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Bittuji goes to R.k’s room..But he receives a call from some one! he answers it…Later, he angrily cut’s the call and goes to R.K ..R.k is listening Music while Drinking….Bittuji turns off the music system…R.k ask’s” What happen bittuji?” Bittuji say’s” Cheif! why ur doing this types of things? ha?” R.k fumes and ask’s” What happen now? what i did? Bittuji say’s” Really ..u didn’t know anything right?” R.k ask’s” Bittuji! i’m not in a mood to listening ur boring lectures..just say what u want to say…!” Bittuji say’s” I’m asking u openly..why u have kept spy on Babhiji?” R.k get’s shock and ask’s” How do u know about this?” Bittuji say’s” U r spy team called me..they informed me that they had sent u, they want some money know…” R.k say’s” Kk..give them what they what…understood?” Bittuji get’s more angry and say’s” What? that means u really kept spy on bhabhiji?” R.k ignores him and drinks… Bittuji ask’s” Cheif! i’m talking with u…Answer me why u have kept spy on her?” R.k say’s” Becoz, i want to her each and every activity..!” Bittuji say’s” Why u want to know about her..u don’t care for her right? then, why u want to know about her? Answer me cheif!”R.k get’s Angry and say’s” Bittuji! i told u to do, Just do it…Ur my P.A….Just stays like that..I don’t want to give u any explanation regarding this…Did u get that?” Bittuji get’s more Angry and say’s” Cheif! i’m just ur P.A…But Bhabhiji is my sister! and As a brother I CAN’T DO THIS…….and I WILL NOT LET U DO THIS….Understood cheif?” And stares Angrily…R.k and Bittuji Argues over this matter…Lastly, Bittuji get’s more Angry and say’s” Cheif! I know about Bhabhiji! she is strong and can handle fact she can manage her self and her BABY too! Understood!” R.k get’s shock hearing this…..! He ask’s ” Bittuji ! what did u say?” Bittuji realizes what he had said and tries to make Excuses..But R.k holds his collar and ask’s him to say..or else i will not spare u..! Bittuji say’s ” Yes cheif! Bhabhiji is PREGNANT! .She is going to be Mother of Ur CHILD! R.k get’s Surprise..he slowly sit’s in his swing chair…While Bittuji leaves from there….!

R.K behaves madly with Happiness After receiving This gud news..that HE’s Going to Become FATHER! ..He just can’t believes this and slowly recall’s what had happen between them…


Bittuji comes to Madhu’s home and Apologizes to her…Madhu say’s” No! Bittuji…It’s kk…in fact, i decided to Inform Him about My BABY..! so, what will happen if u say’s him or i say’s him…Don’t worry!” Suddenly they heard some noise and get’s Shock seeing R.k coming to their chawl…All r taking his Autographs and Photographs….

R.k comes to Madhu’s home and goes Inside.seated in a chair…While Madhu looks on…R.k turns to Madhu and say’s” Hi, Beewi! Congratulations..! i’m so happy after knowing about our BABY! so, i just came to take u home…! Padmini starts scolds R.k and As usual R.k starts giving her…Madhu Silently Listens..and say’s ” Excuse me! Mr.Kundra! ” she then turned towards R.k and ask’s” Why u came here?” R.k say’s” Beewi! i think ur ears r having some problem? I said i want to take u home..!” Madhu say’s” Really? Let me tell u..I’m not ur wife or servant anymore..and I will not listens to u and I don’t have to follow each and Every order of u..! and I’m informing u i’m not coming with u anywhere! Understood?” R.k stares her and say’s” Yes! ur not My servant..But ur my wife! and For a Wife..her Real Home will be her Sasural! only!” Madhu say’s” Really? Wife? Now, u remember ur Wife? That to after learning about this CHILD right?” R.k ignores her and say’s” Beewi! u know my time is very precious..that’s why i don’t have time for this foolish Arguments…! Go and Pack ur bags and Medicines..Go..!” Madhu get’s angry and goes to face to face..and say’s” My time is also precious to me..Mr Kundra! I’m not ur Wife anymore…Did u understand?” R.k cut’s off and say’s” But this CHILD is Mine! I’m his/her’s Father! I’m having Right to take Decision About my Child!” Madhu shouts ” This BABY is mine too! I’m his/her’s MOTHER…So, I’m having greater Right than u…Becoz, He/she is Growing Inside me..and I’m having Right to take Any Decision regarding My CHILD! and stares Angrily!! Padmini scolds R.k and say’s” Wife? U r talking about Ur so called Wife whom u have betrayed ? Whom u leaves Alone..? ha? Answer me…? See R.k, I’m Madhu’s Mom..and I can’t take any Risk by sending Madhu with u…Understood?” R.k cut’s off and say’s” Sasumaa! Madhu is ur daughter! and how much u worries and cares for ur Daughter..That much ..I cares and worries for My BABY too ! and I too can’t take any Risk about My BABY…That’s why i want to take Madhu to my Home…! Padmini about to say..But Madhu ask’s” What do u mean R.k ?” R.k say’s” Haa! I can’t take any Risk by keeping u and My BABY here..! It’s so Unhygienic here! and I want to inform u that R.K’S Child can’t live in this worst Environment! He/ she is going have a Secure Luxury Life…! Madhu warns R.k Not to speak anything further regarding Her place and her mom’s upbringing ! She say’s” I’m warning u R.k..Don’t dare to speak anything against My Place and My mom…! and I’m Informing u that..I ‘m not coming with u Anywhere! I want to live with My Mom…and that too in this Place only..Did u get that?and U don’t have any right to think/ speaks about My CHILD! becoz, It’s MY BABY! Only MINE! and ur talking about Care? Where ur so called Care went that time when u betrayes me? When u leaves me Alone? ha? And now, Ur getting this much sudden Care towards me…After knowing About this Child..right? ha? Sorry ..but ur not caring for me…U r just want this child…That’s why u want me to come Back into ur Life….No Mr.Rishabh Kundra…It will never Happen! So…plz leave from here…Now..! R.k didn’t have anything to left the place Angrily….While Padmini hugs Madhu and cools her…


R.k enters Angrily…when he’s about to go to his Room..Radha ask’s” Rishu! what happen? why u r so Angry?” R.k satares at her and say’s” Ur ladlie Bahu has done everything…. She always blames with that i have never care for her..Now, She’s pregnant with My child….and Again blames me If I cares for Her and My BABY?” . Radhu get’s So Happy listening this…She hugs R.k and say’s” What? R u saying Truth? Madhu’s is pregnant? i can’t believe this….Congratulations..Rishu!…I’m so happy for u..!” R.k say’s ” But i’m not Happy…I ‘m going to see My BABY’s upbringing in that worst Chawl? No..this can’t happen…! I have to do something…I have to do something for my Baby’s safety ….and Leaves to his Room..While Radha worriedly looks at R.K ..

Screen Freezes On R.k& madhu’s worried faces!

PRECAP: Madhu finishes her Work…While she’s leaving..she notices some one is following her!

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