Love changes life (part 7)

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[1/18, 12:17 PM] neha: Love changes life(chap 7)

All r in fantacy world. All r so exited accept sanskar.
SM(in mind)-are y they brough me here? They r behaving like kids oh god me kaha fas gaya? Just ye 24hrs cut jaye.
S-wt r u thinking Mr.kadus? Kai bhagne k bare m to ni soch rhe(raising her eye)
SM-i m nt a coward to run ms.pagal(smirk)(cme close to her)just wait nd watch at d end of 24hrs u oly tel tat i m forgiven.

S-lets c mr. (point finger towards him) and hw dare u to cl me pagal do i luk like mad to u?
SM- no u dnt luk lyk pagal(swara smiles)bt behave like pagal(swara widend her eye)
S(in mind) u cl me pagal na now c wat wil dis pagal do wit u(smirk) u r going to face d hell mr kadus i wil not spare u. (to ansh) bf cn we just sit in ride i m so exited. I want to sit in roller coster ride
A-of course my princess (to ishveer)guys lets go
S(to ishveer)hello tm dono nai. U guys go nd enjoy
Ish-bt shona hw could we go leaving u wit dis dracula(seeing towards sanskar)
Sanskar was like???
S-haha dnt worry ish u go nd enjoy bf hai na mere sath nd u knw wo muje kavi kuch ni hone dega(holding his hand)
A-s guys u go nd enjoy ur lovy dovy moments winks at them
Ishveer-k bye meet u at evng here oly
Swaransh tata

Swasan nd ansh went to sit in ridings nd always ansh take swara in arms nd made her sit in ridings nd always sanskar felt uncomfortable watching them so close. After ridings
Ansh-princess u both sit her i wil bring ur fav ice cream(to sm) which flavour u want mr?
SM-strawberry(ansh abt to go bt swara stopd him)
S-bf ruko i wil go nd bring ice cream it wil b my treat.afteral mr kadus is here in my insistance so i wil
A-bt princess i(interupted by swara)
S-plz bf i wil buy na plz(pleading trough eye)
A(defeated) 5n bt cme soon.
S-k (she left)

SM(in mind)wt ye akeli ja rhi hai it wil b dangerous ye ms pagal na uff
In ice cream parlour swara bought ice cream and took chilly pouder frm her bag mix it wit sanky’s ice cream.
S-haha mr kadus ab dekti hu tm kaise 24 hr tk rahte ho me tumhe itna tang karungi tum kud bhag jaoge(evily smirk)back to sanansh

S-guys ur ice cream (gave both nd startd to eat her icecream lyk a kid,sanskar unkowningly admired her)
San was eating his icecream very calmly lyk tat
S(in mind)he is eating his icecream lyk he is enjoying ? bt hw could b he is human or alien(widend her eye)(to SM) mr.kadus hw is ice crem i think u lykd it a lot?
SM-s mis pagal its tasty?? i think i cn eat another 1??(.ph ring) oh excuse me(he lft)
S- ahh my plan flopd
A-princes kya hua?
S(told him evrythng)ahh bf wo insan ni alien h u knw wo powder kitna tika h u just cant imagine nd he ate it like there is nothing. Par koi nai avi b rat tk ka tym hai i wil not let him to win(determined)
Here sm was drinking water 1,2,3 bottle bt stil its tika??.ye ladki kya h oh god avi b muh jal raha hai. Tum jo v kar lo i wil get ur forgiveness(determined) (both r ziddi lets c who wil win???)
S-bf ab kaha jaye? Hmm ha lets go for movie no disney world chalte h(exited nd san heard it(in mind) is she a kid to go disney world oh god.(to swaransh) i m cming u guys go i m nt a kid lyk u
S-who is asking ur permission may b u forget in next 24hrs u have to obay me or follow me.
SM-5n (angry glare)
A-princess dw kal chalenge its far frm here hm lets go for shopping wo i hav to buy smething(swara understud) plz
S-k bf lets go bt i m not going to help u(glard him) u oly help urself.
A(gave her puppy face to cnvince bt nt workd) k fine.

Xyz mall
Trio reached ansh go smewhere to buy swasan were alone
S-(saw teddy bear shop) wow teddies she left to shop
SM-ms pagal where r u going? (she just ignored) oh god (he went behind her)
Here swara’s eyes were sparking watching teddies. (to salesman) i want tat pink one, tat big teddy nd ha tat brown one 2
SM-(irritated face) r u going to purchase whole shop.
S-do u have any problem? Don’t worry i wont say to pay the bil i myself capable to buy whole mal 2. Ab sb pack le lo
SM(sm widend his eye)-what me? R u mad i m sanskar maheshwari and u r telling me to hold ur so called dolls?
S-do u hav any short term memory pblm qu hamesh chalenge k bare bhul jate ho?
[1/18, 12:17 PM] neha: SM-(take a deep breath) 5n nd sare bags uta lia(making irritated nd funny face)

S(giggled luking at his state nd wit attitude) follow me mr kadus oops mr. The great sanskar maheshwari
SM-(in mind) ek bar sham ho jaye then i wil show u madam nd followd her
Swara stopped at clips shop (to salesman) wow i want tat barbie clips, nd cindrella printed hairbands
SM- u r a kid really barbie clips swara?
S-(innocently) i there any rules tat oly kid can buy dis typ of clips(blinks her eye)(sanky was??) and i knw tat i cnt put them bt mere or bf k bache to pahan sakte h na?
SM(in mind)-she frm nw planning abt kids? Bt how could she? Y i m getting uncomfortable(he felt unknown pain in his heart) to swara) shal v leave nw
S-sure bt i want u to take a selfie(smile) luk there at infront of ladies washroom go go fast.
SM(super shock) u proved tat u r mad bt i wil b nt anything lyk tat understood?
S-oh so sm scared ha? Then accept ur defeat.
SM-me kavi ni harta bt tat is rediculous
S-may b or may b not bt u hav 2 or tata(she started to leave)
SM-5n i wil(fully irritated nd murmuring) aj to meri ïzzat ki band bajegi.

In front of washroom
Sanskar took a selfie bt a lady just tat tym came out frm washrum nd mu him nd did a big drama people gatherd.
SM- madam u mu me its nt lyk tat u r thinking
Lady-oh chore tu mare ko ye bata raha h ki ma galat hu (to people) deko ye kya waqt a gya hai ye ladka mara photo kich k kah raha hai me galat hu
People-cl police, we wil teach him a lesson.
SM(in mind) bag sanskar warna hospital pahunch jayega(he just ran frm there nd came to swara people were searching him)
S-cme waha chupo jaldi (showd a box nd san did as swara said after a while all left nd swasan cme out of mall where swara was laughing holding her stomach)
S-haha sanskar tat was fun hahaha u were luking so funny haha(sanskar was mesmerised to watch swara).

Precap-swasan frndship love realisation bt who?

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