Love comes with Trust – KKB FF – Ep3

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last precap: Is Aliya planning a Part2 of this plan? Pragya has a secret motive to go to India, what is it?

Purab is sitting near Disha, holding her hand crying.

Purab: when will you wake up, I MISS YOU SO MUCH.

Purab thinks of all his moments with Disha.

Alia is watching Purab and Disha at the door fuming with jealousy.

Alia(in mind): Purab I will kill Disha and win your heart.

Alia: Purab dinner is ready, come down fast.

Purab goes downstairs,

Abhi: Purab, what do you want to have?

Purab: I am not hungry, I am going to sleep.

Without waiting for a reply he goes to his room.

Alia: Bhai, I will take some food for Purab to his room.

Abhi: Ok, and make sure he eats it.

Alia: Ok Bhai.

The scene freezes

Pragya and others have reached Tandon Mansion(Delhi). They were in the living room, talking about what they planned to do the next day.

Pragya: So, what all do you plan to do tomorrow.

Preeta: I have to go to the hospital tomorrow, to check where I have got my posting.

King: We all are planning to go to a mall tomorrow.

Preeta: Bhai, who do you mean by ‘we’?

King: Meera, Kiana, Mishika, Prachi, Kiara, Abhigya, and Shreya. Shrishti, Pragya, and Aunty if you are free do you want to join us?

Shrishti: I would have come if I didn’t have an audition for a drama.

Sushma: I am free, I will love to join you guys… Pragya do you have any plans tomorrow or are you free to join us?

Pragya(in mind): I have to meet Rhea and ask my ex-husband ‘WHY HE TRIED TO KILL ME?’

Pragya: I am going to a temple tomorrow. So I won’t be able to join you.

Preeta: Didi and her temple.

Pragya: I feel calm when I talk to god.

Preeta(in mind): Let her go, she will be happy and fresh which is good for her health.

The scene freezes

Precap: Preeta gets her posting in another city, Which is that city? She meets someone and is shocked to know that person is alive, who is that person?

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