Love changes life (part 6)

[1/18, 12:16 PM] neha: Love changes life(chapter 6)

Mrng sun’s 1st ray fall on swara disturbing her beauty sleep. She woke up nd rememberd sterdays incident. Swara to herself-i wil never forgive u sm i wil never c ur face.??? swara kisi sm ko ni janti(she got ready)
A-princess got ready (saw her she was wearing yellow top jeans wit loose hair) wow yar u r luking so cute my kiddo(puls her cheek)
S-(rubbing her cheek) aah bf its paining nd i m nt kiddo dnt say tat(pouting)
A-k dnt make faces cme lets go i m starving. Swara smiled nd they left.
In restraurant ishveer already there nd orderd bf for all nd swaransh joined them.
Swaransh-gud mrng(side hug)
Ishveer-gm cme have bf.
All started. Swara(eating)then wts 2day’s plan?
Ish-lets go for shopping.
RV-nt again ish sterday oly u shoppd whole mall.
A-ha lets go for
(at tat time 1 cute girl came and gave orchid to swara wit card)S-wow tq baby(packs her cheek) who gave (befor cmplet her sentence kid ran away)
A-who send it (teases)princess kai koi boy frnd to ni h na? (dramatically)oh god how could u cheat me? Tumne to mera dil tod diya?

Ishvee-shona ansh k sat tumne galat kiya (to ansh) ansh sambalo kudko.
S-(roling her eye) guys stop ur drama nd abt flower how do i knw? Bt jo v ho i just loved it my fav orchid nd opened d card there was written I.(at tat tym other kid cme and gave choclate box wit card nd ran away)
S-are stop tel who gave it (bt after cing choclate her eyes brimd wit happiness)bt guys luk at dis there is all my fav choco. Bt who wil snd it? C d card there was written am.
Again a kid cme nd gave her fav choco icecream wit card in tat written as big SORRY. sorry who want to say sry to me?
After sme time again a kid came nd gave a cute teddy wit card nd ran away in tat card was writtn as SM.(smiling face of swara faded away)her eye spotted sanskar he was starding supporting a wall wearing black pant black shirt black blazer luking breath taking????he cme towards her. -so apology accepted?
A-no not at all mr maheshwari.
SM-i m asking wit swara who r u to intefere?
A-its none of ur busines to knw who i m to her. Bt it my business tat jo use hurt kare uske door raku. And u r hurtd her. She is my princess if u again try to hurt her den u should face me.
SM-r u warning me? Then(cuttd by ansh)
A-oh plz dnt think tat i wil get afraid of u if u r business tycoon then me also big industrialish ansh singania so stay away frm her frm us.

S-bf cool down dnt get hyper becoz of him. (to sm)and abt ur gift just a second
She smirkd and called kid and gave all choco,icecream nd teddy nd throw the flower to destbin.sanskar shocks swara rockd
Sanky- u shoul b happy that sanskar maheshwari is himself seeking forgiveness (poor boy dnt knw to ask sry????) u r 1st person wit whom i m telling sry.
S-are u asking or deciding tat i should forgive u?and abt happiness u would b happy to hear tat u r 1st and last person in whole world jiska face me dekna ni chati so just leave frm here. Or if u r thinking tat u send me dis gift nd lyk other girls who drol over u nd accept then u r highly mistaken MR.SM. i m swara me kisise naraj ni hoti agar ho jau to maaf ni karti(pointing finger towards him)do u got it?
SM- u r showing ur attitude ha. Hmm i like it?? bt i wil seek sry frm u tats my promise.
S-oh realy 5n then i have a challenge if u cmpletd it then i wil surely forgive u
A-princes wt r u saying
S-bf let me talk na plz(blinkd her eyes) sanskar unknowingly admired her kidishish behaviour.
S-so u should b wit us 24 hrs u should do watever i say in 24hrs den i wil surely forgive u so wt say?(in mind)nw see u shouted at me na u wil pay for tat(smirkd evily)so wt is ur decision or should i say tat u get scare????.(ansh nd ishveer luk at eo lyk they knw abt upcming storm in sanky’s lyf in 24hrs)
SM- i dnt get scared of anything mis pagal(swara shokd) challenge accepted.
S-5n ur time start nw. So go and change then cme wit us wil wait u in parking(to her frnds)lets leave guys.
SM-hello wts wrng in dis dress?

S-everything is wrong.u r cming wit me. With famous fashion designer nd luk at ur dress (making funny faces) so boring, nd colourless nd black i hate black. U r luking fuly blacky blacky??? wt wil people think abt me??? go nd change or mafi bhul jao nd abt challenge accept ur defeat(raising eye) nd ha wear smething colourful nd jeans,t-shirt, typ k go fast (she pushing him) cme soon(SM lft without no option)
[1/18, 12:16 PM] neha: After smetime at parking area all r seatd in car waiting for sanskar.
S-where is he changing dress or designing dress or wt to take dis much tym itna tym to ish v ni leti.
Ish glared at her-wt do u mean tat i take tym to get ready.?
S-luk u only told us(all giggled)to rv) u have tough tym dude i suggest after marriage if u both have to go anywhere tel her befor day so tat she get ready.
R-sure my highness i wil keep it my mind poor me na(sad face) i hav to get torture after marriage.
Ish-u both?? (to swara)i wil nt talk to u(to rv)tmhe to badme dek lungi?????)
RV-??????? all expressions at once
At tat tym sm came and swaransh,ishveer was shockd??? luking him lyk tat he was wearing with t-shirt with red jacket nd jeans
SM(smirkd) so mis sg nw wt do u think abt me a?
All came to sence
S-nt bad u r dashing nd handsome(wink at him)(to ansh)bf lets leave.
SM-(in mind)y she cl him bf means boy frnd?? y i getting effct to tat.

Precap- u tell wt do u want. How swara should irritate him in 24hrs? Plz ans.

Hai am so happy c ing cments nd lyks tq tq. Its my 1st ss. If there is any mystake then i m sorry. Keep comenting

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    It’s amazing and Swara should say 4andpm stuff to Sanskaar so he brings for her

  3. She should make him do all crazy stuffs
    he should go mad
    hehe bt by the end of the day he should enjoy

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    so funny….. update soon….

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