I love my country- episode 3

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Epi 3:

Laksh wakes next morning.

Laksh: oh no..! what did I do? I slept just taking in phone?? What she might have thought…wait I will just call her..!!

Laksh soon calls her. Ragini is sleeping. She wakes due to the call. She didn’t see who’s it.

Ragini in sleep: hello??

Laksh: ya, I’m sorry. I slept yesterday..

Ragini: what? Who are you?

Laksh: me, laksh…

Ragini trembles and wakes: oh my god. Laksh it’s you..! okok, what’s up??

Laksh laughs: nothing. Sleep well. Good night.

Ragini: no no. I’m already awake. Woke up with your call. Let’s talk.

Laksh smirking: why do you want to talk??

Ragini sarcastically: ok bye…

Laksh: hold on..hold on…

Ragini controlling laugh: ya…

Laksh: haa…what to talk? What’s curry yesterday?

Ragini: ha..laksh..

Laksh: yaa…

Ragini: small help…

Laksh goes to the place where she asked to come. There is other girl with her.
Laksh: what’s the problem?

Ragini: this girl is college student. she is been teased by group of boys.

Laksh: so…

Ragini: those boys need a warning.

Laksh: give police complaint.

Ragini: I know that. But, you are a political leader. If you say, they will scare to see her face again.

Laksh: why did you want only my help?

Ragini: I know only you…

The brief eye lock.

Laksh: ok…where are those guys?

They go to that place. Laksh takes that girl with him.

Laksh: hai bros. I heard that you are commenting that girl. What’s the problem??

Boy: we comment and do whatever we want. Who the heck are you???

Laksh gives him a nice blow in face. He falls down.

Laksh: who the heck am i?? I’m her brother.
That girl amazes.

Laksh: not only her, I’m brother to all girls except…
He raises his finger towards Ragini, Ragini is about to get surprised, then he turns finger to his heart.

Laksh: except my jaan…
That boy stands holding his cheek. Laksh keeps hands on his shoulder.

Laksh: not only she, all Indians are my brothers and sisters. This was the pledge we did in childhood. If, everyone thinks like that, every girl would have stepped out of house bravely at night also. Let’s make them pride to think that they have nice co brothers. Not, stupid boys.

Boy: sorry sir…

Laksh: not to me…say to that girl.

Boy: sorry sister…
Others: sorry sis..
They go away.

Ragini keeps looking at Laksh amazingly.

Laksh: everything is set. Is it ok sis?
Girl: but, if they come again?
Laksh gives his number.
Laksh: just call me. Even I’m not near, any one in my party will come. Don’t worry, study well.
That girl nods her head.

Laksh: haan, and don’t forget to tell your parents to vote to tube light…

As soon as listening to it, Ragini starts laughing vigorously. Laksh mesmerizes looking at her.

They keep walking somewhere…Ragini is speaking…

Back ground song plays, (in laksh pov)

“Her smile is moon in the sky,
Her laugh is wave in ocean….”

She stops near ice cream bike, she is buying for small children around.

“Her eyes are stars in sky…
Her words are deep as ocean…”

She comes with two cones near him. She gives him one, but he is looking at her. then she waves her hand, he comes to world and takes one.

“She is the goddess of love…
I’m the devotee in her world…”

Just then, his party members drag away Laksh. Ragini waves him hand saying bye…he painfully waves his hand back.

Next day evening, he sees her helping small children crossing road. He is about to go near her.

His party member: where are you going? Canvassing who will do…

Laksh: it’s already 5 in evening. Limit is over bye….

Laksh runs to Ragini. She shocks at once for his sudden arrival.

Laksh: hey, what are you? You always do social service?

Ragini: not more than you political leader…
Both laugh. They keep walking in same steps…

Bg starts:-

“we are walking on same land now…
Shall we walk in same path forever?

You are the nightingale….
I’m the eager listener….”

Suddenly cool breeze blows, Ragini closes her eyes and stretches her hands. laksh looks at her surprisingly.

She sings out…

“where from this cool breeze come?
It’s from those farm lands?
Or from those Himalayas?

“what message did this breeze carry…?
Is it a message or a note??”

“Many languages and many religions,
Many traditions and many people…
Are there in my country…”

“All are mine…
Everything is mine…
Then what is the language of that message??

It’s only language of patriotism…”

All clap their hands appreciating her. Laksh keeps looking at her surprised. She smiles and turns to Laksh. He blinks his eyes appreciating. She bends her head.

The night before he sleeping looks Ragini’s message, good night. He too replies.

“we together, are the pair…
We separated…is impossible…

She is the black cloud,
I’m the dry land waiting for her…”

Song ends.

Next day, the elections day. People are very busy in voting. Party members are in tension.
Laksh is with his party people.

He is getting Ragini’s call. He is cutting her call continuously. He wants to go…

Laksh: sir..? can I go?

Leader: what laksh? We are in tension…

Laksh: sir..why tension? We can tense on counting day…

Leader: ya, but this is main day for that. I don’t care if I don’t become CM, but that Shekar shouldn’t be the CM.

While he is talking, Laksh is busily texting Ragini.

Leader: lover haa??

Laksh: no sir…but I love her…
Leader laughs: ok go..you crazy guy…
Laksh smiles: thank you sir…

Laksh runs out to meet Ragini. She is sitting in a park.
Laksh shouts: Ragini…!!!

She turns her head and looks at him. He runs to her. her eyes are red and moist.
He amazes.

Laksh: hey…what happened??
Suddenly Ragini hugs him. He shocks.

Ragini: I’m alone in this world Laksh…I’m alone. I don’t know why I came from US?

Laksh puts hands around her.
Laksh: you are not alone till I’m there. And, I’m always with you. I’m sorry, I didn’t take your call. I was busy in party office.

Ragini silently weeping in his embrace.

Laksh: why are you crying Ragini? What happened??

Ragini: my father is always busy. He never cares for me. After a long time, I have seen a person who is caring for me.

Laksh is silent. She moves far and looks at him.

Ragini: and that’s you Laksh.

Smile appears on his face.
Ragini: I love you…

Laksh smiles widely…and hugs her.

Bg plays in both pov…

“we together are the pair…
We separated…impossible….

He is the land…
She is the cloud…
Our love is pretty Rain…”

Precap: fb continue…laksh to talk to Ragini’s dad to ask her in marriage….

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