ROAD TRIP part 1
Ahana wakes up early and rushes to the washroom remembering her similar experience and smiles..
She religiously prays closing her eyes. Manik wakes up and sees her.. He stares at her with his delinquent eyes.
Ahana opens her eyes and sees Manik staring her. She coughs aloud . Manik wakes up from his daydream.. He rushes to the Bathroom. Both get ready and go down. They see that the old couple have not arrived yet. So Ahana sets to the restaurant and so does Manik.
Ahana was sad eating the breakfast alone. Manik sees this.. He asks her the reason for his sadness..
I have never felt so alone in my life. I mean after you left me. She stops realising she was taking to Manik..
A waitress enters to take the order. Manik openly flirts with her. Ahana gets jealous and she kicks his leg..
What happened sir ?
No I think there’s a cockroach or something..
A lady hears this and starts panicking. As a result the whole restaurant is evacuated .
Manik and Ahana decide to sneak out. They see the old couple and rush with them outside.
They decide to take two cabs. One for the old couple and the other For former couple.
Manik and Ahana sit there and start blaming each other for the chaos created in the restaurant. Ahana takes out her laptop and starts checking her mails..
Manik gets frustrated and calls her a workaholic.
Oh shut up !! I have got some urgent work. Ahana could not work longer as her battery gets used.
Manik asks her about her future plans .
She tells him she wants to see her family business growing and make her dad feel proud of her.
And what about your personal life .. I mean any marriage plans ?
Well Marriage’s is all about love. And it is not so easy to find love . Plus love is all about trust.
Yeah. And you know very well how to break other’s trust. He taunts her.
Tell about yourself.
For me its all spontaneous..
(after few chapters you will see his spontaneity)
Manik rests his head on her shoulder. Ahana jerks him away.
Be in your limits Manik Malhotra. We are no longer a couple..
Yeah whatever !!
Ahana dozes off soon and when she wakes up she find herself totally in his arms and her head on his shoulder.
See the biggest hypocrites of the society are not politicians but women. The driver laughs..
I m hungry shouts Ahana..
There’s a small Dhaba near..
Ok cool stop there
Hello guyyys . I might be irregular from tomorrow on for both my FF.
Exams are heading plus school reopens..
Anyways I ll try my best for regular updates. Love yaa ?

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