Love: Can it overcome all hurdles? part 1

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Hey everyone, this is Zai, with another story. this one is a completely new one, not taken by any serial. i hope you will like it and support me just as you did for my last ones be it the OS or Twiraj story. So let’s begin with the story.

This is the character sketch:
Malhotra family:
Sanjana/Sanju: main lead, aged 20, studying in college, a cute girl, reserved and has a big secret as a dark past. There is one more thing which will be revealed later on.

Samar: Sanju’s little brother aged 9. He is a lively boy, very close to Sanju.

Sameer: Sanju and Samar’s dad, he is a business man and have to travel a lot due to his work. But he is close to his kids and they also love him a lot.
Right now they live in London but shifting to India due to Sameer’s work.

Thakur family:
Raj Thakur: a strict family man, he loves his wife a lot. But everyone is scared of him. He is very particular in his things. Father of Yuvi, Abhi and Avni.

Mahi Thakur: Raj’s wife, mother of Yuvi, Abhi, Avni. Calm by nature and very loving mother.

Abhi: elder son of Thakur family. He obeys his father a lot and respect him.

Sanya: Abhi’s wife and loved by everyone. She takes care of everyone. The perfect wife and Daughter in law.

Yuvi/ Yuvraj: main lead, aged 20, studying in college. A great flirt, he will flirt with every girl but would never play with their feelings. Quite spoilt. His relation with his dad is not good, they often fight.

Avni: aged 9, the smallest one in the family. Loved by everyone.

So here is the character sketch. Now start with the story.

In London:
Malhotra family were getting ready to leave for the airport as they were shifting to India, due to Sameer business.
Sameer was putting the luggages in the car. Samar was complaining as he did not want to shift.
Samar:”Papa, why do we have to shift? We can stay without you while you travel.”

Sameer:”i know but this time, i will have to stay there for 1 or more years. That’s why you also have to come”
Samar gave up complaining.
Sameer called out Sanju who was still inside.

A girl wearing a blue skinny jeans with a white crop top came down the stairs with her luggage. She had a handbag too. And her phone in her hand.
She is Sanju.
She locked the door after coming out.
Sameer put her bag inside the car. Sameer’s friend was dropping them.

They got into the car. Samar showed some funny quotes on instagram to Sanju. They smiled and giggled looking at it.
Samar:”this is so funny, di (sis)”
Sanju just nodded yes.
Both of them continued while Sameer talked with his friend.
Soon they reached the airport and they took their flight.
A big mansion is shown, Mahi is seen in the temple praying, while Sanya is busy with the preparation of the breakfast.
Raj and Abhi came there.
They all sat down to eat while the servant serves them.
Sanya was taking care of Avni, making her eat.
Raj:”Mahi ji, where is your spoilt boy? Didn’t he woke up by now?”
Mahi, fumbling:”actually….”
Abhi:”Papa, he must have woke up, i will call him.”
He went upstairs to Yuvi’s room.

Abhi loves Yuvi a lot, he tries to save him from getting scolded from their dad.
Yuvi’s room:
Abhi entered the room, it was a very messy one. Books, clothes were everywhere. There was a boxing bag.
Abhi, to himself:”this boy will always remain a child.”

He went near the bed and removed the bedsheets. There Yuvi was sleeping, bare torso. Abhi woke him up.
Yuvi:”bhai (brother) plz let me sleep.”
Abhi:”dad is searching you, if he comes here and see your room’s state and that you are still sleeping, then you…”

Yuvi woke up hurriedly:”what bhai? You took that hitler name in the morning itself.”
Abhi:”Yuvi! He is our Papa.”

Yuvi:”did you see him talk to us like a dad does? He always scold us and…”
Abhi:”he is our dad, we should respect”
Yuvi:”ok bhai, sorry. Good night” he went back to sleep.

Abhi:”what? Good morning. And wake up”
Saying this, he threw water on Yuvi. The jar which was on the bedside table

Yuvi:”bhai….” he faked anger.
Abhi laughed at him and left saying him to hurry up.
After 15 minutes:
Yuvi came down dressed up. He was smiling while coming but seeing the angry look on his dad’s face, his smile vanished.

He sat between Avni and Mahi. Sanya served him his breakfast.
Sanya:”Good morning, here is your favorite breakfast”
Yuvi:”thanks bhabhi, you are the best.”
They ate their breakfast.
Raj:”your college is starting tomorrow?”
Yuvi:”yes Papa.”
Raj:”this is your last year, so better you study well.”
Yuvi nodded yes.
Abhi:”Papa, i actually wanted to ask you something. Actually as Yuvi is starting college tomorrow and Avni also will start school. Why don’t we have dinner or lunch outside together. Just to spend time.”
Raj just nodded yes.

Abhi:”thank you Papa.”
Raj:”i will decide where we will go and everyone be ready for dinner as at lunch time i have a meeting.”
Everyone nodded yes.
Mahi, Sanya and Avni went to the kitchen. Raj also left the table and went upstairs.

Yuvi:”bhai? Dinner? With hitler?”
Abhi:”shut up. I want to go for dinner. So for me you will also come”
Yuvi:”how can i refuse you bhai. I will come”
Abhi smiled.

Sameer, Samar and Sanju came out of the airport. Sanju stopped as she felt weird and a bit scared.
She closed her eyes trying to control herself.
Sameer saw her and came to her. Even Samar.
Sameer:”don’t worry. I am with you.”
Samar:”me too.”
Sanju smiled at them and they proceed to get a taxi.

So this is the 1st part, it’s just introducing the character, hope you all like it.

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  1. Aasthu

    It’s interesting Zai…..( sorry I can’t say anything more than that because this is just the 1st chapter.)

    1. Zai

      Thanks aasthu… i know it’s too early to comment

  2. Honeypriya

    Hmm nice ? let’s see what will happen next…

    1. Zai

      Thanks dear i already update the second art it should be there soon

  3. Sally_V

    I like all the characters and am eagerly waiting for the next update ?? can you do a character sketch like yuvraj – zain etc. only if you can ☺️ So that i can imagine your story with the actors but overall i like your update ??

    1. Zai

      Thanks sally… sure i can do it, actually i was thinking about Sanju- Fenil umrigar and Yuvi- Yuvraj Thakur because i love their jodi in friends forever and also some episode of pyar tune kya kiya and aashiqui

      1. Sally_V

        Oh wow even i like their jodi ?? looking forward ??

  4. SidMin

    Interesting plot …..
    Zain is just awesome …..
    Post soon
    Love you ?

    1. Zai

      Thanks dear love you too

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