Your love changed Me ( swasan ss) Part 6

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Hii, thanks for your response.
6 hours passed still there were no news of him. With passing seconds her hope of finding him is also becoming weak.
Somehow she gather courage and started to look for him.
At other side,He still sleeping there and murmuring only ‘doll’.

His sleep disturb by feeling someone touch on his body.
“ doll you came here, you know I was missing you badly. Pls don’t scold me I will never do same mistake.”
He fully opened his eyes and realizes she is no where to be seen.
His eyes again become teary.
Someone came upon him and started to lick over his hand.
“ why you’re here, don’t you have home like me.”
He giggle little and hold that puppy in his hands.
“ you know I have small house but I can’t go there”
Puppy looked toward him.
“ ohh you want to know why?”

The puppy nodded in yes.
“ everyone are saying I am spoiling my doll life. Do you also think same?”
Puppy nodded in no.
“ then why he told it, you know I love my doll very much.”
Tears Started from his eyes.
Puppy wipes his tears from his palm
“ you also don’t like seeing me crying.”
Again puppy shake his head in positive manner.
“Okay I will not cry. Frnds”
Puppy nodded in yes.

“ my self sanskar and you”
Puppy looks other side.
“ you don’t know your name, don’t worry I will give you a name. “
He started to think name for him meanwhile puppy started to lick his face.
“ hmm I get it , I will call you Bruno. You like it na”

Bruno shake his tail in happily manner.
“ okay Bruno now you go”
He stood up for going from there but Bruno stop him by holding his paint.
He kneel down.
“ what happen? You also want to come with me?

Bruno nodded in yes.
He kneel down and take him in his hands.
“ but where you will live. I don’t have any home. If my doll was here she surely take you with her. You know she always help me. I am missing her”
Again tears formed in his eyes.
She madly searching him at every possible place. By passing minutes her hope is also disappearing but remembering their sweets moments. She again gather courage and started to search for him.’

Swara’s pov
“where are you sanskar? Plz come back your doll will die without you. Why don’t you understand I don’t have anyone in this world expect you. Pls god help me in finding him. I will die if anything happen with him.”
She collapsed on ground and started cry bitterly.
Many people gathers around seeing her condition. An old lady came near her and caresses her hair.
“ what happen , are you okay na?”
She lift her head.
“ Nothing aunty, I just…”
She interrupt her and said “ I know must be you have fight with him na. And he is angry with you. This is your generation prblm. You easily loose hope and started to cry on your fate”
She look into her eyes.
Lady” my child don’t loose hope and go win your battle”
Swara” thanks aunty now I will find him at any cost”

Lady” don’t waste your time , go and make everything fine”
She nodded in yes and started to find him again with new hope.

At other side, He again tried to stand up but Bruno jump over him.
“ arre what are you doing”
Bruno started to lick his face.
“ okay okay I will take you but where we will go?”
Both started to think deeply.
Someone came from behind and says.

“ So you’re here”
Sanskar turned behind and found swara standing there angrily. Her eyes were red due to continuous crying. She angrily looked toward him.
Sanskar stood up taking Bruno in his hands.
“ what are you doing here? You have any idea how much I was tensed”
He looked down and says
“ doll…”
She” don’t speak anything, what you think of yourself. Are you superhero? “
She took Bruno from his hand. And began to go from there.
Sanskar still not even move little from his place.

She turned back and went near him.
“ do you want any invitation? Just follow me “
He don’t react anything and keep standing there itself. She angrily held his finger.
She “ come with me or result will be bad for you”
He remove her hand and said“ nope, I will not come. If you want to beat me you can but I will not spoil your life anymore. I know everything I am spoiling your life na. I very bad boy.”
She emotionally looked toward him and cupped his cheeks.
“ Who told you it?”

He replied “ I heard kabir was saying it”
She says” and you believe it. You know you’re selfish. Why you don’t think about me. How your doll will live without her sanskar. You know your doll love you so much but still you want to leave me”
He” but how I am selfish I think about you na. You always says na we should think about our frnds betterment …”
She interrupt him and says” my betterment is only living with my sanskar”
Bruno barked between to get their attention.
She kiss him and says” with you also”

He “ but your life”
She” you are only my life, now no more question or else I will go leave you here only then darkness will come and…”
He” and he will eat me hai na”
She smilingly nodded in yes.

He” I am sry, I promise I will never leave you. ”
She”good or else I will tie you in chain”
Bruno again barked.
She “ see your new frnd is also agreeing with me. Don’t you introduce me with him.”
He passes giggle and took Bruno from her hand.
“ Bruno she is my doll and my wife. And doll he is Bruno. You know he is very stubborn like you.”
It was first he have use ‘ wife’. Listening this she looked into his eyes.

He become confuse by her reaction and says“what happen? Did I say something wrong ? You’re my wife na”
She “ nothing, you’re are right. I am your wife. Now come with me. You must be hungry”
Bruno again barked to seek their attention.
Sanskar “ you are also hungry. Don’t worry my doll will give you tasty dishes”
Swara” okay I with make food for both of you not w come fast.”
He nodded in yes and trio leave that place

Trio reaches home, after freshening up she started to prepare lunch and he started to play with Bruno.
Days were happily passing for them.
One fine day, Swara coming down from stairs but unfortunately her foot slipped. She roll down ,blood started to come from her head.
At otherside, sanskar was sleeping in his room.
His sleep disturb by Bruno’s bark.Sanskar” arre now what you want”
He started to bark loudly.

Sanskar “ what happen, do you need anything? “
Bruno nodded in yes.
Sanskar” then ask from doll na. She will give you, don’t disturb me”
He Again tried to lie down but bruno held his trouser.
Sanskar“ ohh do you wanna show me something”
Bruno nodded in yes.

Sanskar“ okay I am coming. Day by day you’re becoming more naughty. Always you want something”
Both reaches downstairs, sanskar become shocked + panic seeing swara lying there unconscious.
Sanskar“ doll what happen, plz open your eyes na. “
Seeing not any response he started to cry.
Sanskar“ Bruno see na she is not responding me”
Bruno too express his sadness by licking face.His eyes also turned moist seeing her not reacting anything.
Sanskar again started to wake her but not again he didn’t get any response from her.
Sanskar “ Bruno now what will we do, she is not saying thing na”
Suddenly something get into his mind and stood from there.
He“ Bruno I am coming in two minutes till I not come, don’t go from here “
He came there after some second.
He“ Bruno I will call bro, he told me if ever I need any help I should call him.”
Bruno nodded in yes.

Sanskar inform laksh about swara’s condition and started to sob badly.
Laksh” bro don’t panic I am coming “
Sanskar “ bro she will not leave me na. I saw in TV ,if people not open eyes na that means they leave us. She is also not opening eyes.”
Laksh” never, she love you so much and you too love her. Do one thing sprinkle some water on her.”
Sanskar” yeah I love my doll, you come fast she is not opening eyes.”
Laksh cuts the call, sanskar take water bottle and started to sprinkle on her.
She slowly open her eyes and smiled little.

“ doll you wake up”
By mean time, laksh also reaches there with doctor.
Swara” Laksh you here”
Sanskar” I called him, you are not opening eyes na”
Laksh “ you both talk later first let doctor examine her”

Sanskar nodded in yes and move aside.
Doctor “ don’t worry Mr laksh she is fine. There are some minor injuries that’s why she fainted. I recommending you some medicines give it her at proper time”
Sanskar” yup I will give her medicine like she used to do. Now you will understand my condition”
Swara” oh so you want revenge “

He nodded in yes.
Swara” kk you only give that medicines now happy “
He happily nodded in yes.
Sanskar” bro you can go, I will take care of her.”
Laksh “ ohh so now you don’t need your bro.”
Sanskar “ hmm, I will only take care of my doll like she used to do”
Laksh” but you took care of me, bad”

Swara” laksh don’t pull his legs by the way how should you get the idea of calling him and you were sleeping in room na”
He take Bruno and kissed all over his face. Respond of him Bruno also lick his face.
He” Bruno take me here and bro told me once if I need any help I should call him.”
She take Bruno and thanks him.
Bruno jump from her lap and started to play with sanskar. Both started to chase each other.
Laksh become happy seeing changes in his brother.

Laksh “ seriously swara , you changed him so much. I can’t just explain how much I am happy seeing him like it”
Swara” nothing like that laksh, I just doing my duty. Now hope he fully become fine”
Laksh “ From it I remember something, before some days I met some doctor regarding his case and he said he want to examine him once

Swara” then what is problem “
Laksh” I just don’t give you any false hope. That’s why I don’t told you “
Swara” I want to meet that doctor “

Laksh” but nothing is sure”
Swara” still I don’t want to loose this chance”
He nodded in yes and went from there.
After some days swara met that doctor, he took some xrays of sanskar’s brain.
After one week, swara was very nervous because today was that day when sanskar’s report about to come.
She nervously roaming in hospital lobby for his reports.

Soon doctor call her inside.
Doctor” pls sit Mrs maheswari “
Swara “ thanks but pls tell me about report. It is possible to cure him na”
Doctor” yes its …..”
Swara “ thanks doctor you don’t know what you give me today….”
Doctor “ Mrs maheswari pls let me complete”
She nodded in yes.

Doctor “ yes there is chance but…”
Swara” but what doctor , you don’t worry about money. I just want best treatment for him.”
Doctor” Mrs maheswari first listen me properly “
She nodded in yes.
Doctor “ its not about money, there is some complications. His nerve is pressed down that’s why his growth is stopped. Where is his family? I want meet them also”
Swara’s eyes turned moist on listening ‘ family’ word.
Swara” you can tell me, he don’t have anyone expect me and his brother “
Doctor “ okay now listen with patience “
Swara nodded in yes.

Doctor “ there is only 20% chances of being his improvement “
Swara” what do you mean by only 20%?”
Doctor “ I mean if operations will not successful he may slip in coma or may be he again become mad. There is great chances of his death also. You have to take this decision.”
Swara face turned emotionless.
Swara“ I want time”
Doctor “sure”
She began to go from there but stop hearing something.

“ miracle happens, his condition is proof of it. Your care already give him new life. Now remaining work will do this operation. I will tell you take risk or your choice
Swara” thanks doctor, I will tell you my decision as soon as possible “.
Doctor “ Take your own time and try to contact from his family. This type of patients also need love and care. You better know it”
Swara” I will”
She went from there and started to think about doctor’s words.
Her trances broken by feeling some touch. She wipes her tears and turn other side.
Swara” what happen, do you need anything? “

Sanskar” no I was missing you. You’re looking sad, is doctor give you injection? “
Swara”nope, I was also missing always busy in playing with Bruno.”
He hold his ear and says “ sry”
He” I will also play with you, now happy na. Don’t be sad I don’t like when you used to become sad.”
Swara” okay okay now come with me we also have to go home. Today your bro is also coming “
Sanskar” really, it means bad aunty and my frnd also come”
Swara” sanskarrrr..”
He started to make faces and says” okk good aunty now happy “
She nodded in yes.

After reaching home, sanskar become busy with Bruno and Annie. Meanwhile swara told everything to raglak.
Laksh” Swara, whatever decision you will take I am with you”
Ragini” yes we are with you, did you think something?”
Swara” ragini I don’t know what should I do? I mean I have belief he will be alright after this operation but still I have some fear. I can’t take any risk. I am ready to accept him like he is but I don’t want to loose him. So I am…”
Ragini “ before taking any decision also think about him. Don’t you think he has right to live normal life like us”’

Swara” okay I will rethink but I want to meet his parents also”
Laksh “ it’s time wastes only, I know them they still care for their pride”
Swara” may be in this 8 years their thinking also change like ragini. See na how much she change now”
Ragini “ you’re right, time change everyone. You should meet them ….”
Laksh” but…”
Ragini “ listen me first, she will not go alone. We all will go with her. And also think na if we will live in main city then there will be good for his treatment. “

Precap: swara’s decision

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