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Everything is going smooth..Madhu and Mukund becomes friends…Madhu generally talks to Mukund .While R.k feels jealousy and fumes in Anger!

Madhu receives a call while she’s working in studio…R.k just looks on…Madhu attends the call and It’s Mukund!.. so, she just talks casually..and Mukund ask’s her to meet him at 6pm..Madhu ask’s what’s the matter..but, Mukund say’s he will inform her on their meeting..only..So, madhu too say’s kk for it…

After work, R.k makes her schedule extends for another 1 hr..and satisfies his Ego…Madhu came to know that R.k has done this..But she didn’t say anything and does her Work,..

After 2 hrs, Mukund came to studio for Madhu and both leaves in Mukund’s car…While R.k fumes in anger..!

Mukund stop’s the car at a park…[some what Isolated place] Madhu get’s surprised but didn’t say anything…Mukund ask’s” Madhu! r u fine? u want some thing to eat?”
Madhu say’s” no..i’m fine…what’s the matter?” Mukund keeps on asking same question for 5, madhu understood something, she say’s” Mukund! u want to talk with me..right..? i’m here only…i’m infront of u…come let’s talk…just talk what u want to say to me..!” Mukund tensely stares Madhu and suddenly ask’s” Madhu! will u marry me?” Madhu is Hell Shock!! She stares Mukund…. Mukund slowly sit’s on his knees and ask’s” Madhu ..plz marry me…!” Madhu stood up and moves from there…Mukund holds her hand and stops her…Madhu turns to him..Mukund slowly comes to her and say’s” Madhu! plz marry me..plz give me a one chance to prove my love for rectify my mistake..plz! madhu ..i know i rejects u..i want to rectify my mistake..i just got into a trap and rejects u..blames like evryone…If i trust that day..then, U will never marry R.k..and he never ruins ur life like this..I’m sorry for what i did..but madhu i really loves u…plz give a chance to rectify my mistake..plz ” Madhu just stares Mukund for a while and slowly comes to him and say’s” I’m sorry Mukund…! but i can’t marry u…sry..i can’t marry anyone…! becoz, i’m complete! i’m complete with my Baby! ” Mukund get’s confused and ask’s” Baby?” Madhu say’s” Yes, I’m pregnent..! Now, My Baby is everything to me..She slowly cares her tummy and say’s I don’t want to loose this happiness…plz Mukund..!” Mukund get’s silent for a while and stares Madhu… After some time, He say’s” Madhu! i’m ready to take ur child responsibility…! I know R.k is ur child’s father..but I want to share ur responsibility! Madhu looks shockingly and sit’s silently…Mukund comes to her and say’s ” Madhu! i’m ready to take this responsibility!”

After some time, Madhu slowly holds Mukund ‘s hand and say’s” Mukund! but i’m sorry..i can’t share My CHILD with u…even i don’t want to share my child with his/her’s father…becoz, I only want My Child…He’s my Only hope to live….Yes, i agree that R.K betrayes me..but, I love him… Love Happens Only Once in Life! My true Love is for R.K..! i hate him..but my Love for him will never dies…I’m his wife Mukund! But u know… I hates R.k to the core…But This is My Child! Our Child! Symbol of My true love…Mukund i just gave my life for R.k …Any Another member can’t enters into my life..Becoz, MY HEART LOVES R.K UNTIL MY LAST BREATH!!..And This is TRUTH! though i want to…but i can’t change My HEART from LOVING Him…. I’m sry Mukund….by saying this word she breaks down…..! Mukund can feel Madhu’s love and say’s” But Madhu! ur his wife now, Why u left him..though u Loves him? Why u want to live separately…? I f u wish..U have Right To stay in his House! U have Right on his Properties..?” By listening this words..Madhu laughs and say’s” See all will think same about a Middle class girl? middle class girls r cheap…right? Mukund say’s” Madhu..plz not like that..i’m sorry..!

Madhu cut’s off and say’s” Not only u..But whole society will think like this only? Love can’t measures by Class? A Girl’s Love is Unique..It doesn’t have any difference by Their Class! I LOVE R.K not his Money, Fame…ect,,… These things r not worthy for me than My Love for him….! Mukund..yes, If i wish..i can go to court..and i can lives in his Big Mansion! i can spends his Money as mine….But, Mukund! I just Love R.k..if he betrayes me..than, for whom i have to live in that Big Mansion…The Once whom i trusted only broken my trust..Then, For what..I have to Live with him? …Mukund stares Madhu with respect in his eyes…and say’s” Madhu! i just thought to rectify my mistake….by marry u..but, After listening about ur LOVE…For the first time, I’m hating myself…for not becoming ur Loved one…! and I must say” R.K IS SOO LUCKY FOR HAVING U IN HIS LIFE..!” Madhu and i want to say U didn’t need any other person for ur CHILD! and I know u r enough for ur CHILD…! and i’m promising u…I will there for u as a Good friend..and I’m also telling u that This Marriage topic will not come between us…ever..!Madhu smiles and wipes her tears…Mukund gives his hand..Madhu smiles and shake hands with him….some one clicks their photos….!

Later, Mukund and Madhu leaves in car….Mukund drops Madhu at her home and leaves from there….

R.k Fumes in Anger and drinks….He is behaving like Mad! he just thinks about Madhu and Mukund…he thinks ” Why madhu? Is my love this much weak..that u can easily Moves up in ur life…? Or Is Ur Love is weak ? Why again Mukund came into ur Life? Why?” he just get’s frustrated and brokers his glass….then, he slowly lay’s on his Swing chair and thinks about MADHU……

PRECAP: R.k and Bittuji get’s into Argument… Later, R.k came to know about Madhu’s pregnancy..

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      Sorry dear….I can’t reveal it …bcz of some reasons……sorry dear….

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  2. Superb episode. Waiting for rk’s reaction when he will get to know about madhu’s pregnancy. Update next episode soon.

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  3. Wow …waiting for the next part……I want to see rk’s reaction….n what will happen when he will talk to madhu about it…..omg…….plzzz plzzz plzzz update soon dear…plzz …..when will u update???? Plzz don’t take much time

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