Love at coffee shop (episode 5)

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Hello my friends welcome to the most beautiful ff love at coffee shop by keerti. How are u all guys? Thanks for commenting yar.

And here we go.

Laksh: Though i call u silver i will buy u only gold. Many people says that boys by playing some tricks they will make girls fall in love but its not true. This smile of yours will make us fall in love. Do u know how it is troubling us?

Swara: Thats fine. You said you have busy afternoons & evenings what actually you do?

Laksh: I am a waiter in this coffee shop.

Swara: No waiter ever dress this good & he doesn’t propose his customers. So shut up & say the truth.

Laksh: Will you believe if i say i am collector?

Swara: Ya u are an IAS & i am DGP sat for coffee & working on betterment of society. Please say the truth yar.

He smiles & says “i will”. He looks at the table which has paper on it back of her & goes to bring it.

Laksh: Don’t get surprised if u find a similar face.

He gives her paper & says “page one bottom right”.

She checks it & gets shocked to see him paper.

Swara: IAS? all india sixth rank? State topper?

Laksh: Y don’t u give another option saying all of the above?

Swara: So u are this guy laksh maheshwari. The self taught IAS topper whom the whole state is talking about?

Laksh: Self taught, yes. Whole state talking about, definitely no. Not even anyone in this coffee shop knows about me including you.

Swara feels guilty.

Swara: Shit. I am sorry. Dnt mind all the stuff i spoke till now.

Laksh: Dnt mind? If i want to flirt i would have come with newspaper itself. Why do you think i left my name, ego & degree there on that table itself. Some times, god tests our guts & fortune giving us a very short time.

We all like someone in the journeys, in marraige ceremonies, in coffee shops or may be in unexpected places. We feel like expressing it to them but we are plagued by fear & inhibition we cannot express. Then that micro love story dies there itself. After somedays, we remember that whenever we long for love. Then we regret for not facing our fear back. We will mourn over it.

We will scorn ourself for our mistake. I won’t do that mistake. Likewise i won’t bother you too. You having a boyfriend, eighties, nineties, golden days, not believing in love at first sight everything maybe false but the way ypu look at me is not fake. Because a girl can makeup lies but not looks.

When i am a kid, when i did any wrong my mom used to chase me & after catching me she never used to beat me because i used to look into her eyes. She used to say “we will get caught if u look into our eyes”. You like me thats my strong feeling.

No matter how much we pretend you following you is our weakness. But not every follower is a stupid. Eighties, nineties, golden days are not there anymore. Those days recognise true love effortlesly. These days doesn’t even the sincerity & honesty in words.

He gets up from his chair & says ” still i believe you don’t have a boyfriend. Sometimes my intuition may be fails too but if u have one really he is a lucky guy. Say that an upcoming collector said this word. ”

She just nods in ok.

Laksh: Bye.

She will not say anything & he goes to his table. She sees him leaving & pays her bill & thinks to leave but she comes to him & says ” i don’t know if my boyfriend is lucky or not but your girlfriend is definetly fortunate. If we have met earlier, the day would have been different. Bye. Take care.”

She leaves & he looks at her sadly. Suddenly a sound will be heard & a spoon is seen fallen down. But it sounds like a ceramic break what happened? Yes the cup has fallen down by the mistake of owner.

Yes our sharukh is broken into pieces. Sharukh was broken in those hands whom he love so much. They throwed him out. Many people walked on that way & some breaked him to more pieces by their legs. Its just a cup for them but for us its a running book.

We all are waiting for his uncompleted story. The story which started with smiles & love should not end with sorrow & pain. Determination shows billion solutions for million problems.

Again we will go to that past where when lord indra had became a cup. After that devi sachi had cried a lot for lord indra. That saint granted a boon for her that she will born like a girl & will meet lord indra (at present our sharukh) at her 12th year. And also saying that she will grant life for her broken husband. After that they both will come to heaven after apocalypse.

By giving this boon he left off. Later some flashes of scenes showing our kajol is handling our sharukh & trying to bind him again. After sweating for 2 hours 34 minutes and 5 and half seconds with love our sharukh got a form.

Sharukh: Oh…huh..the body feels strange. I feel like a reborn, return from a holiday. Who am i? Where i am?

Sharukh got his life but lost his memories. Since he is broken into pieces & his handle is smashed so he remembers nothing. Kajol, his owner, movies, his name being sharukh & the tale he is narrating everything. And don’t know when & how he will get back his memory.

Thats it guys. Intresting right. Hope u will enjoy it. See u soon again.

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  1. superb nice no words to say thanks .so sad shahrukh has memory loss .waiting for next part

    1. Keerti

      Thanq ashnita

  2. Muskaan278

    nice dear…. waiting for next part

  3. Megha sanjana Nakka

    Edhi madhuram short film kada

    1. Keerti

      No yar sorry may be scene is same

  4. Inu

    Superb epi.

  5. amazing

  6. Superbbb

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