Love which cannot be expressed… Ch 7 (Manmarziyan, Ishqbaaz, YRKKH, YHM)

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Hi guys my UT are over. Now I will try to update reguraly. This chapter is dedicated to Brin di who always supported me and encouraged me right from the start .Enjoying reading a very long chapter AND PLEASE DO COMMENT…
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Chapter- 7 Grand entry

Morning brought new hopes for everyone. Something would happen.

Singhania Mansion

7o clock

The alarm rang waking up Radhika. She stretched herself and realized she was in her room and someone was beside her.

Then Om suddenly got up saying,” Morning My Princess”.

” Good morning my dear Bhai” said Rads hugging Om.

Om,” Now its time to make an entry be strong Princess”.

Rads,”I know bhai I will try my best and we will meet Nelu Bhai direct in BS office”.

Om,”Ok, Princess lets get ready”.

Neil’s house

“Ok Angel I will be there at 9 along with you and remember media is waiting outside you house ok” said Neil.

Rads,” I will reveal my self in front of the world today and Aru is coming home today so bring Ru and Rafu for dinner along with you”.

Neil, ”Definitely meet you there”.

“Bye “ said Rads and she cut the line. “ TIME TO REVEAL MYSELF TO THE WORLD” said Rads and got ready.

After few hour


Sam is seen checking the papers and then Samart enters he carbin.

Samarat” All done and well Sam. I hope we don’t displease them”.

Sam,”Yes paa just checking last minute arrangements”.

” Ok be ready they will be here I half an hour” saying this Samart left her cabin.

While on the other hand Radhika and Omkara is showen stepping out of their mansion into the car ignoring the reporters questions and everything was being short on TV live on business channel. Arjun in BS is changing channels and just gets a glimpse of Om sitting in the car. Arjun then says they will be here in 5 minutes.

5 minutes later

Omkara steps out of the car and tell the bodyguards to wait at the reception.

“Come lets go Princess”, said Om and entered BS.

As soon as Om enters everyone stops their work and looks at him and rises from their chair.

Sam’s mind,” Oh! God he is sso handsome and hot but not like my idot. I feel I have seen him before”.

Just then Om calls out,”Radhika , where are you”.

Arjun Mind ”His sisters name is also Radhika. Why do I feel like this is my Radhika”.

Radhika,” Coming Bhai “.

Radhika walks behind Om earning a lot of mouth gapping’s from everyone.

The worst reaction was from Arjun who sceamed Radhika and came running to hug his life and wife . But to his bad luck Om and Neil stood in front of him and stopped him.

Om,” Where do you think your going”.

Arjun,” I…”.

Om,” For your information that is my sister Radhika Singhania. So please stay away from her otherwise it will be not so good for you “.

Then Arjun remembered his dream he got last night. There were many boys surrounding Radhika and were not allowing him to meet him. He tried a lot but he failed and Radhika stood smirking in the centre at his fate.

” Will you please excuse me Mr. Mehera “ said om shaing Arjun out of his dream world.

Arjun,” .”

Sam came and whispered ,” Chasni will be in front of us for this day and now we know to find her so we will meet her during luch break and apologise now let the deal get signed.
Please try to understand Arjun”. Said Sam dragging Arjun to the boardroom.

”This way Mr. OKS”said Samart guiding Mr Ok to the boardroom.

While passing Om saw Neil who was not called for the meeting.

Om,”Come on Neil.”

Neil,”Ok” and then he softly whispered Bhai thanks.

Om just smiled.


After half an hour of discussion they came to a point and were heading out. Then suddenly they all heard a voice shouting in happiness,” MUMMA”. They looked up and saw a 3 and a half year old girl coming towards Radhika and she happily with a glow on her face. Arjun was burning while rest of the office was shocked to know that Radhika has a daughter except Neil and Om.

Rads lifted her up and before she could say something she said,” Mumma I missed you sooo much. You did said you will come.”

(You guys may be thinking who is she . She is Ruhi. Radhika’s daughter)

Radhika,” Ruhhu how did you….”

Arjun Came an huffing.

Arjun,” Who are you little brat and why are you calling her your mumma”.

Ruhi said with attitude like Arjun,” Hey, Mr. Whoever you are I don’t care. What will you call your mother mumma only right then I am Ruhi and she is my mumma”.

Everyone was surprised by this 3 yr old talks.

Arjun,”Ok if she is your mumma then who is your dada”.

Just then a young man came there calling Ruhi.

Smilling Ruhi said,” And he is my dada “ pointing towards that man.

The man came near and said, How many times I told you not to leave me and run you know I was so tensed”.

Radhika said putting a hand on him and assuring him,” Its ok Aru. Bhai and I was here only”.

Oh the man is non other than Arun Singhania

And who are you said Arjun.

“Patience Mr. Mehera patience I am Arun Singhania Radhika’s ..” said Arun looking at radhika as it was difficult for him to introduce himself as Rads husband so Om continued.

” He is Radhika’s husband Mr. Mehera” said Om shocking Arjun to the core .

Arjun staged behind tears dropping from his eyes looking at Radhika whose head was bowed down.

Then Ruhi noticed Neil and again shouted

“Chachu” and ran to Neil he lifted her up and threw in the air catching a laughing giggling Ruhi again.

Rads unable to hold any more walked out

While Ruhi went behind her running calling” Mumma, Mumma wait”.

Arun,” Baby,baby “. Giving one irriated look to Arjun followed her

Om,” Princess, Princess” walked along with Arun who was joined by Neil who was calling Radhika Angel.


So to know more please read Love which cannot be expressed

Hope you loved it. I think this chapter is long enough and please do comment…

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  1. arti viswanathan

    Nikuds darling superb,excellent,outstanding,mind-blowing episode….. I loved it…. I liked aa the scenes… loads of love to u from me and teddy hug to u….will be waiting for next episode dear……

    1. Nikuds

      Thanks Arti I will next update as soon as I finish my chapter maybe in Feb or before cannot predict.

  2. Superb.. Loved it.. Waiting for next….

    1. Nikuds

      Thanks Saran will update as soon as I can.

  3. Brin

    Outstanding episode, what happen to Ardhika, how did they get separated, is Ruhi Arjun’s daughter, eagerly waiting for the answer, Nikuds you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. Nikuds

      It is all a mission for Radhika and Ruhi cannot be Arjun’s daughter as Radhika left him only 2 days back and Ruhi is 3 and a 1/2 year old but I made Ruhi’s character like Arjun because Ruhi has Arjun’s and Radhika’s chromosomes as Ruhi is related to Arjun even though he is not her father and that’s a secret. The relection between Arjun and Ruhi will be a secret. Thanks for commenting and voicing out your opinion.

  4. Amazing yaar. Waiting for next update.

    1. Nikuds

      Thanks Devika will try to update soon.

  5. Rossy

    Amazing nikuds…..ruhi??? Whose daughter is she??? Arun’s ? Why calling radz as her mumma???

    1. Nikuds

      Rossy Ruhi ‘s biological parents are a secret I will reveal everything one by one.

    1. Nikuds

      Thanks Aaushi.

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