I love my country- episode 2

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Recap: raglak as MLAs in different parties…their love flash back…

Epi 2:
They are taken to police station. Ragini is smiling.

Laksh: I have never seen a girl who is smiling when arrested….

Ragini: freedom fighters were also arrested. And we pray them….

Laksh smiles.
Then Laksh’s party leader will come.

Leader: how dare you to arrest my member..! release him..!

Police says ok and about to release Laksh.

Laksh: no sir, I won’t come..!

Leader: why??

Laksh: until students get justice, I won’t leave jail…

Leader: laksh…

Laksh shouts: students zindabad…!

Ragini laughs silently looking at Laksh. Then that leader talks in phone and gets it set.

Leader: Laksh babu..everything is set..shall we go??

Laksh: this girl also should be released….

Police releases everyone…

Ragini: thanks…

Laksh: no thanks…vote for tube light….

Ragini laughs: tube light…!!

Laksh: Ya…that’s our party symbol. Prajaa party….

Ragini keeps laughing and leaves. Laksh keeps looking at her lovingly…

Party leader comes near Laksh.

Leader: did you like her??

Laksh: I wish, I could meet her again..!

Leader shouts: Laksh..!

Laksh shocks and comes to world: haa…sir…

Leader: elections are going to start. Put these things aside..! understand..!!!

Laksh: ji sir…

Later, Laksh becomes busy in canvassing. But, he is still waiting to meet Ragini again. One fine day,

Laksh keeps shouting: for tube light symbol…
Others: your vote….

Then he hears a lady’s laugh. He knows very well that it’s Ragini. He sees her and comes near her.

Laksh: hmm…y r u laughing??

Ragini: don’t you know why??

He too laughs.

Ragini: didn’t you get any other symbols to choose??

Laksh: ask my party leader. Don’t ask me…

Ragini: why r u into politics?

Laksh: y?? it’s strange question.. to do service.

Ragini: service..?? haha… I know politicians character. Till people vote, you roam like this and after voting, you forget them.

Laksh: hello…this Laksh Maheswari is not like that… I’m for people. Even my party.. just vote and see…

Then they hear other party’s canvassing. It’s prajaa sevak party.

Ragini: they are your strong opposition right…

Laksh: wow…you have best political knowledge. By the way, what’s your education??

Ragini: MS in USA…

Laksh makes his eyes big: really… you have studied more than me. I’m just degree.

Ragini laughs.

The party people will be calling Laksh.

Laksh: ok..i need to go…

Ragini: bye…

Laksh goes and turns back to ask her phone number, but she already went off. He sighs and joins in canvassing again.

That night, he is about to sleep…his phone rings, ‘sare jahan se acha..’ ringtone.

Laksh: hello…who’s this?

Ragini: the one in common people…

Laksh: Ragini…! How do you know my number..?

Ragini: don’t ask me that. I can do anything I want…

Laksh: aha..why do you wanted to take my number?? (he smirks..)

Ragini controls her smile: you are people representative… I’m just a common girl.. I will have complaints to say…

Laksh: ok…what’s your complaint?? Miss Ragini…

Ragini: hmm…I don’t have any now…bye…
Ragini cuts the call…

Laksh: ragini…ragini…hello?? Oh god…
He calls her back…

Ragini smiles looking at the number.

Ragini: what sir? Why a party member is calling to a normal people?

Laksh: can I ask you something…

Ragini remains calm and murmurs: hmm…

Laksh: can you ask your family and friends to vote for tube light…

Ragini laughs as soon as listening to it. Laksh feels mesmerized with her laugh. He sleeps listening to her laugh.

Ragini: hello…hello??

But, he is already sleeping…

Precap: fb continues… Raglak gets close by time….

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    while reading the entire update i felt so happy.i enjoyed this part very much.really amazing dear.all raglak scenes superb.

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