Love changes life(part 13)

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[1/19, 2:11 PM] neha: Love changes life(chap 13)

San-swara, jaan speak something don’t b quite(cupped her face)talk smething ms pagal.(she don’t react sanskar feard) swara kuch bolo dammit.
(Swara just stared him without blinking her eye)5n i m leaving forever(get up to leave)Sanskaar was about to go whn swara pulled him nd take him into a kiss first sanskaar was shocked due to swaras ths sudden act but soon he melts nd starts to reply her kiss with the same passion he starts to carse her back while kissing……they broke d kiss when oxygen got over?? and breathing heavily.
S-i hope u got ur answer(winkd at him)

San(1st shock then happy)means u dont hav any prblm of my past
S-(made him sit in chair) mr kadus i m ur present nd future to y would i hav prblm wit ur past.(san smild teary eyed) oh ho mr kadus ab muje hamare bare me sochna padega(san??)oh nai to i loved my mr kadus bt u r cry baby(wiping his tears) nw plz stop dis emotional bak bak. cme lets hav something plz mere pet me to hati kabaddi kel rahe hai.
San-sure my jaan u wish my command
S-???? wow paneer my fav yummie (eating)
San abt by mistake eat paneer
S-(shout)kadus(snached d plate) r u mad u hav elergic to paneer na?
San-u stil remember(saw her anger)k sry baba nw eat k
(they had lunch nd lft)

After 2 days
Swasan were happy wit their own world and raglak 2
Here ap nd dp were not at all happy
Badi ma is preparing for swasan sagai??

Morning sanskar got a envelope nd ???

In gm
Swaransh were pulling each other leg just then
S-aww (hold her eye)
A-(concern)wt happend princess
S-i think smething went to my eye
A-let me c.(he started to blow air in swaras eye bt if anybody c tat at frm back to u wil mu them same hapnd with sanskar s he cme there axact same time when ansh started blow air)
San(shouts at peak)-swaransh
S-(shockd at his anger)sanskar wt happend? Y r u so much angry?
San(sarcastically laugh) oh so mis swara gadodia i m so sory i came at wrong timing u both continue wit ur kiss.
S(shocked nd hurt)sanskar

A-dude its ńt like u r thinking we can explain
San(intereptd)oh bf to ayega hi to protect his princess(trow d envelope) ab v kuch kahna hai?(shouts)
Swara opend tat nd shock(env has pic of swaransh 2 closeness)
S-(crying)sanskar it is a lie u trush me na? Its not me
San(painly)-stil lying na? Y swara y did u do dis wit me
S(tried to hold his hand)sanskar trust me we r oly frnds.
San jerked her hand slapped her hard-i dont ms sg u lost it.

Laksh frm behind shouts-sanky how dare u to slap her?
San-lucky she betrayed me nd u r asking me?
L-i knw her wel ms sanskar maheshwari it was my mistake jo tumhe uske life me ane dia just get lost from her.
San-u wil repend
Swara al dis while just luking at scene holding her cheek wit shock nd pain

In mm
Sankar’s room.
Sanky was holding swara’s pic-y did u do dis to me? Kya kami rah gai ti mere pyar me? I wil never forgive u swara never i hate u(throw d photo)

In gm
Swara’s room
S-(holding sanskar’s pic)ku sanskar ku u love me na? To kya us pyar me trust nai ta? Y u didn’t trust me(wiping her tear)i hate u sanskar (cried).

In singania mansion
Ansh’s room
Ansh was sitting in floor crying just then a girl came nd hugged him.
A-(stil hugging her)its all my fault muje princess door rahna chaiye ta. If i know sanskar dont like our frndship then i would hav leave her atleast my princes would b happy(cried bitterly while girl caresing his hair)

In dark room
Voice-(laughing)my plan worked that unlucky girl seperated frm sanskar nd no one wil cme 2 knw tat it was my plan

Night was dark bt sun must rise na? Bt dis mrng not at all good to swasan

Next day
Swasan just got ready like robot they had no life
Sanskar again turned out to his old arrogant form
San(shouts) where is my coffee?(sevant gave it san sipd nd trow tat)
San-(shouting nd angry)is it a coffee to much sweet u r faired.(just then he heard his name sme 1 is shoting is name frm hall)
In mm hall.
Girl cme shouting.
Girl-mr sanskar maheshwari where r u come down.(sanky cme)
[1/19, 2:12 PM] neha: San(angry)who r u nd hw dare u shouting my name(at tat time al memberz gatherd in hall)
G-dare?(cross her hands against her chest) mere bas chale to i would kil u for hurting my life nd friend.
San-ur life who?.
G-ansh nd my frnd swara
Kavita-oh to u r tat cheapo’s frnd ha?

G(glared her)don’t say anything agaist them or
K-or what sach kadva laga? They r charecterless nd who r u let me think kai tum v uske gf to (couldn’t completed)
G(slaped her hard tat she fel on floor)(wit blood shot eye)-don’t u dare kya janti ho tum undono k bare me ha nd wt u asked who i m then listen(shouts)i m AVNI ANSH SINGANIA, ANSH SINGANIA’S WIFE(al were shocked nd sanskar was beyond shock he could’nt trust wt he heart)

San(chocked voice)-wt u said wife?
Avni-s wife(throwd a envelope on his face)and dis is d truth of that pic tat pic was edited nd put swaransh face nd abt wt u saw in gm then listen ansh was blowing air in swara’s eye bcoz smething went on her eye nd u mu her.
(sanskar was shocked nd guilty avni continued)u knw mr maheshwari ansh loves me a lot he gave me a new life when i was abt to die, he always says tat i m his heart beat bt swara she is his heart our dil na ho to dhadkan ka kya karenge? If he cal me 10 time per a day he wil take swara’s name 100 time in tat. Bt i m not hurt muje bura nai lagta u knw y? Bcoz i love his smile his happiness jo swara me basti hai she is my ansh’s 1st priority than me bt i m happy wit tat. Agar apko un dono ka frndship pasnd nai ta to bol dete ansh kud dur chala jata. Bt u… Aj mera ansh apne ap ko tum dono ka dur hone ka vajah man raha hai apki wajah se wo dono jinhe me hamesha kush dekti ti udas hai ro rahe hai and its oly becoz of u. If u don’t had trust in ansh 5n bt kya apko apne pyar par v trust nai ta? To wo kaisa pyar ta? U knw wat u don’t deserve my swara. Me mostly out of city rahti hu mere kam k vajah se bt i hav trust in my ansh nd more than him i hav trust on swara.(turned to leave)agar nxt time apme se koi un dono k frndship me ungl utai to wo ungli tod dungi me. I wil never let brake swaransh frndship(left frm there)
Sanskar left for his room life lessly
In sankar’s room
Sanskar sat down in floor wit thud tears were flowing frm his eye he was c ing his hand frm which he slapped his swara, his jaan.
San(to himself) wt hav i done? Me aise soch v kaise sakta hu ki my ms pagal wil cheat me? How sanskar maheshwari how(laughd at him)luk u r a winner in professional life na bt u r a looser in ur lov life. Jisne tuje nai zindagi di usi pe shaq kia (banged his hand in nearly glass table breaking tat glas into pieces blood started cming frm his hand)isi hath se slapd her na?(he again hurted his hand by clutching glas piece in his palm)

Rag-bhai(cme to him nd hold his hand)bhai leave tat gp (san ignored nd tighten the grip)bhai i said leave it khoon bah raha hai
San-(emotionlessly)et it flow rago dis hand deserve it. Mene isi hath se us pe tappad mara ta.
R-bhai u cnt punish urself tat ryt oly has swara bcoz u hurted her plz bhai leave it let me bandage ur wound.

San-our jo dard (point towards his heart)yaha ho raha hai uska kya?
R-u r d oly reason for that pain bhai, go nd say sorry to swara manaiye use
San-she won’t
R-i knw tat not easy bt i knw my bhai(teary eye) i want my bhabi bhai plz for me for u for swara, she is in pain nd
San-i oly give her pain nd i oly heal it wit my love. I wil apologise her(he left to gm)

Precap-mission swara manao??

Hai all how r u? Its 12th epi only 8 part left. Hav a gud day

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