Love changes life(part 15)

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[1/19, 2:23 PM] neha: Love changes life(chap 15)

In gm swara’s room
S(furious)-ahh what does he think about himself if he ask sry nd sing a sng i wil forget abt d pain.(throw d phn on bed) but i didn’t knew tat he can sing so well aww??
Swara r u mad u hate him remember it.(pout)(slept thinking abt sanskar)
Laksh nd avnsh gigling hiding watching sward’s antics
A-(in mind)oh so my princess is stil angry sanskar u hav to go lng path to seek forgivess i pity u(chukled)

In mm sanskar’s room
San-are itna mushkil se gana gaya bt she didn’t paid any heed(signd sadly)sanky lagta tuje baht papad belna padega al d best dude (slept thinking abt swara)

In mrng
Sun rays fallen to swasan’s face(respective room)they got up
San-ms pagal get ready aj me jo karna wala hu uske bad u wil surely kil me.(smiled naughtily nd packed his luggage he got ready nd about to leave)
BM- sanskar beta bf is ready cme(see his bag) r u going anywhere (pointing towards luggage)
San(took blessings)ha badima wo i m going to gm
Kav-(frown)y did she forgive u?
San-no kavita bt she wil very soon.k bye rago
R-bye bhai al d best

In gm
Swara saw Sanskar entering gm wit bag.
S-what r u dng here?and dis luggage r u gng anywhere?
San-no ms pagal i m nt gng i came to stay here(come close nd whisper)for u(wink at her)
S-(shout)what? (to laksh)bhaiyu
L-(comes) ha gudia?
S-wt is he doing here?
L-wo he said na tat
S-he is staying here(angry)bt y?
A-to seek ur forgiveness

S-bf u 2. (calmly bt tears wheld up in her eye)i knw u guys had forgive him bt i never tot u al wil team up against me nd wil support him?
L-gudia give him 1 chance na he is repending
A-ha princess plz
S(saw ansh)-bf u 2?? 5n bt only 2 days in dis 2 days if he didn’t gain my sry then he wil never cme infront of me.

San(happy)-sure ja(swara glares him) i mean swara if i didn’t seek ur sry then i wil never show my face. I wil do anything to bring u back to my life.
S-nd tat wil never happen bcoz i dont love u mr maheshwari(smirk) i wil make sure u r going to face d real hell here i promise.
San-is tat so?then we wil c who wil win nd i lov u.(swara fumed nd left)

In swara’s room.
S-oh god kya karu dnt know what is he upto now?
(she heard a voice)so u r afraid of him na?(swara saw idar udar)
Voice-are where r u luking i m ur heart yar
S-heart? ?its al happend bcoz of u?
Heart-me??wt i did
Brain-u loved tat idiot, kadus maheshwari in whole world tuje wo hi mila ta kya to love?????
Heart-are he is handsome, lovely caring nd ???
Brain-brainless creature who dnt knw to use brain when he saw tat stupid pics nd hurted swara

Heart-bt he supported her in usa did u remember when tat girl insulted swara
Brain-bt now he slaped her na? He could have talked to her.
Heart-he was also hurt at that time after cing tat pics we should give him a 1 chance
Brain-whatever if he again did like that then?
Heart-he wil not he loves her madly didn’t u c in his eyes
Brain-no swara dnt listen to dis idiot heart kil dis heart

Heart-swara dnt kil me u kil dis brain
Swara(shouts)shut up u both r confusing me (brain nd heart wanishd)ahh i wil becme mad bcoz of u mr kadus????

In dinning table al were seated nd having lunch just then cook kept paneer in table
S-paneer my fav tq kaka ???(while eating)its yummy.
Kaka surved paneer to sanskar(guys u remember i said sanky hav serious elargic to paneer)
S(shock)kaka no dnt surve him paneer
San(thought smething) kaka plz surve me 2day i wil eat paneer only.(in mind)u said tat u dnt lov me na? Ab pata chal jayega. I know u wil never let me 2 eat dis)
S(in mind)-idiot, stubborn is dis the time to behave like kid? He very wel know tat if he eat paneer it may lead to his death also???bt i cnt stop him directely bt kya karu???
[1/19, 2:24 PM] neha: S-(to san)no u cant eat it u hav elargic to paneer.
San-so what u don’t love me means agar muje kuch ho to tuje kya? It shouldnt effect u.
A-ha princess he is ryt u dnt lov him na let him eat(he surved paneer to san)
S(fuming in anger cme near san took his plate nd bowl which had panner nd throw tat in floor making huge sound all stood up)???kaka(shouts)clean dis mess nd frm 2day dnt make any dish related to paneer(glared san)while he smiled at her madly
S(shouts) dont smile u …u chipku maheshwari(nd left)
San??-chipku maheshwari
While others laughed hearing his new name

At evng in garden
Swara was reading magzine sanky cme nd sit opp to her while she ignored continued reading
San(in mind)-ignoring me na? Nw wait nd watch(he started to act to talk loudly in phone) ha naina how r u? Oh u r missing me? Me 2 baby yaha par ek hrudayheen(heartless) ladki h jis par mere itne sory kai asa nai pad raha. Bt i m glad tat u stil remember me oh u want to meet me k (just den his phone rang??)my plan flopd(cry face) god apki mere sath kya dushmani hai?(saw swara who was glaring him wit smirk)ab to ye meri jina haram kr degi(sighnd heavily)u r dead dude
S-naina i miss u my foot get hel wit u nd ur naina now go nd make coffee nd cookie for me

San-wt me?
S-(saw around)yaha tumhare alava koi aur hai kya?
San(sadly)-k nd left murmuring business man ko cook bana diya isne.(day passed like dis)
Next day in gm
Swara got ready to leave her ofc nd stepped out her mansion sanky blocked her way
S-now what leave my way
San-sit in my car i wil drop u

S(cross her hands near chest)-nd y u think tat i wil listen to u?
San-bcoz i gav holiday to ur driver
S??-u??(closed her eye to calm down) its k i wil go in cab
San-no u wil cme with me oly or i wil not let u go(stubbornly)
S-sanskar leave me or else it wil not gud for u i m warning
San-oh realy then let me c wt wil u do? I m nt moving frm here
S-5n nw c(search sme thing nd took a stone nd throw tat in ful force towards sanskar’s car so dat his car’s frnt glass broke into pieces)swara rocks sanskar shock(she left in cab)

In whole day sanskar try to manao his swara wit numerous way sme time he send choclates, teddy nd dres wit sorry card, he prepared her fav gobi manchurian writing sry in ketchup, send kids holding i m sorry swara board many more and swara was melting bt she was not ready to listen to her heart.

In eveng
Swara was cutting apple while cutting mistakenly cutted her finger which started to bleed. Sanky saw tat nd rund towards her started cleaning her finger
San(scolding)-swara cnt u c nd cut? Where were ur senses? Deko kitna chot lag gai(cleand her finger wit cotten nd put bandage)
Swara was watching him keenly its was like chot swara ko lagi but dard sanskar ko ho rhi ho bt den she remembered his insult nd jerked her hand.
S-tq sanskar bt i can take care of my self plz leave only few hourz left to go frm here so pack ur bag.
San(pleading)-swara dont do dis to me plz i love u alot i m sorry (hold his ear) maf kar do.

S-did u listend my plead then y should i?
San-(crying badly)-swara if u want beat me scold me bt dnt leave me plz i cn’t live without u. I wil die swara i wil surely die.
S(ful angry mode didn’t listen to his word )-i don’t care. I dnt want to c ur face nor dont want to listen ur voice (shouts) i hate u sanskar get lost frm her.
San-is dis ur final decision?
S-yes nw leave

San(wiping his tears)5n frm nw i wil never show my face to u i wil go far away frm u agar mere jine ya marne se tumhe koi farak nai padta then y should i live? For whom i live?(nw he is facing her back)
S(confuse)-wt does he mean?(turned to face him bt wt shockd to c)

Precap swasan engagement attack on swara

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    But precap is scary attack on Swara!!!!

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  4. Zelena81196

    omg…. fantastic episode…’ loved it…. precap is shocking….. hope swara’s fine though….. sanskar should save her on time….

  5. Awesome dear

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