ”
Dev:excuse me..what do you mean..i am sure you are discussing about me ..
“ya we are…its all because of you!”
“bada boyfriend banta gumta hai”

Dev:I am just her friend and nothing much
“oh common! Dont act”
Saying so they left…dev came towards me and
Natasha:what happen? look upset?
Natasha:tell na..
Dev:they were regarding me as your boyfriend!
Dev:what hmm? okay with it?
Natasha:dev calm down..
Dev:dont change the topic…answer me!
Natasha:ya i am okay with that…
Dev:how could you be??
Natasha:because I love you!

———-complete silence———-
Natasha breaks the silence
Natasha:I love you dev…and
Dev:but I just regard you as my friend..
Those words broke my heart…i ran from there…
Fb ends

10 days past by..i did not attend the college…i kept crying in my room…dev called me many times but I didnt recieve his calls..i was broken..completely! dad noticed my changed behaviour..he asked me hundred times but I did,t tell him …
I dont know how but somehow dad figured it out and then
Gujral:Natasha..i know everything
Natasha:(nervously)about what?
Gujral:about your love..
I hugged him…and explained him everything…he calmed me down
Gujral:dont worry I will handle it
Gujral:I said na dont worry..
I hardly knew what was going in my dad’s Mind but those words bought a soothing effect to me..
Fb ends

Sona:why didnt you tell me about all this dev
Dev:I wanted to tell you about this but …
Gujral:Sonakshi..phle pura sun toh lo(first listen to it completely)..natasha continue…

Precap:continuation of the past
As promised…
Meet you all in the next..till then bbyee!


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  2. sir my name is raj iam a big fan of this serial infact this show is going to end will break my heart every night i wait for this show this show is my heartbeat so if this so end than no soul in my life so iam gonna request you sir please do not stop this show……this show is heart beat of soo much fans……

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