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A lorry about to hit madhu..But some one pulls her a side..Madhu get’s shocked seeing the persons face.. It’s MUKUND! Mukund worriedly ask’s ” Madhu! r u kk?” Madhu nodes and stands with mukund’s help… Madhu ask’s” Mukund! ur” Mukund smiles and say’s” Just on some work…! r u ” Madhu say’s” yes!” Mukund say’s” KK..come i will drop u..” Madhu tries to resists but Mukund requests, after so much of arguments..Madhu say’s kk! They both left in Mukund’s car…

There is a long silence..Madhu sit’s silently and still thinks about Bituuji’s words..Mukund broke the silence and say’s” Madhu! hw r u now? hw is aunty, uncle and ur sister?” Madhu get’s out from thoughts and say’s ” I’m fine..infact we r all fine..thanks!” with a smile… Mukund say’s” great! so, what else..?” Madhu say’s” Nthing! and hw is ur father, mother and sister?” Mukund say’s ” Yes..they r fine.. !” Mukund tries to ask some thing..but Madhu get’s down from his car becoz, she reached her chawl…! Mukund say’s” Bye..!” Madhu smiles and leaves to her home….

Padmini waits for Madhu and shocked to see Mukund dropping Madhu…she then remember’s how Mukund refuses to marry..ect,.. Madhu see’s Padmini lost in some thoughts and shakes her…and ask’s” Maa! what happen?” P0admini worriedly ask’s” Madhu! this is Mukund naa? What he’s doing here? why u came with him..?” Madhu say’s” down…Actually he only helped me from Accident..and he offers me Padmini cut’soff and say’s” Soo..u came with him..u forgot everything what he had done with u…so easily..ha? hw can u forgive him..he blames u..he rejects marriage…but, u still talks to nothing has happened ? ” Madhu takes her in and makes her seated..she then say’s” Maa! why u r taking this much seriously? ma.. what had happen..has then, why know i have to punish him..know?” Padmini shouts ” becoz! he ruins ur life..he he trusts u that day..then, U never get married to R.K and this all mess will not happen naa?” Madhu say’s” Ma! why u r reacting like, just cool maa! Maa..listen to me..first ..Maa.. agar meri nasibh esa likata..tho koiyi usko badalnehi karsakti. Maa.. agar mukund ney mujsey shadi karliyahota..Aaj mera bacha mera sath nehi hoga..Abb yeh meri jindagi hai..mei usko kona nehi chahatahu..kisis bhi haal mey…!.[ MAA! IF MY DENSITY HAD WRITTEN I HAVE TO FACE THIS ALL..THEN, NO ONE CAN CHANGE THIS..NA? AND I DON’T WANT TO BLAME MUKUND FOR ALL THIS…MA! I KNOW.HE REFUSE TO MARRY ME..BUT MA MY DENSITY WANTS THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN….AND I’M HAPPY THAT MUKUND REJECTED ME THAT DAY..BECOZ, IF HE DIDN’T REJECTED ME THAT DAY..THEN, I WILL NOT GOT MY BABY WITH ME.TODAY…..MY BABY IS NOW MY LIFE..! Maa! what had happen is for good, plz don’t waste ur time and energy by thinking about this..plz Maa.! pADMINI NOW, DIDN’T HAD ANYTHING TO, she just convinces her self and get’s to sleep…


Madhu get’s ready and leaves to studio…R.k stares Madhu and tries to trouble her..but she didn’t pay attention to him..and does her work..! While she’s leaviong studio at evening..Mukund comes there…Madhu get’s surprises seeing him..Both talks for some time..and R.k see’s this..R.k get’s surprise to see Madhu with Mukund… he just stares at them while they talks happily…Lastly, Mukund offers lift..Madhu tries to deny but, Mukund say’s” Please..!” Madhu say’s kk..and both leaves in their car…R.k fumes in anger seeing this…and recall’s Madhu’s word” I DON’T TAKE HELP FROM STRANGERS!” Then, he call’s some one and tells something ..[which is muted..]

Madhu and Mukund talks for some time… Mukund slowly ask’s ” Madhu! u forgive me?” Madhu looks at him and ask’s” For what?” Mukund say’s” What i have done with u… what my mom had done with u…” Madhu say’s” Why u r thinking about this Now? I really forgets this a long ago…so No sorry…kk?” Mukund smiles and say’s” thanku..”

Screen freezes on their smiling faces……………*****

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  6. Episode was awsome adhya diaaa plz write a small precap also soo tht we hv a suprice nd excitment fr the nxt episode….. srry if i hurt i srry ha….

    1. No..yashika dear…I too thought the same yaar.. don’t worry from next episode onwards …I will give it

  7. Episode was awsome adhya diaaa plz write a small precap also soo tht we hv a suprice nd excitment fr the nxt episode….. srry if i hurt i srry ha….?

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