Love comes with Trust- Intro and EP.1

Hello Guys!! This is Mia(my pet name) aka Arshya.

This is KUMKUM BHAGYA fan-fiction named “Love comes with Trust”.

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My story starts, post the 7-year leap{point to be noted is that Pragya and Abhi were together during the first two years; they are now divorced for 5 years at present}. Abhi does not know that Kiara, Prachi, and Pragya are alive. He also does not know that Aliya and Tanu have used his name to conspire against Pragya.

UK [London]
Pragya (Sriti Jha)
Pragya lives in the UK with her three daughters – Kiara (1), Prachi (2) and Abhigya[Actually Shahana but I changed it due to a reason: Pragya’s adoptive-daughter (3)], and sisters – Shrishti and Preeta[Shrishti and Preeta came to the UK after their mother’s death] in the house of their family friend King. King and Sushma are Pragya’s business partners.

Preeta (Shraddha Arya)
Preeta is a famous Physiotherapist and event manager.

Shrishti (Anjum Fakih)
Shrishti is a famous actress, singer, dancer, and also social media influencer. She is studying at a university in London.

King (Mishal Raheja)
Pragya is King’s business partner and friend. King[he does not have any feelings for Pragya and loves his wife] lives with his wife, Meera, and their daughters – Kiana (4) and Mishika (5).

Meera (Ashlesha Sawant)
Meera is a college professor, she is the one who helps Pragya balance her business and house(children & family). She is Pragya’s best friend in the UK.

Sushma (Dolly Sohi)
Sushma is Pragya’s business partner, mentor, idol, and inspiration. She taught Pragya how to run a business. She is like a mother to Pragya. She lives in the UK with her daughter Shreya (6).

Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia)
Abhi is living in Delhi with his daughter Rhea (7), Disha (Ruchi Savarn), Purab Khanna (Vin Rana), and Alia. He loves his daughter a lot and always makes time for her so that she does not feel that her mother is not with her.

Disha-Purab did not separate. They have 3 children- Sunny (8), Aryan (9), and Aadya(10).

Alia (Reyhna Malhotra)
Alia still hates Disha and Pragya and tries to turn Rhea against her mother [Pragya]. Alia is always plotting against Rhea, Disha, Purab, and Abhi. But does not succeed due to Disha.

Tanu (Leena Jumani)
Tanu lives in Mehra Mansion as Abhi’s show-off wife. She hates Rhea and is always trying to kill her or make her go away from their lives.

Sarla {She died in an accident(Supriya Shukla)}.

Vikram (Mehul Kajaria)
Vikram is Abhi’s business partner as well as a family friend. He also lives in Delhi with his family – his wife Pallavi, his mother Daljeet (Kiran Bhargava), his sons Ranbir (11) and Siddharth (12), and daughter Mishti (13).

Pallavi (Khyaati Keswani)
Pallavi is one of Alia’s friends. She blindly trusts Alia and hates Pragya and her family.

Karan (Dheeraj Dhoopar)
Karan is a cricketer, he also helps his brother in the business. He is popularly known as ‘The Karan Luthra’. He is the father of Pihu(14).

Sameer (Abhishek Kapur)
Sameer is the cousin brother of Rishabh, Karan, and Kritika.

Rishabh (Manit Joura)
He is Karan’s elder brother, and he is the one who manages the business.

Sonakshi (Mansi Srivastava)
Sonakshi is the mother of Pihu. She doesn’t love Karan.

Mahira (Swati Kapoor)
Mahira is Karan’s childhood friend who wishes to marry him.

Rakhi (Anisha Hinduja)
Rakhi is Karan and Rishabh’s mother. She is Pihu’s grandmother.

Bani (Neelam Mehra)
Bani is the head of the house. She is Mahesh and Kareena’s mother. She is Pihu’s great-grandmother.

Mahesh (Naveen Saini)
Mahesh is Rakhi’s husband, Bani’s son, Kareena’s brother, Karan & Rishabh’s father, Kritika and Sameer’s uncle, and Pihu’s grandmother.

Kareena (Usha Bachani)
Kareena is Kritika’s mother.

Kritika (Twinkle R Vashisht)
Kritika is Karan’s cousin sister. She is also Shrishti’s college friend.

Sherlyn (Ruhi Chaturvedi)
Sherlyn is Kareena’s best friend’s daughter. Her boyfriend is Prithvi Malhotra.

Prithvi (Sanjay Gagnani)
Prithvi is Sherlyn’s boyfriend. He works in Rishabh’s office.

I did not think anyone would read and love my fan-fiction especially because it is my first try.

But when I read the comments I felt blessed to be writing my fan-fiction in tellyupdates.


ADP, Laksha, Ria, SR, and Purple U – Thank you for your support

Ria – As you can see I have not made Karan and Sonakshi a couple.

This much only for the – Intro part, the remaining part will be updated shortly after this. Many new entries will be there, so stay tuned for that.

Do you remember the numbered people I found all the people and please don’t feel sad if I have not chosen the names you have suggested, I changed as I did not get a connection to that person.

Shreya- Jannat Zubair Rahmani

Kiara- Kaurwakee Vasistha

Sunny- Vansh Sayani

Mishika- Aurra Bhatnagar Badoni

Ranbir- Advait Adi

Prachi- Aakriti Sharma

Abhigya- Myra Singh

Aryan- Vedansh Jaju

Rhea- Aakriti Sharma

Siddharth- Yagya Bhasin

Aadya- Aaliya Shah

Kiana- Aleena Lambe

Mishti- Prachi Thakur

Pihu- Swarna Pandey

If you people need a change, I will change.

Now let’s go to episode 1

It was a bright day in London(UK)

Pragya is seen waking up our cute little Kiara(Kaurwaake Vasishta).

Pragya: Wake up Kiara

Kiara: 2 mins mumma

Pragya: No more 2 mins, wake up

Kiara: Ok mumma
Saying this Kiara, wakes up
Kiara: Good morning mumma
Pragya: Good morning beta, now get ready to go to school while I wake up your sisters.
In Prachi(Aakriti Sharma) & Abhigya(Myra Singh)’s room
Abhigya: Prachi, today is maa and papa’s wedding anniversary and divorce anniversary right?
Prachi: Haan Abhigya, but they both have separated and it’s been 5 years and another thing is that they don’t even know that we are alive. Abhigya do you miss papa?
Abhigya: Yes, Prachi. I also miss papa.
Prachi: I think maa also misses papa.
Abhigya: We should try to make her happy every day so that she does not remember papa.
(Prachi and Abhigya did not know that someone was listening to their conversation outside, and it was none other than Pragya) Pragya became very emotional hearing their talks.
Pragya in mind: Are they my daughters who did not even know how to tie their hair properly, they are becoming mature that they want to take care of me.
Pragya went downstairs to the kitchen, thinking about Kiara, Prachi, and Abhigya.
Pragya in mind: I wonder how Rhea is, she was always a daddy’s girl. I wonder whether she is like Prachi. The last time I saw her was when she was 5 years old.
Thinking that Pragya started crying, Preeta who came to make breakfast saw Pragya crying and rushed to her.
Preeta: Di why are you crying, what happened??
Pragya: I suddenly thought of Rhea, that made me emotional. I don’t know how she is, whether she is like Prachi or …
Saying this Pragya fainted.
Preeta: Shrishti!! Come here fast…
Shrishti: Coming di
Shrishti rushed to the kitchen to see Preeta sitting on the floor with Pragya’s head on her lap.
Preeta: Shrishti call the doctor fast
Shrishti calls the doctor
Shrishti: Hello doctor
Dr.: Hello Shrishti. What happened?
Shrishti: Doctor my sister fainted please come fast to our house
Dr.: Ok Shrishti, I am on my way. Will reach there in 10 minutes.
Shrishti: Thank you, doctor
Cuts the call
Shrishti: The doctor will reach here in 10 minutes
Preeta: Ok. Help me carry di to her room before Kiara, Prachi, and Abhigya comes and sees di.
Shrishti and Preeta take Pragya to her room.
Shrishti: I meant to ask you earlier di, but how did Pragya di faint.
Preeta: Today morning when I went to the kitchen to make food, I saw di crying when I asked her why she is crying she told me she thought of Rhea.
Shrishti: Di you forgot, today is di and jiju’s wedding and divorce anniversary.
Preeta: Oh god!! How can I forget that, what did I do.
Shrishti: Di, it’s not your mistake. You were busy so I had to take care of all these and I forgot.
Preeta: Shrishti, do one thing call – bhai(King), di(Meera), and aunty(Sushma) and tell them to come here.
Shrishti: Ok di
Shrishti calls all of them and they reach there in no time as they live very nearby.
King: Preeta Shrishti, what happened to Pragya
Preeta: Don’t know bhai doctor is checking
Sushma: Bache school gaye kya?
Shrishti: Nahi aunty
King: Do one thing send them with Mishika and Kiana. I will call my driver.
Preeta: Ok bhai, thank you
King: Bhai bhi tumne bola or thank you bhi bol diya, kaun apne bhai ko thank you kehthahai
Preeta: Sorry bhai
King: It’s ok
The scene freezes
In Delhi
Disha is at the market to buy groceries. When Purab calls her.
Disha: Hello Purab
Purab: Disha where are you?
Disha: I am at the market. Do you want anything from here?
Purab: No Disha, I don’t want anything from there. But please be safe.
Disha: Why are you suddenly calling me and asking me to be safe.
Purab: Nothing Disha, I felt something bad is gonna so wanted to hear your voice.
Disha: Ok Purab Ji. I will be safe. Thank you for your concern.
Purab was still tense that even after hearing Disha’s voice he did not feel good. When he was thinking about that he received Disha’s call.
Purab: Hello Disha, are you safe? I am not feeling good, please tell me you are safe.
Lady: Hello sir. I found this phone lying near the accident area, so guessed that this was that madam’s phone who had the accident. So that’s why I decided to call and inform her family. And when I checked her phone, yours was the last dialed contact.
Hearing this Purab was dumbstruck. He wished if this was a dream. He pinched himself to only find that this is the reality.
Purab: Ok ma’am, thank you for informing. Do you by any chance know to which hospital they took her.
Lady: To city hospital
Purab: Ok ma’am thank you
Purab went to the city hospital. In the reception.
Purab: Hello ma’am. Is there a Disha admitted here, accident case?
Receptionist: Sir, there is an accident case that has been reported but the lady’s family has not yet come. She is in the I.C.U. The I.C.U. is on the 3rd floor near the lift.
Purab: Thank you, ma’am
The scene freezes
In Abhi’s office
Abhi receives Purab’s call
Purab: Abhi, Disha has met with an accident and been admitted to the city hospital, please come fast.
Abhi: Ok, will reach there.
On the way, Abhi calls Vikram
Abhi: Hello Vikram
Vikram: Yes Abhi
Abhi: Vikram cancel all my meetings for today and if they can’t be canceled, postpone them but I can’t attend any meeting today.
Vikram: Why Abhi? What happened?
Vikram: Disha had an accident, I am going to the hospital.
Vikram: Which hospital?
Abhi: City hospital
Vikram: Ok Abhi, after canceling my meeting I will reach there
Abhi: Why are you canceling your meetings?
Vikram: Purab is also my friend right, during this time we all should be with him right
Abhi: Thanks yaar
Vikram: Ok bye
Abhi: Bye Vikram
Abhi reaches the city hospital.
When he enters the hospital he sees a statue of Lord Ganesh. He goes there and prays.
Abhi: Please Ganesh Ji. Please don’t snatch Disha away as you snatched away my Pragya. You knew she was my life, is my life, and will always be life. These five years were the most difficult years of my life.
The scene freezes
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