Love changes life(part 14)

[1/19, 2:12 PM] neha: Love changes life(chap 14)

In gm
Swara was working in lappy she has drownd herself fully in work frm mrng to cme over the pain given by her mr kadus. Laksh nd ansh tried to talk to her bt she just avoid d topic saying i m busy.
Sanky cme to gm
San-(calling her)swaraaa swaraa(he abt to go swara’s room laksh stopped him nd dragd him towards hal)
L-y did u cme here sanskar is anything left to say her?
San(guilty)-lucky i m sorry i knw i did a mistake no it was sin to doubt my ms pagal bt i m sorry

L-sorry(angry)do hell with ur sorry sanskar ur sry can bring smile in my gudia’s face?(holding his collar)y sanskar y?i gave my gudia’s responsibility to u bt wt u did?(teary eye) Sanky swara is not only my sister she is my daughter after parents death she became reason for my life mene use kavi b mom dad ki kami mehsoos nai dia i becme her mom dad mene kavi use rone nai dia bt 2day me kuch nai kr pa raha hu it was my mistake to accept u for her
San(crying)-lucky just 1 chance plz muje ek bar swara se milne do plz(sit in his kness nd folding his hands)plz lucky

Swara(who was watching it frm stairs wiped her tears nd shouted)-bt i dont want to meet u mr maheshwari(cme to hall)(guys there is a smal lift in their gm so tat swara easily roam over her house)and wt wil u say ha? (acting like sanky)swara i m sorry plz forgive me i lov u??wt do u think is tat easy to forgive them whom we wanted to trust us when whole world get against u?(teary eye)sanskar ek bas puch to lete bt karte mujse bt u directly made me culprit wo v ek photo dek kar?pyar me trust important hai na?did’t u trusted me? If not then to vo kaise pyar hai tel na sanskar(crying)if u had any doubt regarding my nd ansh’s frndship u would hav talkd to me bt u i hate u sanskar get out frm her
San(her each word stabbed him like 1000 knife priecd his heart at once)-jaan(lovingly)

S-u lost tat ryt to cl me jaan so don’t u dare mr maheshwari???nd dnt show me ur face i wil never forgive u(she left frm there)
Sanskar cried a lot shouting i m sorry plz give me a chance to repend my mistake oly 1 chance swara (laksh couldn’t c his best frnd in tat state nd consoled him)
L-sanky plz don’t cry give her sme time she wil forgive u for sure
San(lyk kid)-really she wil forgive me na? I cnt live without her lucky i wil die
L-(hugged him)sshh she wil
San-i m sorry lucky for hurting ur gudia(to ansh)nd hurting ur princess 2 i m sorry ansh if possible plz forgive me
A-its k sanskar mistake was mine muje princess k itne close nai rahna chaiye ta
Avni-(glared him) and may i ask y? Just bcoz for dis stupid creature(pointing to sanskar)jise frndship nd lov k meaning nai pata?
A-avu he is swara’s bf yar nd
San-no ansh she is ryt i m a stupid(to avni)nd mrs singania thank u for 2day’s mrng treatment
Avni-if u were nt my swara’s lov den i would hav showd u a real hel mr maheshwari bt nw u hav 2 make a plan for her forgiveness(winks at him)(all lukd at her shock)wt y r u all watching me lyk tat?

A-just nw u were angry on him nd nw
Av-oh ya i was bt after waching his condition i felt bad for him(to sanky) sanskar when a girl lov sme1 she dnt want anything frm him axept his trust on her a little lov nd u failed in it its not easy for her to forget nd cme to u again i hope u undestand she is really very hurt.
San-i knw mrs singania nd i promise to u al me uske mafi pakar rahunga i lov her nd nw i wil not let her go like dis(determind tone)
Av-ye hui na bat nd ya plz cl me avni mera name itna v bura nai hai yar(making face)
A-thanks avu for making evrything ryt (huggd her)i lov u.

Sanlak(fake cough) ahem ahem we r also here go to ur room(avnsh blushed)
San(in mind)-ms pagal get ready to forgive me. I hav hurted u alot jaan bt nw i wil heal ur evry wound nd u oly tel me to cl u jaan again its my promise uske bad i vil never leť u go far frm me(smiled)i lov u
[1/19, 2:12 PM] neha: Next day swara went to orphanage to spend sme time wit kid so tat she divert her mind frm sanky
S-are kids cme i hav bought u a lot of chocolates
Chutki(5 yr child)-tq didi y u didn’t cme these days? I missed u so much
All kids-we 2 didi

S-aww mera bacha i m sorry didi kan pakadti h age se har sunday aungi
All kids (jumpd in happy)-yeppie(swara smiled)
All went to park becoz kids insisted or say forced her to cme with them to park. The park was decorated wit red roses nd all over was written sorry wit flower patals. Nd a boy was standind there holding a big flower buque covering his face
S(in mind)-ye sab kya hai y dis park is decorated? Nd dis sorry hmm (saw a boy cming towards her)who is dis?(boy kneeld down)
Boy-i m sorry swara(gave buque to her showing his face).i love u
S??-sanskar tum?
(i knw u all guessed it laksh had informd him abt swara’s arrival to orphanage so sanskar made dis plan to convince her)
S??-hw did u get to knw tat i m here?
San-i m sanskar maheshwari ms pagal its nt a big deal to knw where is my life(wink at her)
S-aahh y r u following me? Muje akele ku nai chodte?
San-tat cnt happen. Ïf i leave u den how wil i survive tel?
S-(low painful voice)u oly left me sanskar
San-nd i m repending for tat swara plz cme back to me.(folded his hand)
S-sanskar pls leave me alone(just then she saw bandage in sanskar’s hand)ye kya hua?(touchd his hand wit concern)cant u take care abt urself.
San(happy for her concern for him)-just gave a punishment for slaping my life for hurting u(touchd her cheek where he slapd)is tat hurted u? I m sry
S-ye dard to chala gaya bt us dard ka kya which u gave to my heart? (lukd at him wit teary eye nd left)

Just den she heard a sng
One, two, three!

I am a fool, I am a fool
I am a fool fool fool!
You big heart, you big heart
You got very big heart!
(swara turn nd saw sanskar in joker get up asking sry)

I come near, I come near
I come near near near
You go far, you go far
You go very very far
(he cme near her making cute antics while she is watching him wit angry women)

Arey thanda rakh kaleja
Thoda baraf pe ghis le bheja
Sorry le ja, maafi de ja humko free

One, two, three!
Sorry Sorry Sorry
Pakde hum dono kaan kya
(he hold his ears)

Sorry Sorry Sorry!
Bache ki loge jaan kya
Mehangi hai ek muskaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry
Bache ki loge jaan kya
(done sme steps while kids also saying to forgive him)

I know you love me and You know I love ya
Hai apne understanding to phir locha-lafda kya
I want a big big smile and
I want it only only now
Are! andar se tu okay hai upar se khaye bhav

Aise kaai ko atka
Tere ghar ka jhadu katka
Tu jo bole kar denge daily free!

One, two, three!
Sorry Sorry Sorry
Pakde hum dono kaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry!
Bachche ki loge jaan kya
Mehangi hai ek muskaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry
Bachche ki loge jaan kya?

Final warning, final warning,
Don’t you break my heart
Automatic guilty feeling
One time over smart
(hold a heart shape ballon indicating his heart while swara use phod dia)

See, see, see can’t you see see see
Kitne deep deep deep mere dil ke jazbaat
Hai kaai ko naaraaz
Karle maandavli maharaj
Hum sab aaj ye teri khaaj khuja de free

One, two, three!
Sorry Sorry Sorry
Pakde hum dono kaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry!
Bache ki loge jaan kya
Mehangi hai ek muskaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry
Bache ki loge jaan kya?

(he again asked sorry bt she left frm there)

Precap-sanskar suicide attempt

Who ever want to trow tomato egg wait for next epi

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