Love can happen anywhere, anytime, anyday. (Intro)

Hey guys i am a big fan of swa _ _ _ and rag _ _ _ so i am writing a fan fiction on them. Pls support me and the pairs are already decided. Today is an intro.

Gadodia Family:
Shekar- father of swaragini, best friend of Durga Prasad, rich businessman, funny.
Sumi- mother of swaragini, best friend of Annapurna, wife of shekar
Swara- daughter of shumi(shekar and Sumi), sister of ragini, pretty, bubbly, naughty, modern
Ragini- daughter of shumi, sister of swara, pretty, cute, naught, modern
Rest are Dada, Dadi and Dida

Maheshwari Family:
Durga Prasad- husband of Ap, best friend of shekar, father of sanlak, funny, rich businessman
Annapurna- wife of Dp, best friend of Sumi, mother of sanlak.
Laksh- son of Dp and Ap, brother of Sanskar, handsome, flirty.
Sanskar- son of Dp and Ap, brother of Laksh, handsome, flirty.
Rest are Parish, Uttara, Rp and Sujata.

Pls tell me if i should continue. And if i do i am gonna start from May 15.

  1. Ummm plzz don’t make Sanskar flirty. Make them of opposite nature’s. I am talking abt Laksh and Sanskar. This was just a suggestion ,plzz don’t get angry and you can surely continue with the story.

  2. Cntnue

  3. nice intro…..ragsan plzzzz

  4. Do continue

  5. Ragsan plzz

  6. plz continoue nd I don’t give u suggestions about pairs bcoz u already decide I don’t want to hurt u

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