It’s LOVE my dear..(krpkab) episode-4 by Darshana

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Epi-4(sona’s voice)
I reached my work place which was actually a bungalow..Dixit’s place. It was so beautiful from outside..i guessed it would be the same from inside..i was a bit nervous after all it was my first day!..i steeped in and the first sight which i saw was people were rushing here and there…some of them even bumped into each were been decorated and lights were been arranged..the house which was already so beautiful is been made still more beautiful.?i am sure there is going to be a function. I saw a lady maybe of 56 yrs or so..instructing some of the workers who were putting up the lights..i went near her and introduced myself in a polite tone.
Sona:namastey, i am Dr.sonakshi Bose..nutritionist.
To which the lady replied..
Oh! So tum ho…i am ishwari.
So she was my patient…and then i saw two young girls rushing towards my patient…
They said in unison “maa where is our jewellery?”..
Ishwari: it will be coming ..
One of them questioned about me to aunty.
Ishwari:she is my new nutitunioust. I just smiled ?
Ishwari:Sonakshi this is Nikki and this is ria.
Once again in unison they said”hey”…i smiled? and replied “hii”..
Soon we became friends ..they were so frank and took no time..and ya we chatted a lot..during this i got to know that its Neha,their elder sister’s engagement. They even invited me!?
I even did some work don’t think that i was just chatting all day.?…it was a bit difficult but ya i managed. It was such a wonderful day at the end.
(Two days passed in this way) In these 2 days i have become so close to these family..i helped them in the arrangements..nikki & ria were like my own small sisters..i helped them in their dance which they were going to dance?..aunty is a bit difficult to manage..but i managed her is the engagement(3rd day)..neha has arrived today morning..she works in Paris as a fashion designer while one more very important member is yet to come. Nikki ‘s elder brother ..i don’t know his name yet somehow…never came in our chats..
Every thing is completed ..i left a little early so that i can get ready!?…so excited for this..

#Ishwari’s voice#
Aaj meri beti Ki saghai hai..aaj sab thik kar dena bhagwan..(today is my daughters engagement…hope so everything goes well) all the arrangements are done…it would have not been possible if Sonakshi would not have been here..yeh uska kam nahi Tha fir bhi humari help Ki..(this was not her job but still she helped us) she is not like other doctors which i have met..all the others were short tempered,arrogant..but she ..she is so sweet..

#dev’s voice#
Aaj meri behen Ki engagement hai aur main yahan flight main huon(today is my sis’s engagement and i am in the flight) i said i had an important deal to crack..and as u know nothing is impossible for dev dixit..u got it right i cracked the deal..and related to this deal i had to attend a conference in chance of escape so i went ..and finally with great difficulty i have winded my work by yesterday night and took my flight to India…i had a talk with Tina and she informed me that she have arranged a nutritunioust for ma…although i was not able to talk to ma..but ya if ma didn’t call me and complained to me about her as she used to then maybe this time i have finally able to get the right one(very true!?..) just a few more hours and i will be there….
(engagement time..)
The hall of ishwari’s house is beautifully looks like heaven has descended on earth…not only the hall everyone is looking so beautiful especially ishwari,Nikki,ria..and of course Neha…..coming to Sonakshi she was looking gorgeous..any man would have fallen flat for her?…dev is yet to come.

Precap: #sona’s voice#
I was on the stage dancing with Nikki and Ria…when i saw the most horrific day?..i was totally puzzled..
I am really sorry for the delay guys actually i got a neck sprain..due to that i was not able to type?..sorry!..anyways how was it guys?? comment.
Love u all?

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  2. Awesome episode dear

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      Thank u so much?

  3. Sgatik

    Nice episode but so small. Pls post next one soon

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      Thank u ..i know actually i had still had pain but now i am fine and i have posted the next….hope u will like that too?

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    Awesome dear

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    Di, it was amazing
    Take care di…I hope u r fine now…
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  9. Oh get well soon my dear ? how is your neck now ??
    The episode was supppppper like always my dear ?and post late the most important is your health not the story ?

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    The episode was extra, extra superb.Thanks and please take good care of that neck strain. We love you too Darshana!!

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