Love changes life(part 10)

[1/18, 12:22 PM] neha: Love changes life(chap 10)

San was broken to lïsten their talk nd left from there
San’s in room
San-y god y?dont i have d ryt to get love? Am i tat much bad? 1st kumud nw swara y(shouts) agar use mujse chin na hi ta to ku milaya? Is dil me us ke liye pyar ku jagaya?wo dil jo pathar ban gaya ta. Swara to meri hai hi nai wo to ansh ki hai they r gng to get engage she is getting happiness, getting her love i should b happy for her bt is dil ka kya karu 2day oly i realise my lov for her (smiles painfuly)nd 2day oly i lost my lov again(???)may b i dnt deserve lov. (cries bitterly) i cnt bear dis pain i just want to die ????

Here in mall.
S-i m happy for engagement me kab se is din ka wait kar rahi ti(exited) me apne hato se apne bhaiyu ko ready karungi. Unke sherwani ko me kud design karungi. Yippie i m so exited for bhaiyu’s engagement
A-ha princess me 2 happy
S-bf where is mr kadus? I cld him bt he is not recieving my cal. Bf u stay here nd find d gift i wil check where is mr kadus(in mind)y i m feeling restlesness kai mr kadus ko no aisa kuch nai hai avi check karleti hu.

Here san was continously cutting d cal. Sry swara bt i hav 2 ignore u i cnt c u becoming smebody else(he heard d knock at door)here outside d door swara was knocking
S-mr kadus open d door kadus
San-(in mind)swara wt she dng here?(to her)swara leave me alone i m busy
S-(shock bcoz san never cld her by name) mr kadus r u all ryt y r u caling me by my name?plz open d door na plz(frm nw swara was unknowingly crying) plz open d door na plz
San heard sobing sound
San(in mind)is she crying oh god(he wash his face nd wear hïs sun glasses so tat she dnt cme to knw tat he was crying nd opend d door)
San-swara y r u crying? (wipd her tears) shh wt happend did any body said smething to u?
S-(innocently)mene kuch galat kiya kya(san confuse) then y r u calling me swara?(san melted to c swara lyk tat)
San-(in mind)i cnt hurt her i just want her happiness chahe for tat i hav to kil me(to swara)its nt like tat i was not feeling good so

S(concernd)wt (check forhead)fever to nai hai. Did u ate ur breakfast?(san noded no)(scolding tone) lo tat d prblm mr kadus hw could u so careless? if u nt eat ur meal then how wil u get strenght?chalo cme u hav ur bf then u should cme wit me to shopping i need ur help. Cme(she dregd him)
In mall after san’s bf
A-i was waiting for u guys itne der koi lagata hai kya?
S-sme 1 didnt had his meal til nw(glaring san ansh chakkled)chalo lets buy sme gift for bride’s family(to san)ops i forgot to tel tat(interreptd by san)
San-i knw congrats (swara confusd)oh i heard ur nd ansh’s talk(swara?)wo meeting ta so i could nt meet u.
S-hmm k
A-sanskar agar tere bahen ki shadi tm kya gift expect karoge
San-kuch nai bas wo insan meri behen ko kush rake
A-wo to karunga stil
S-k then lets leave(here san was hardly trying to control his emotions)

After shopping trio were resting in swar’s room.
A-me avi ata hu
S-(hold his hand san eye filld wit water)where?
A(observd san nd smild)i wil cme princess(patted her cheek glaring san)
S-k cme soon(he left)(to san)oh god mr kadus tere liye sherwani lena to bhul hi gai??no worry i wil design it.
San-no need wo i cnt cme so
S-y u r nt cming to engagemen. No u r cming warna engagement nai hone dungi. Are aao na me aise dres design karungi wo dres me dek kar har ladki teri diwani ho jayegi. Waise u r handsome koi v tere hojayegi
San(pain smild)really? (in mind)par wo koi tm nai hogi.
$-ha bas uske anke karab hona chaiye. (saw san sad face)k baba sry(hold her ears)bt i said truth anybody can fal for u,u r so caring lovly
San-aisi bat hai to sab muje chod k ku chale jate hai.
S-bcoz they r idiots bt u dnt worry i wil never leave u i wil glue to u like favicol????
San-bt after ur engagemen u wil leave me na? I mean u wil get busy.

[1/18, 12:22 PM] neha: A(just entering)-princess tumne sagai karli nd muje bataya vi nai very bad(making face)
S(rolling her eye) muje v avi pta chala meri sagai ho rha hai without my knowledge great.
A-wahi to me sochu who is tat unlucky boy to get ready to suicide by marrying a chudail
S(angry)-did u tel me chudail(ansh nobd)u danav, monkey donkey.(to san)mr kadus do u also think tat marrying me is dng suicide
A-are wo bechara kya bolega he also think same (to san) tel her dude
S-mr kadus tel him tat u r wid me
A-boys oly support boy my innocent princess
S-bt he is my frnd na he should support me.
San-(just fed up by them busted out) shut up u both. I was tlking abt u oly u both r gng to engage na nd behaving lyk u dnt knw.

Swaransh saw eo nd then at sanskar wit shock-wt d hell u r taĺking abt
S-me is danav se shadi no way??
A-oh hello u r telling like i m dying to marry u(to san)hw u becme bussiness tycoon hw cn u think tat i wil marry dis chudail ha???
San-(confused nd shock)oh i heard ur talking in mall so
S(hitted her forhead) oh ho kadus we were talking abt my bhaiyu’s sagai. Its îs sagai
San(embaressed) oh i sorry
(swaransh laughd???)guys dnt laugh u guys r so close mr pagal cl u as bf so(scrachd his head)
S-bf means best frnd so wat we r close a? We r childhood frnds nd we knw eo very well?? k forget it i m tired nw i m gng to take rest bye(she left).
A-sanky u love princess na?
San(shoked wit sudden que) oh me (take a deep breath)ya i lov her a lot she is my life ansh i knw u r protective towards her bt i promise i wil keep ur princess always happy i never let tears in her eyes she wil b my queen.
A(smiled happy teary eyed) i m happy sanskar i m happy tat my princess got what she deserve in her life. And i knw u r perfect for her. Bt propose her soon we r leaving kal oly for india
San-wt then i m confess 2day oly tq ansh(hugged him)ansh left(san cld sme1 nd said smething)i want it to b ready at evng

At evng
San(cald swara)ms pagal i want to meet u plz cme 2 xyz place
S-y mr kadus anything serious
San-i want u 2 meet any1 smeone spcl to me
S(felt pain in her heart)ok

At xyz place
Swara was wearing beautiful red gown with matching jewelry minimum make up open hair san saw her nd his heart skippd a beat she was luking lyk angel
San was waiting there he was wearing white shirt wit white coat white pant luking breath taking, swara saw him nd smiled
S-mr kadus wit whom u want 2 meet me? Where is she?
San-are ms pagal avi ayi ho nd nw oly u want to meet her hmm k(he covered her eye wit red cloth)took her to a pond nd opend her eye she saw her reflection in water nd when she raised her head nd wt she saw tat was shock to her
There was decoration of beautifully written i love u ms pagal written wit lightings, rose patels nd heart shape ballonns al over d water.
San(kneeling down infornt of swara) ms pagal when i met u 1st time i thought u r iřritating then i hurted u ur challenge after our friendship i saw ur many shades kiddish smetym matured a great prankster caring 2. I was lost hope in my life u became my hope, i was in darkness u became my light,there was no reason for my happiness u becme my happiness,my life was colourless u filled my life wit color wit ur presence, muje fir se jina sikaya,hasna sikaya,dil ko fir dhadakna sikaya. I LOVE U MS PAGAL. I LOVE U MADLY, TRUELY, TO D CORE OF MY HEART WIL U GIVE ME THE PLEASURE TO BECOME UR SANSKAR?
Swara(shocked to d core)(shouts) no never i though u as my frnd bt u i m sorry mr ka no mr sanskar maheshwari

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